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  1. Ah. Okay. That makes perfect sense. I appreciate the clarification!
  2. I just picked up Descent: Journeys Into Darkness 2e box today. We finished the introductory adventure and loved it (much better than the first edition of Descent), so I began digging online for potential expansions. I see they have an Heirs of Blood Campaign book. Um... Isn't that the campaign included with the core box set? Why would anyone buy it a second time? Is there something different about it? Thanks in advance!
  3. I see in a few spots of the RRG it states something happens or you can do something “after the attack pool is resolved.” I assume that means immediately after 4c of the attack steps, but I was hoping for some clarification. Thanks in advance.
  4. The components list for the TIE expansion states 3 cards, but I can't find any evidence that a 3rd card exists. So I think the components list is a typo.
  5. And, honestly, I like this mode very much. I don't really have the stomach for meta, so cutting that down to a minimum (without killing it all together) is taking the game in a direction I appreciate. I very much appreciate that they are ostensibly attempting to both preserve and "fix" meta for the tournament side. But I also appreciate that they're providing a way to encourage a less meta method of play. Since I often play with my 9-year old, the quick builds are the perfect method. Not because he has trouble adding the point values, but because he just wants to have fun and pick the ships he likes over worrying about what the most efficient build might be. Quick builds allows him to do this without getting immediately and mathematically crushed by a cheesed out squad.
  6. I thought it would be fun to see how the quick builds stack up in point costs, so I started toying with duplicating them in the squad builder. Yes, I know they're not supposed to follow the standard point-buy standards, but I was curious. In doing this, I noticed something odd. Many of the quick builds allow for a number of talents or modifications greater than what that pilot should be able to accommodate per the upgrade slots shown on the Point Cost PDFs provided on the game's web site. For example, the Quick Build for "Night Beast" lists Predator talent, and the Hull and Shield upgrades. But, according to the Point Cost PDF, "Night Beast" can only have a single upgrade and no talents. Disparity in point costs makes sense, but having "illegal" upgrades and talents on the cards seems odd to me. Anyone have any thoughts on this?
  7. That's the line I was missing. Excellent. Thank you. It would have been much better if they had placed that essential bit of info regarding suppression under the rules for... ya know... suppression. This at least clarifies the rule.
  8. I think there is some ambiguity on who can gain Suppression tokens. When discussing gaining Suppression, the Rules Reference uses the term "unit." But when discussing the consequences of Suppression it either uses the term "troopers," or (in the case of Panic) refers to "units" which are usually immune to the effect. So, as far as I can tell, there are no consequences to having suppression spelled out for non-trooper units, but non-trooper units are not explicitly excluded from gaining it. Should I just not bother giving non-troopers suppression? Or am I missing something?
  9. My son and I played the board game Samurai at GenCon 2015 and, at the time, the demo guy said the game was expected to release in November 2015. If I recall, they weren't even available to buy at the convention. So we figured we'd just buy one when it was released. But the game seemed to just vanish from the website in every fashion notable. Product page. Forums. News. The few links I can find lead to non-existent pages. So what happened? It went into print at some point because we snagged one on Amazon. But it is rarely available at cover price. But it seems to be just vapor now.
  10. I am certain there is an itemized list in one of the books. I'm uncertain which book but there is a list. Nuts, you're right. It is in the Units topic in the Rules Reference (page 14). I must have looked right over it a dozen times. Now I just have to figure out how I got so lucky as to get extra units. Not that I'm complaining...
  11. I'll have to double check my list when I get home. I don't recall what I have extra. Thank you for listing that!
  12. Okay, but which 89? There is no itemized list of how many of each unit, that I'm aware of.
  13. I know I'm a total nerd for immediately inventorying every single unit I get in the box, but am I the only one that got significantly more Imperial units than was listed in the Learn to Play book? Not that I'm upset, or anything. I got 107 Imperial minis when the book lists 89. But I know the rules say you can't have more units than you have physical minis. So, am I not supposed to include them all in play? Are some of them extra in case of loss? Or can they all be available during play?
  14. I know there doesn't need to be an official answer. That's why it is curiosity rather than a burning need. But it seems my question has been answered. It has not been officially defined.
  15. EotE CRB Page 390 under the subject Minions can fight as a group. "Each time any member of the group suffers wounds, the wounds are applied to the group's wound threshold. Individual members are defeated one at a time, each time the total wounds suffered exceeds that group member's share of the wound threshold." Yes. I wouldn't have brought this up if I hadn't read the main entry on the subject (at least). But there is ambiguity in that entry. That can easily be interpreted as being from a single attack, over a series of consecutive attacks, or both. That's the simple line that has been missing from all explanations and examples on the subject. To be clear, I play it as a single attack can take out multiple minions. And, yes, I am aware that it is my game and I can play it how I like. I'm just curious if this has ever been officially defined.
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