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  1. I found this over on another site, a bunker and low walls to fit Dust sized terrain squares! http://www.firedragongames.co.uk/scenery.html
  2. I was lucky enough to see the game at the show, it has rekindled my Dust enthusiasm that has died off recently. Were the choppers Premium models or done by yourself? The game looked fantastic, well done.
  3. You could use some AT-43 Red Blok walkers, there are Dust cards for them over on this site. http://twc-dust-tactics.blogspot.co.uk/
  4. A figure that well painted deserves to be in the centre of the photo
  5. Outstanding, as usual. Your Winter Child is especially good but I love your stuff anyway!
  6. Stunning, the body armour is particulary well executed.
  7. mgentile7 said: I dont see the download for the 3rd release just 1 and 2.
  8. Attila Said wrote 'It will be interesting to see where it all ends up. I just want some Aussie troops in slouch hats and shorts ' Maxmini make some Digger heads, they would fit the SAS/Legion figures perfectly.
  9. Great price! There are Dust bargains to be had if you know where to look! Do all the choppers come with crew?
  10. Those are amazing! Do they come with the crew figures or did you add them yourself?
  11. As we are seeing US Marine units being released it would suggest that some Japanese units could be next, it would seem odd pitting tropical clad Jarheads against Arctic parka wearing Axis troops! I would like to see the Vrill though, saucers would be great.
  12. Maybe you need to decide if the building is a ruin or intact, there would be no problem firing from a roofless, ruined shell.
  13. I checked the site earlier and they still had a couple of Joe's at a silly low price, that is the power of the web for you!
  14. I play my games on two of the Dust playmats but I am worried they are too small to put Heavy mechs or tanks on. If I do get a big lump it will be the Beria as it looks the business!
  15. Wow, can I come you your house! lol
  16. I prefer the air cooled version myself, oddly, the box photo does have two air cooled weapons shown.
  17. It is too rich for my blood! I am considering getting the premium Red Guards boxes though, still a long way off a $1,000 though!
  18. Thanks guys, that certainly makes it a lot clearer than it appears to me in the rule book!
  19. The rules state that you can only use one fire action per unit, I read in the revised rules that Sustained Fire means you can fire twice, is this available to any unit or is it an attribute/skill noted on the unit card? Can someone explain how SF works for me please?
  20. Gents, apologies if this sounds a silly question but as I am new to the game please bear with me! Is there a limit on the amount of Hero figures you can play in a game? I played with a friend last night who seemed to think you were limited to one per side, is this correct?
  21. I wonder if we will be getting some US Marine infantry as well? It would be a little odd fielding tropical support troops alongside Arctic parka infantry! I love the SSU support stuff and the zombies are a big improvement over the current sets.
  22. Thanks, I am a big fan of your painting/modelling so please keep it coming.
  23. The boxed building is not primed, just grey plastic. There is some good stuff on the buildings in Dust Chronicles that should give some inspiration for painting.
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