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  1. Super impressive, they have put everything in the mail already. Thanks Miniature Market! I'll have to make the 2 hour drive sometime to see the actual physical store.
  2. You know things like this happen. I have ordered so much Star Wars stuff from MM because my local store here in Missouri does not carry near the stock of Star Wars stuff that MM does, and this is really the first time I have hit a snag. The fact that MM also pays attention to these forums is nice to see, I like a place that responds with good customer service.
  3. Basically as it stands now, I have ordered from FFG and MM. First one to give me a shipping notice gets my money, the other gets an order cancelled.
  4. That's annoying. I placed my pre-order Sept 15th and its still listed as Processing Pre-Order. I guess they dont action them on a first come first served basis. But its out. *Snoopy Dance of Joy*. I can wait a little longer now I know its on the way. They are supposed to fill them in chronological order. Hopefully this is a case of a shipper not getting postage on the package in the correct order. I placed my pre-order on Thursday, got the shipping notice (2-Day USPS) on Saturday and received the book today ,Monday! (It's likely that it actually shipped on Friday and I just didn't get the e-mail until Sat., based on that timing). MiniatureMarket is very decidedly my friend! So I also ordered on Thursday. Did 2 day USPS shipping but never got a shipping notice. I finally asked customer service today what happened to my order, and they said that are waiting for another shipment of copies for the book. When I ordered I know they said at least another 175 or so in stock. I asked when they would be getting in another shipment, and they said they had no idea. So as it stands, the Miniature Market website is still selling copies, but they also seem to be waiting to get more in stock, though the website indicates they have 66 in stock, and that you can "Get it Now!" on the front page of their website. I find this a bit disappointing. I love Miniature Market, they really are the place I go to for getting minis and lots of game stuff... but if you do not have the full shipment you claim you have in stock on your website, it can be a bit annoying when you find out maybe you should have ordered through another site. So my question is, has anyone ordered after Thursday from MM and received a copy? Or is the amount they have in stock just waiting for more shipments to come in from FFG?
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