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  1. Since it was posted in another thread, but not here: https://edge-studio.net/
  2. Now this is interesting. The picture shared from GAMA named them Edge Studio, but also had a link to edge entertainment. This is pretty cool. I'm not entirely sure I share the doom and gloom gamistentialism. The ongoing pandemic is more worrisome. Anyhew. That website looks nice, and it seems things are somewhat planned at least. Being bad at PR luckily doesn't equate being bad at business, or organisation, or game design. Now to figure out who will man the design and production side of things in that company.
  3. I'd tend agree to this, depending on the nature of the cover, and also the players. Some players (and GMs certainly) are just insufferable when it comes to rules and harrumphing at on-the-fly narrative fun-times.
  4. It will be interesting to see how a game studio whose website is (currently) only in Spanish and French, and presumably whose main body of work is translation of games, will cope with this new task. Of course, that's assuming FFG won't still be involved on some level or another. This kind of speculation is great fun, utterly useless, and only reinforces worry and gamistential angst. So, I just look forward to the day we actually know something substantial, like announcement of a few new books, a bunch of reprints (oh and a revision of the GM screens into something more along the lines of Genesys would be ace), or something along those lines.
  5. And what have we learned from this exchange by laymen above? That socialism ≠ socialism, obviously. Pundit-induced opinions and ideological persuasions BE GONE! Moving on and back on non-real-world ideological impairments. I would think the the Republic and New Republic had universal health care anywhere it could provide and sustain it - and gain from it. So, core worlds and mid rim perhaps - and selected poorer worlds, symbolic politics is a classic. Of course, it also depends on the membership world's political persuasions, wealth, and ideological panache. The Empire would most likely provide something along those lines too (on core worlds and some other places), at least during the consolidation period, it's a good way to disappear people for whatever reason deemed necessary by the evil doers - as well as gaining the trust and gratefulness of a population.
  6. I doubt they designed and produced new series and models shuttles, but they definitely repurposed older and other types of ships to this purpose. Different groups would have different ships, some with a more varied and disparate "fleet" than others, depending on location, access, and organisation. Any old shuttle would probably be used if found. As a general rule they're probably stripped of anything not essential and useful, to maximise space, efficiency, and ease of maintenance. From repaired or found Sheathipede-class, to earlier models of the U-55 orbital loadlifters (Resistance shuttles in TLJ, but it's not unreasonable to think that earlier versions existed), which isn't too unlike the GX1 short hauler (they are reminiscent of each other aesthetically, according to my eyes) , U-Wings that were optimised for moving personnel (not unlike the Empire utilising TIE Bombers to move personnel), modified Star Commuter 2000s, stolen Sentinel landing crafts, old dug-up Maxillipede shuttles, repurposed H-2 executive shuttles, Nu-class transports, Theta-class T-2c shuttles, Taylander shuttles, E-50 Landseer, stolen remnant Aka'jor-class shuttles ... the list goes on I'm sure. Lots to take from in other words.
  7. It'll be interesting to see if the "nothing" name was chosen for any other reason than that its cool. I seriously hope they don't go the Vong way ... that'd be ... wrong ... gah! But taking a page from KOTORII - perhaps they have access to some tech or ability that can create voids or null points (or force bleed or whatevz), not preventing for usage or being invulnerable to direct uses of the force, but affecting force usage, sending bad ju-ju into the minds of force users when they open themselves up to use the force - causing, for instance, fear, and bla-bla-blaaah... that could be pretty ****. In every way possible. Not least as a storytelling and plot-device. But they'll have to have something that challenges the Jedi of that age, and while sheer numbers could be one ... what else? There must be something more than Mad Max-Vikings with Tyranids tactics... I'm a bit excited. I'm actually interested in reading these books.
  8. This. Is. https://giphy.com/gifs/hZfm9Pj95F9Mk/html5
  9. It all depends on the preferences you have for your character. What you want him/her/they/it to be able to do and be good at. There are many ways to excel in this game. So if you want to be really powerful in the force, then picking up increase force rating talents can be essential for increased force dice power. If that is what you want. There are numerous options and alternatives.
  10. I bought them all ... I've run two beginner games, and one pre-made adventure. The rest are just there, making my collection complete. I'm thinking of running one or two at some point, soon... ish ... amid other stuff I'm doing. Yay.
  11. So too with Coriolis and the Mutant:YZ games from Free League, while not comparable to WotC adventures, nor FFGs, these are more like areas and scenarios that you can explore, use, and hook players for shorter to longer adventures and stories. Very little hand-holding and few rails to stick to, so the outcome is completely open, as well as the various steps. I like this approach. You can even hook them together into short to medium-length campaigns easily. Conan by Modiphius follows a different approach: themes, with players options, and then places and hooks and areas of high adventure to explore. I like this approach too. Pre-mades a la FFG Star Wars are too railroady and predetermined tunnels for my taste. Enjoyable, and tweakable and customisable, yet, too closed and narrow to be fully owned and enjoyed as a cooperative storytelling fun-time-game. In my experience. Not that they aren't good stories, and filled with great ideas to use. And, sure, I run the beginner games and some of the others for my players as an introduction or as a side-quest, as long as it is a part of a larger narrative that we've made ourselves.
  12. No reason that can't be combined in books similar to Suns of Fortune, Lords of Nal Hutta, Nexus of Power and Strongholds of Resistance. As well as more era books, and so on. But some of us also desire stories, not what are basically pre-determined stories where you may have to make a new character along the way if things go badly.
  13. That's a good point. While there are original additions elsewhere too, in Nexus of Power, in the fluff department, and possibly elsewhere too, the adventures are a bit lack luster. Looking to other publishers, they have gone a somewhat different route in designing their adventures, like Coriolis for instance, Free League does publish pre-made adventures, but they also publish scenarios, areas and potential plot, rather than a meticulously laid out paths. FFG did something along these lines with their modular encounters, but Free League's Coriolis scenarios, and the Mutant Year Zero zone guides, are somewhat more fleshed out, but they also cater to a different type of story than Star Wars. So yeah, I think what Daeglan is suggesting could be interesting, and filled with more original content, and ultimately be tied together into larger narratives, mini-meta-plots or something Like Gray Death for Mutant Year Zero, or Abzu's Bounty for The Expanse RPG
  14. Yeah, the sacking of people like this is ridiculous in my view, but I guess hardly surprising, given certain aspects of corporate culture when its about maximising profits for the few. I think they could have produced a lot more for Star Wars, original content as well as from the new films and TV-series. But I get that it would be slowing down. As it has been. Genesys is also sad, not that I've really played it, I own it all (now). Yet, besides new setting books, and the odd expansions to rules and guidelines, the Foundry kind of covers the community (and FFG's ****) when it comes to new stuff - at least I can see this as an argument, even if it isn't a particularly strong one, if you go beyond: "We get money for free through the fan-community's efforts. Yay! *(Shush! Be quiet!)*"
  15. Well. I guess. There will be differences between the animated and live-action shows in how factions and characters are portrayed, developed and used. That Din Djarin was raised by the Death Watch, or at least that is what it seems like, shows that there is more to them than shown so far in other media. It shows also that this keep-helmet-on-way-thingy is practised differently - ignoring the fact that it is a new thing for this series, and the fact that animated kids' shows tells stories differently - over time, and among Mandalorian tribes and clans. I'll admit that I didn't immediately notice the DW symbol, nor think it was them, despite the colours.
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