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  1. Next Game on Sunday April 14th at Noon, Games Plus in Mt. Prospect!
  2. Hello all Dust Players in the greater Chicago area. We have a small but growing Meetup group (w/ facebook page) that we organize days to play. We generally play at Games Plus in Mt. Prospect, but are looking at trying to get some games going at the Wandering Dragon Game Shoppe in Plainfield and have an invitation to play at Dice Dojo in the city. http://www.meetup.com/Chicago-Area-Dust-Warfare/ https://www.facebook.com/ChicagoAreaDustWarfare I'm Sean, the admin for both sites. Come and join us!
  3. Thanks for the props Oldhat! Their are multiple good lists to play on the dust-war forums and discussions about the various units. I'm currently playing my Covered with BBQ list and have made some tweaks since its inception but have been doing pretty well. Its a very aggressive play style list, but it fits me. Once I get it down and proven I'll start messing witih some other lists, such as OldHats "Hammer Time" and some stuff with the new units in Icarus.
  4. Heavy Flak with their Fleighist (spelling!) launcher rocket weapons. One of their special abilities is to be able to fire in "Burst" mode to eliminate cover and get a reload token. Do you have to fire all 3 of them in burst mode or can you only fire 1 of them in burst mode, which then would allow all attacks by the unit to be able to ignore cover? With just 1, then the 1 guy would get a reload token, but the other 2 could continue to fire normally. In my opinion, it would be no different then the allies shooting UGL's at multiple targets to reduce the cover of the targets. I'm an Allies player who is going to try my friends axis my group always complains about how Allied is OP vs Axis. So I'm going to switch sides with them and am making my own axis lists. IMO, the problem isn't as much with the axis (though they could really use another soldier 3 hero) but the army lists that my groups axis players use. I'm going to try and beat them with the tables turned to show the problem is between the seat and the table, not on the table. Or die horribly and admit they are correct. Thanks! Wolvan http://www.meetup.com/Chicago-Area-Dust-Warfare/
  5. Hey all greater Chicago area players. http://www.meetup.com/Chicago-Area-Dust-Warfare/ We have created a new meetup group to help us organize Dust Warfare playing in our area. We have a couple of people that play regularly, and hope to get more into the fold. More players is more fun! Sean
  6. Is their anyway to batch download all the cards? Or do I have to save them one at a time? Thanks
  7. Suppression applied by a long range unit also allows one of your short range high damage units to close and attack…and the target can't perform a reaction attack/move. ie for allies, it allows your Hammer or BBQ type squads to get close. I often pair my Hammers with my Grim Reapers…the Grim Reapers suppress and soften up the target then the Hammers move in and finish them off.
  8. Ok, I'm new new to painting miniatures etc etc. I'm slowly painting my allies army. I want to use some of the stickers for the sticker packs you can buy for dust warfare…but how do you use them? i.e. physically get them off the pad and onto the model? I believe they are the type you have to cut out and then use a **** cloth etc to wipe them off the backing and put on the model? (I'm reaching back to my childhood with old model planes and stuff) Any tips or pointers would be welcome.
  9. I believe Mike (Zuggzugg here on forums) is planning on stopping by to socialize and make some connections. I would, but considering I spent about 10 hours playing Dust Warfare today at his place, my wife won't let me out next weekend. Mike is a long time tactics player, this weekend was his first introduction to Warfare (I've only played since Gencon 2012 myself). Mike has all my contact info for future games. Wolvan aka Sean
  10. What time? I will have to clear with wifey. I'm going up next weekend to meet Zugg for some battles.
  11. Zugg, Shoot me an email at khromer@yahoo.com I'll drive up north for a chance to play on some weekends. Wolvan
  12. Bump! New Chicago area player (as of Gencon 2012) with a large Allies army and a few axis guys from the revised core set. I live down in New Lenox but am willing to travel some to play. I also found a new game store in Plainfield (The Wandering Dragon Shoppe) that is willing to host a tournament league etc. They have a limited selection of stuff to sell for Dust also (The owner plays Tactics with his son some I believe) Shoot me a message! I also liked the battletactics.tv facebook page and posted their. Sean khromer@yahoo.com
  13. I have a different walker movement question. For the Mickey, a light walker with JUMP and FAST, can it take the fast movement as part of the jump (essentially giving it a 12 inch jump on a single move, or 18 inch jump on a march move) or do you jump 6 and move over ground 6? thanks
  14. And attacks and reaction attacks are resolved simultaneously.
  15. Follow up question! I was telling my friend that we got it right and he had another question. Melee squad is in 3" range of the mech (ie following a CC attack etc) and the mech is able to bear his weapons (or use the MG etc) on the squad and declares an attack action. The melee squad responds with a close combat attack for the reaction. Does this invoke the close combat attack rule that only close combat weapons can be used by both units or can the mech still fire its normal weapons that are resolved at the same time as the CC attack?
  16. Ok, Here is a twist on this we ran into a few days ago. If you have a solo hero (in this case Rhino, as the rest of the hammers had died), that solo hero cannot be suppressed. So if an enemy vehicle attempts to overrun the hero, the hero will move out the 1" by shortest method, but NOT gain a suppression marker.
  17. That looks awesome too! I have never painted mini's before so its going to be interesting. I have some friends who do for advice, plus forums, guides etc that I can read up on.
  18. Just started playing at gencon, so my friend and I only have a few battles under our belts. I think we have a pretty good grasp of most of the rules, but wanted an opinion on one. I was playing allies, he was axis. If my Hammer Squad (w/ Rhino) gets into range for a close combat attack from the side/rear on his Flammenluffen (spelling!) medium walker armed with dual flamers, which only fire into the front arc. This is what we came up with, just wanted to see if we missed any points. If I perform a close combat attack, he has no response, as he cannot perform a reaction move, and can only do a reaction attack with a close combat weapon (which he doesn't have) For his turn, as long as I am positioned outside of his front arc, the only weapon he can hit me with is his turret MG (which could provoke a reaction action to the attack) If he tries to move away during a normal unit activation, he would be vulnerable to a reaction attack/move from my squad (provided they are able to perform one). Even just rotating in place as his move to bring his weapons to bear would still be considered a move initiated/finished within 12" so would provoke a reaction action, which would occur before his attack action would take place. He could however perform a command phase move or attack without provoking a reaction. Which demonstrates the need for good infantry support for a mech! Did we miss any rules or options? I think by our final game we had figured out most of the rules pretty well (both experienced gamers). Thanks
  19. Strombole said: The stats for it are in the Zverograd campaign book. While in the statline it does not have a (2) beside Schwer Flammenwerfer in the entry for it above where the statlines are under weapons it lists "Schwer Flammerfwerfer (F), Schwer Flammerwerfer (F)". So it shows that there are two different weapons in the front arc… so yes, it is 2 seperate weapons, which is why you can use combined shots to just shoot it as one weapon with increased range as opposed to 2 seperate weapons if you choose. Welcome to Dust Warfare! Now, back to the Front! Hmm. That is a good point. Though damage wise it makes it as nasty as the Allies Heavy with flamethrower (I'm at work so can't remember specific names…the Fireball I think), though only 8 inch range when using them as separate weapons vs the 12 inch of the fireball. I guess that is a pretty fair trade off though, vulnerability to reactions.
  20. For the Flammluffen Axis mech, My friend and I just started playing at Gencon, with both of us purchasing WAY to many units (Me allies, him axis). He played with the mech in dual flammer mode one battle and having the 14 inch range worked very well, as he could stay outside of reaction range on the attack. One question we had though, while it has dual flammers, on the unit description, it doesn't have a (2) next to it like other units with multiple weapons of the same type too. Like the allied Honey light mech with the description dual phasers, but they are grouped together as a single attack. And the Allies heavy tank with its dual howizters, still is only a single attack. We played that it was only a single attack, as the same amount of fuel would be expelled through 2 seperate firing mechanisms vs a single higher pressure one. The benefit of having 2 weapons for the Flammenluffen would be in the event of battle damage and it lost one weapon, it could still fire at normal ranges. Oh, and the heavy armor (armor 5, upgradeable to armor 6) is very nasty for a medium tank. Makes the allies armor 3 and 4 light/medium mechs look squishy. ----------------------------- We did a playtest on Friday and really enjoyed it…then ended up buying near full armies on Saturday and playing all night in the hotel and then Sunday and monday nights back at my place. Hopefully we will be their at the Gencon tournaments next year!
  21. Doh, Your right. I mixed up my mechs! I meant the cobra/rattler. Any suggestions on that mech? Just glue to base? (sorry, only started playing this last weekend at Gencon…mixed up the names)
  22. Anybody interested in starting a league in this area? Their is a new local gaming store in Plainfield (The Wandering Dragon) willing to host and help us become official (get the league pack from Fantasy Flight etc) with a good size play room etc. Check out The Wandering Dragon meetup.com group for more info. I posted their also. Thanks! Newly addicted Dust player. (Allies) Sean
  23. I would! I just discovered Dust at Gencon this last weekend and my friend and I both invested (way to) heavily in it. We where talking about how nice it would be to have nice unit cards like they have for tactics, but for Warfare. I had just cut up black and white copies of the data sheets I printed at the hotel…was still much easier then using the book for constant reference.
  24. Is that the one from the original core set or the individual box? The issue I have with the one from the individual box are the legs are way spread like its stepping, not like yours above. It constantly falls over if you touch it, falling off the base. I might have to glue it to the base as it doesn't appear the legs move, but don't want to break them. I'm new to miniature gaming so am sorta scared to try messing with it. Any advice on the legs would be appriciated!
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