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  1. player1994465

    how many investagor are in elder sign

    i was wondering how many investagor are in elder sign
  2. I want to know if there is a list of all the cards for this game. cause in prelude cards I have 39 cards. If any could help I would appreciate it.
  3. player1994465

    42 Anniversary Edition

    Hi I was wondering if there is any change in the game like the rulebook are their different cards from the early edition.
  4. player1994465

    missing cards

    is there a way to replace cards that are missing from the game. missing Space 4,9,12 in the location
  5. player1994465

    missing cards

    thank you I missing of the stages cards
  6. player1994465

    missing cards

    I was wondering if there is a list of all the cards in the game. because I missing some of the stages cards if you could provide a list I know that there four big boxes and 4 small boxes.
  7. I got the game me and my friends are enjoying the game. But until there is more copies for my friends to buy one. Cause it hard with only one set of dice to use my friends wish there where more dices.
  8. player1994465

    Does it matter how the sticker go on dice

    Hi i was wondering if it matters how the sticker are put on the blank dice. just wanted to know.
  9. player1994465

    Anyone have the Core book yet?

    I picked up my Core Rulebook & GM Kit from my local gaming store!
  10. i pick up warhammer 4ok conquest. but i was wondering if i should start playing a another lcg since i am playing netrunner. please let me know
  11. player1994465


    well my Force and Destiny had two bags of dice so my told is 11 set of dices.
  12. i can open the file from dropbox. is there another way to look at them.
  13. player1994465

    Copies of a card in draft?

    thank you every much.
  14. player1994465

    Copies of a card in draft?

    are drafts cards playable in touranment can you use them in regular play. i just want to know.
  15. this is my first attempt to build a deck. Here goes, ANDROMEDA RESOURCE: Mr.Li x2 Compromised Employee x3 Kati Jones x3 Underworld Contact x3 Same old thing x3 the helpful AI x1 PROGRAMS Corrder x2 Zu.KeyMaster x2 DataSucker x2 Ninja x2 HARDWARE: Dyon Mem Chip x3 Desperado x2 Cyberfeeder x3 Silencer x3 EVENT Hostages x3 Special Order x2 Sure Gamble x3 Inside Job x3 This is my deck please let me know if i have to change something out. Thank You