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  1. God I totally forgot about that... LOL
  2. For all we know in canon, Mon Mothma may have been referring to a Rebel spy named Manny Bothans who stole the information about the Death Star II.
  3. Live in the East Valley around 44th St and Indian School.
  4. Yup, I called that months ago. Like I said before this book has likely been sitting at FFGs warehouse for months. The prequel era push at this Star Wars Celebration (anniversary of TPM), plus the Clone Wars panel and pending Disney+ show just made sense to hold off on RotS until now.
  5. The Star Wars line has consistently been the #3 selling line behind D&D and Pathfinder (it slipped with the release of Starfinder),; that's certainly nothing to sneeze at, and the line sells well. The fact of the matter is the Star Wars line was ALWAYS going to be the number 3 selling line. ****, even during the height of the WEG days Star Wars was the #3 selling game behind AD&D and Vampire.
  6. On the sample page from presser there's a Barabel. Did they ever get an official stat line as a playable PC? Maybe they're will be a handful spread throughout the book.
  7. Agreed. I doubt very much this is the end of the line, the problem is the franchise is in a weird spot as far as a story telling type game can go so do you put out no product, or put out something to tide fans over until late 2019/2020? 1) There would be no real reason to put out a post-ROTJ or Sequel Trilogy book until that trilogy wraps up. We could see some sort of post-Jedi book to coincide with the release of The Mandalorian, but that project seemed to come together rather rapidly so I’m not sure where they would be in terms of development of a sourcebook like that. 2) Plenty of people have been asking for some type of KOTOR or Tales of the Jedi type era book. But I suspect that’s probably off the table until LFL addresses it in some canonical fashion like a book, or show... maybe this is what the trilogy by the Game of Thrones developers are working on so you’re really not going to get anything there. SO FFG is somewhat limited with their RPG line in terms of what they can touch right now. So what do you release in the interim? I guess you do some type of organizations book, or a region type sourcebook. Like I said before we will probably get some filler books gathering stats from previous books while offering new stats and options for players and GM’s. It’s pretty obvious (based on 2nd Edition X-Wing) that FFG plans to hold on to the license so they will release product, but I think it’s clear it won’t be at the pace from earlier years. Yancy
  8. Interesting to see Ewoks as a playable race now... I wonder if we might get a few other races thrown in as well.
  9. My guess we'll see: Species Guide Vehicle/Ships Guide Equipment Guide Planets Guide Gathering stuff from the various books, along with some new stuff... then finally a post-ROTJ era sourcebook.
  10. Well then there's this for all of the naysayers: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/1/10/allies-and-adversaries/
  11. Like the backlog of releases that FFG released last year, it was pretty obvious that certain items that were listed as "on the boat" had already arrived at FFG and were simply being delayed to stagger releases. My suspicion is Rise of the Separatists is probably in FFG's warehouse already, and FFG is choosing to delay the release... but why would they delay the release until April??? HINT: There's this big convention coming up in April which has something to do with some kind of war in the stars... My suspicion is it's being delayed to coincide with Star Wars Celebration in Chicago. Clone Wars is going to have a pretty big presence at the convention as the new season of the show releases later this year... in addition they will be celebrating the 20th Anniversary of TPM. It would make sense to push the release until then and do the official unveiling at Celebration (you could probably sell a huge swathe of copies there) and maybe even announce another product or two at FFG's panel. Yancy
  12. Ahhhh the old Fandom Comics sourcebook days. BTW that was a Helluva book that got a lot of use at my table, Keith! Yancy
  13. Here’s a question.... where is it in “the process”? Under the Upcoming tab on the website it’s nowhere to be found (Not listed either “In Development” or “At Printer”). The article doesn’t mention a release time frame. Wondering if this book was pretty far along in the development process during this year and a half gap while FFG corrected printing and shipping issues.
  14. RPGs aren't going anywhere in FFGs world: https://icv2.com/articles/markets/view/41009/top-5-roleplaying-games-spring-2018 Both Star Wars and Genesys were among the Top 5 selling RPGs last quarter. Tabletop RPGs have actually been increasing their market share over the past year. While the market is certainly much smaller than board games or miniatures, it is growing. For example, in 2013 all RPGs accounted for about $13 million a year; today that number is $55 million, and a $10 million increase from $45 million in 2017: http://www.enworld.org/forum/content.php?5476-NA-Hobby-Games-Market-Increases-To-1-55M-D-D-Remains-On-Top
  15. So during the Q&A session at the FFG panel at GenCon they announced the line would have some forthcoming announcements, and they will mainly be focusing on era and region books for the line going forward. They really pushed Clone Wars for X-Wing and Legion, and hinted at an Armada release too. So I think it's pretty safe to say we will be getting a Clone Wars era guide down the road.
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