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  1. Seems weird they didn't put the spaces for the decks in the middle of the arc. That's a lot of dead space, unless the idea is that's where you roll the dice.
  2. I've heard this month from a couple of different sources, but no firm date.
  3. You could even do story-based decks. Want to do a "Against the Hutt Cartel" story? Put these cards into your databank deck and use these planets.
  4. FFG posted that there would be some copies on sale at Celebration in Chicago. Either they rushed some copies to have them available for sale, or we're closer to the release than we thought.
  5. Having played Gloomhaven using an app to take care of all the monster cards and seeing how it vastly speeds up the game and lessens the game's footprint, bring on this app.
  6. If they keep it so that the ship cards and upgrades are all identical to the retail versions, I have no issue with them doing this as often as they like. Let people who go to different cons get a nice souvenir ship.
  7. I'm calling it: there'll be an expansion called Imperial Entanglements that either adds the ability to play as the Empire or adds some kind of Imperial obstacles to the gameplay.
  8. There's a **** of a lot of printed material in there though. Depending on how thick the cardboard is for the tokens and the player boards, that's a good chunk of change to print. And this is totally an excuse to bust out some X-Wing models to replace the counters with.
  9. The base Firefly game without expansions was kind of meh, since there was precious little player interaction. There was nothing you could directly do to stop someone from finishing their jobs apart from hoping you got the chance to move the Alliance or the Reaver ship in their way. And if someone got a big lead, there was really nothing to do but watch them win. Hopefully this has a way to interfere with each other.
  10. Basing it on smuggling and bounties is probably the best way to do a multiplayer Star Wars game.
  11. A $70 hole in my pocket is what it is...
  12. And that's ... fine? I mean, it wasn't like FFG didn't issue errata during 1.0 that made certain lists illegal. And if you're playing casually, what do you care what's illegal or not?
  13. But! It! Should! Have! Been! It's a much more elegant system than issuing 0-cost upgrades that become auto-includes or errata that force you to remember what cards now no longer actually mean what they say. And twice-a-year updates is hardly micromanaging.
  14. But that could happen with or without an app. FFG announces they've errata-ed the Aggressor and it now costs this many points. Only instead of having a handy app that takes care of that for you, you have to look at your Aggressor card and remember, "Oh, wait, this is 65 points now, not what's printed on it." That hardly seems "casual" to me.
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