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  1. Thanks Duciris for letting me know that way i could order sleeves for the game.
  2. I mean't the book that come with dead of night of what the contents are in the boxed. Sorry for the the i worded it earlier.
  3. Hi All, I was wondering when the rulebook for this expansion will be available.
  4. I want to Thank Everyone who help me. Today i Received the token and board for my Arkham Horror 3rd edition. From Fantasy Flight Games.
  5. Will the Blob that Ate Everything this be available to buy to add to our collection just wanted to know.
  6. Got a notice from FFG that they are looking into the situation so hopefully i will See what Happens i want to thank everyone who help me out.
  7. I want to say Thank you to Julia, and All the ones who comment on this post gave me advice and i Appreciate everyone who help. So Again Thank You.
  8. I don't know what happen here in the United States. You Know I lost My Money I Return the Game to the store and So I am out of luck. I will just safe my money and try to buy it somewhere else.. I send in for a replacement that i was missing the Boards and tokens but now i Have Nothing. Plus I got a notice that i was suppose to return the defective game back to where i bought it. So I did. I think the store did wrong to me. But it okay i just have to be careful next time so. am just out of luck. I Love the Games that Fantasy Flight Puts out .
  9. Thanks LordPyrex: But I Paid with cash and my flgs couldn't help so I will save my Money to get another copy . But I thank everyone who comments.
  10. Well i took my game back to the store i couldn't get a refund back. plus there where no copy on hands. So I am out of luck. Plus Consumer service for ffg said to take it back to the gaming place.
  11. But remember that thing that are made in china will have tax trade tarrif.
  12. yes i bought it new at my local gaming store.
  13. Hi I Just bought a second game of third edition of Arkham Horror Because my group like the game. when we open up the box there was no board or the tokens. But there where the cards so i tell fantasy fight about it. Just let me know Since i pay 65.00 for the game. ruby
  14. Does this mean when your playing solo Also i just wanted to know. Because i am just using the starting cards
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