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  2. My own weblog

    Complete view:
  3. My own weblog

    And avatars system when logging!: I'm thinking about: when a user choses an avatar, people that registers after, can't chose that repeated, unless the first one change of avatar. Could be fun ^^
  4. Epic Moments

    This is the happiness: Each player played a copy of it. And the other player had more cards in hand. Preferring this event than a copy of test-of-will
  5. My own weblog

    I forgot this section, working on it: I have added some filters (mode and number of players), and you can order the games by date-played, score or date-logged, by ascendant or descendant order.
  6. My own weblog

    Comparison section is done!!! I return to say: design is not the main important, it is the php. When all the program will be developed, i will do a better design with html, it is not hard to me. PHP runs now as you can see! Next step is to work about login system and security, lets go!
  7. I have found this image, someone knows if it is from lotr-lcg? which scenario? can be it an spoiler-image?
  8. My own weblog

    Stadistics ended: It just needs some html work, but php (the most hard) is ended yet. Going for.... mmmmmh, let's go to compare different players' score!
  9. OCTGN help!

    Dont worry
  10. My own weblog

    After hcores is ended, working now on stadistics:
  11. I'm doing a personal weblog: This thread was just a joke. It is not public, because some reasons: 1. Just is in process. I still need one or two months where i work on it in my free times 2. RingsDB is going to release a very amazing weblog in a few 3. I am not professional, and seems PHP (the language code behind) is weak about security. I don't know all the aspects about how to blind and protect my php web from attacks. And it is important if people trusts me and use name of users and passwords inside. 4. I can work in a free host and a free database. However, it is free, and we can't know how database work when thousand of files where inside, if it runs slower or even it chrases. Or simply, it stops being free and demands some kinda of payment. .... the images i post in this forum are real built by real php, it is not photoshop, but the program web is not online, just in my localhost