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  1. Does anyone know what happned to the Legend of the Five Rings RPG 4E forums over on AEG? Any moderator or staff response would be helpful. Hopefully they didn't just trash all of that, so much information that would be a shame to lose.
  2. Not that I've been able to find either and I've pm'd the author looking to continue the work (adding things like xeno's races and advanced specialties), but haven't had a response yet.
  3. Think you just opened a can of worms Chris as being the first one to talk about what's in it. But yes, please explain a bit into mechanics and character creation if you will.
  4. LETE said: I doubt there'll be an proEmpire game evah - it's like asking to glorify stereotypical evil. Black Crusade anyone? And how are pirates and scoundrels not stereotypical evil? No this is not intended to start a debate, just pointing out that in Star Wars Good and Evil are not always as obvious as black and white. Not having the book I can't really say whether or not it's feasible to build Imperial characters, it all depends on what options are available when making characters, but it would be nice to see a book dedicated to the bad guys. The Hutts, Empire, Vong, Sith, etc. To ignore all that is to ignore the whole reason why good guys exist.
  5. If it's going to require a bunch of stuff like 3e does then I'm going to just stick with trying to do a conversion to Star Wars using the 40k books.
  6. I understand a bit about how they did 40k, I just wish it all ported to one another a bit easier. I'm not quite sure about this yet until I actually see it, or at the least hear more about it. Does anyone actually own this yet? How does it play? Is it based off of the 40k system? Is it actually worth paying $30 to get a beta of 1/3 of the full game?
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