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  1. Completely agree. I can't see any benefit when people are online posting rules questions and everyone else is ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. My comment was meant to be tongue-in-cheek about "...what could possibly make me return after all this time?" after just noting he'd had nothing to say about his #1 game for the last five years. Everyone is of course free to feel however they wish about the reveal. I'm looking forward to more information.
  3. I am wondering about the promo Uncovered Lore. Are the additional stories and lore in addition to the two rule books in the hardback? I assume the stories are on par with the ones released in The Investigators of Arkham Horror but I'm not sure about the other lore.
  4. ....? You elaborate a bit more please? Typically a writeup that describes a game session. They can be analytical which is a straightforward description of events or literary which uses the events to provide the basis for a story like write up possibly in character.
  5. Exactly the opposite. Each preview gets me more excited and the whole progression aspect is a large part of it.
  6. Exactly. I feel, when a rule goes beyond the game, in this case, impacting my purchasing decision, I feel it's not a good rule to begin with. If I buy a new pack of cards, why do I have to spend precious resources to try out those new cards? Feels like a punishment for not waiting for all the cards to be released before starting a campaign or not starting over a new campaign. If those 0-level cards can be included in your deck for free at the start of the campaign, then I will continue that trend mid-campaign. It feels very arbitrary otherwise. The idea is that your deck helps decide *who* you are. Your past experiences and abilities etc. As you experience more you become more experienced and your perceptions and abilities are improved or worsened slightly. Wholesale swapping makes no sense in this context. You can do what you like of course, but I'm pretty sure the designers (who actually know the rules) have taken the progression aspects of the mythos packs into account.
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