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  1. I wish that were true, but there are quite a few games out there that are off-putting for women in terms of the games' depictions of female characters (though thankfully as more and more women get into the gaming hobby, board game companies are changing their art styles to match the new audiences). You can't say she's not a "player" just because she doesn't enjoy playing a game with graphic one-sided sexualization. But that's all moot anyway because this game does a fantastic job of representing female characters.
  2. Nagas are some of my favorite creature races in fantasy games, and most are either depicted as giant serpents with humanoid faces or humanoid creatures from the waist up, serpents from the waist down. Terrinoth actually has both in its lore! The standard naga found in Terrinoth is the serpentine one with a humanoid face. As for how they came to be, it's implied that they came about through means of sorcery (like harpies and razorwings), though exactly how hasn't been explored. I'd imagine it's something like an ancient sorcerer magically experimented on a snake which resulted in it growing in size and gaining superior human-like intelligence. And with the human-like face, I'd imagine it was either a side-effect of the magical experiments or it evolved to gain the humanoid face to go with its humanoid intellect. In Zanaga, there are the second type of nagas (serpent from waist down only). They were explored in the Mists of Zanaga expansion for Runebound and in the Realms of Terrinoth book for Genesys. They're very similar to the Yuan-Ti from D&D; snake humans who worship a serpent deity (Set) and are trying to wrestle control over Zanaga's jungles from other reptilian humanoid races.
  3. As far as board games go, Descent (and other Terrinoth games) have some of the best female representation I've seen. There's a huge amount of variety in their designs and play styles. I only wish the universe had better representation of POC.
  4. Does anyone have a list of the cards in the adversary packs?
  5. Lyssa's a catfolk, and she's been shown in the shots for the game. ?
  6. There are tons of heroes, monsters, villains, and the like in the games set in Terrinoth; who or what would you like to see in this game? My personal hopes... HEROES: Andira Runehand, Zyla, Rendiel, Shiver, Tatianna, Seer Kel MONSTERS: Medusae, Nagas, Crow Hags, Manticores, Chaos Beasts, Shades VILLAINS: Ariad, The Farrows, Zarihell, Soriss, Vorakesh I also really want to see some focus on other continents like Zanaga.
  7. Ringskipper

    Coin Caps

    I absolutely love this idea! Thanks for sharing.
  8. I'm super excited about this. Runebound has been collecting dust on my shelf sadly, but this expansion will certainly bring it back to the table. I also dig the fact that they're using the Uthuk Y'llan. Plus I love that Tatianna is one of the new heroes. I've been using her in Descent and absolutely love her.
  9. Instead of "something big," we got Runebound stickers on the Apple store.
  10. So she's suggesting to play it but then says she's too tired to play? Is she playing as the heroes? For some reason, when I play with my boyfriend, I do find it somewhat overwhelming to keep track of all the heroes and their abilities (moreso than the monsters/LTs). At least when we play with 3-4 heroes. Maybe have her play as two heroes, or you play as two heroes with her as the Overlord. How come co-op doesn't work for you guys? It seems like if she's not confrontational that might be a better choice for you two. My boyfriend and I love playing Road to Legend almost as much as playing the regular version. And as Zaltyre said above, Runebound might be an option if there's just no getting past her tiredness of Descent. The third edition (and all of them, really) can be REALLY long, though, but it's not very mentally draining.
  11. I'd like to see an expansion that explores the nature of the Ynfernael and the Aenlong, personally. Maybe include Gargan Mirklace as one of the villains of the scenario (though like other posters have said, I'd like to see more scenarios that don't just involve beating the baddie). I think a big box expansion should include at least 3-6 new heroes. None of the existing heroes are popular with my gaming group. We need some Varikas or Steelhorns, some warrior women, some more attractive male characters. A new board with a different setting would be absolutely welcome. Perhaps a Bilehall expansion with undead themes. But most of all, I want more flavor. I love the setting of Terrinoth and it'd be cool to see more about the gods, the individual figureheads, and just every day life in general.
  12. It looks like they're finally listed on Amazon (along with the two new expansions), but they're currently temporarily out of stock. A good sign nonetheless!
  13. Right? What's up with the lack of these expansions? CSI is sold out of Caught in a Web. My LGS doesn't have anything Runebound for some reason. I'm a big Amazon shopper but yeah, nothing there. Very strange... and the new expansions are right around the corner yet we can't find the first two.
  14. Zyla's original design is definitely much more faerie-like. But the Aenlong If I remember correctly (where Zyla and the fae reside) is the neighboring dimension to the demonic Ynfernael, which might explain why Zyla looks more demon-like in the newer version. Pretty cool if you ask me.
  15. I'm sure we've had favorite hero threads in the past, but I couldn't find any about the whole of Terrinoth. So spanning across all the Terrinoth games (Runebound, Runewars, Descent, etc.), what are the heroes that you just absolutely must use? My favorite has always been Zyla, personally. I would love for any of the games to explore the Aenlong and what exactly the fae race entails. I'm super excited to use her in Runebound 3rd edition when her expansion comes out. Other favorites include: Andira Runehand (my favorite Descent hero) Shiver (absolutely love his design and very interested to see more of him) Rendiel (love them poncy elven bards) Seer Kel (one of my favorite designs visually) Red Scorpion (really hope we get her in Descent soon since she was in Runebound 3rd edition with a MUCH better re-design) Jonas the Kind (love his dark backstory and search for redemption, very Xena-esque) What about everyone else? It could be based purely on flavor/theme of the character or on the game mechanics that character brings.
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