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  1. I mean, this was my initial reaction. It is circumstantial. However, I couldn't find an Order66 episode. Please let me know if you find again your source.
  2. Hey peepz. I have a Star Wars rules question. The Protective Talisman in Unlimited Power. This nice trinket has all kinds of nice bonuses (among them: ignore vacuum and corrosive atmo, ignore acid and fire, attacks with weapons having the Burn quality count as not having the Burn quality), it is cheap and Easy to craft, and has seemingly few limitations - it is not explicitly stated that it has a duration or is one-time use. What is your lot's take on this?
  3. I've heard a lot of hate about Cyberpunk 2077, but personally my experience - running it on a 6 year old PC - is great, I think people have wrong expectations and weird assumptions that don't relate to reality and rationality. And people's outrage over bugs? Lolz-lolz-and-more-lolz...! On what planet do they live? Not planet Earth 🤣
  4. If you have collected your house-rules somewhere, I'd love to have a look. I agree that Gunnery and Piloting (space) works well as Int skills, Piloting (planetary) could work as both, but for the sake of swoop bikers, I think agility works better all in all. Stealth as Cunning makes all kinds of sense to me, not that Agility doesn't make sense. So, I'd love to see more of these customisations.
  5. I hope they not only listen, but find the necessary resources to do this.
  6. I don't know if the summaries in front are updated, but I've copy-pasted everything there. Hope to make a nice little PDF. At least got it all in word now.
  7. Has the summaries at the start of this thread been updated? I'm collecting things.
  8. There's a nice collection here. I don't think FFG ever covered every skill, but some skills are covered in more details than others, and then there are contexts, situations, or types of encounters. I believe the collection I link to above is mostly updated, I haven't double checked.
  9. I thought of that too, but things may have changed, and ... and, I believe not many people knew that Sabine just gave it, only the inner circle, who kept their mouth shut but who knows.
  10. There's a weird cutoff on page four, so the last (few?) line(s) in the red box disappears. And there's text behind it. I assume it's supposed to be on the next page.
  11. I get that Firefly may not be "Disney friendly", but it is hardly "adult" or "mature" audience by any (but the most reactionary) standard. I'll stay open about this (if it ends up actually happening), I love the original, but if they can make a decent series, with more than 14 episodes, that are actually shown in order ... then I'll be more than satisfied.
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