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  1. They could use freelancers. Apparently there are a couple of books in the development pipeline. But this likely spells the end of their RPG lines if I had to venture a guess. We’ll probably get the starship book and that will be it.
  2. The two volume set is a good edition, especially if you plan to pepper a lot of references from canon and Legends alike. There’s some good stuff to be mined from there, sure some of it’s now “invalid” but there’s still a lot of great stuff inside. If you’re looking for something more “official,” Ultimate Star Wars by Adam Bray is the official canon reference guide for Star Wars right now. A new edition was release back in late October: https://www.amazon.com/Ultimate-Star-Wars-New-Definitive/dp/1465479007/ref=nodl_
  3. This is actually revisionist history. George didn’t sell because the fans had sucked the joy out of Star Wars for him, or any type of so-called backlash by fans. He was already deep into production on The Clone Wars, and took an active role in development of the 1313 video game project. By 2009 there were numerous rumors that he was returning to work on more films, and to top it off he had worked with Ronald D. Moore to develop and produce a live action Star Wars TV series... the hold up was cost. 50 scripts were fully completed by a staff of writers and pre-production was well under way. From 2009-2011 Lucas sent Rick Berman on trips throughout Europe (specifically Eastern Europe) to find a studio where they could produce the show inexpensively. Additionally Berman was looking for a studio to shoot the “Red Tails” project Lucas had financed... the hold up was cost. Ultimately Lucas came up with his own solution... Grady Ranch Film Studio. A full motion picture film studio which would have sat on a parcel of Skywalker Ranch. It was a project he had dreamed of since the 80s, but now he had a reason to revive it. He could still produce TV and features while keeping production costs down since he would basically be paying himself. Additionally he’d be able to stay at home: https://www.marinij.com/2012/04/10/lucasfilm-stuns-marin-pulls-plug-on-grady-ranch-movie-studio-project/ The plans had initially been approved in 2011 by Marin county and construction was expected to begin by late 2012/2013. If you read Iger’s recent biography he talks about the Star Wars acquisition. He initially began talking to George in early 2011 about selling, but Lucas made it clear he wanted to exercise control over his properties. Lucas was simply looking for a business partner to finance his films/TV productions, not someone to take over total control. But something changed in late 2011. A last minute appeal by a bunch of rich locals who claimed the studio would impact traffic and ruin property values threatened to sue to stop construction. This happened in November 2011. Iger mentions in the book that something changed by December 2011 and Lucas seemed ready to sell. By April 2012 Lucas pulled the plans for the studio, announced he was developing low income housing on the property, and months later sold to Disney. That’s what ultimately drove Lucas to sell, he was done with the headaches of Grady Ranch... he had no realistic option of launching his TV show so he walked away.
  4. You can find many of the sourcebooks used, and at reasonable prices, on Amazon, eBay, and through numerous online rpg game stores.
  5. I have played the system for years. It is a very easy system to pick up and run with little GM prep. Love both FFG and D6 and they both work to achieve the same thing, a fun roleplaying experience in the Star Wars universe, they just take different mechanical approaches. Yancy
  6. Sorry folks no boat party as apparently FFG's transporters are on line. Went from "In Development" to "Shipping Now" overnight. Guess they skipped the whole printing thing.
  7. Jango is from Concord Dawn, or at least has stated he was. Jango being from Concord Dawn is established in Ultimate Star Wars which released in 2015, is written by Pablo Hidalgo, and functioned as the first canon encyclopedia resource for for the new Star Wars canon.
  8. There’s also a ton of short adventure ideas in the Mos Eisley Adventure Set which came out at the tail end of WEG’s run. The set includes GG7, a poster a set of minis and a 32 page adventure book with an adventure, some short adventure ideas and some plot hooks.
  9. FFG has NO plans to shut down the RPG line. The decision to do compilation books is because the system has been around a while (implication it helps new fans coming into the game). Money quotes from Andrew Navaro: “There are still plenty of cool Era sourcebooks to be done.” “We gonna keep that thing going (the RPG) as long as we can.” So the line is going nowhere.
  10. God I totally forgot about that... LOL
  11. For all we know in canon, Mon Mothma may have been referring to a Rebel spy named Manny Bothans who stole the information about the Death Star II.
  12. Live in the East Valley around 44th St and Indian School.
  13. Yup, I called that months ago. Like I said before this book has likely been sitting at FFGs warehouse for months. The prequel era push at this Star Wars Celebration (anniversary of TPM), plus the Clone Wars panel and pending Disney+ show just made sense to hold off on RotS until now.
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