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  1. Don't have the numbers off the top of my head but the rebels were outclassed and outnumbered in terms of capital ships. The star destroyers stayed back purposely as the emperor wanted to be flashy and show off his superlaser. The Endor shield was still up, the rebels had been captured on the surface, nothing could possibly go wrong. The star destroyers were there to stop the rebels escaping. Unfortunately for the Imperials the shield went down, an awing rammed the command ship whose bridge shields were down then the Death Star got blown to smithereens along with palpatine and Darth Vader (or so they would have thought). In the space of 10 minutes they'd lost their entire command structure along with their flagship and a battle station the size of a moon. The Imperials fled despite still having a massive advantage in terms of firepower but having just seen things go from awesome to utterly screwed they panicked and retreated.
  2. For a more thought out response: Victory I is very short ranged. Consider dumping the Enhanced Armaments and upgrading to Victory II. If you do switch to Victory II give some serious thought to upgrading to Grand Moff Tarkin or switching to Admiral Motti to free up 2 points. Insidious screams for Hyperspace Assault so either switch to that objective or change Insidious into Demolisher or dump the title altogether. Switch Mithel into Howlrunner. You're running 4 Bombers so you really want to be using Admiral Chireneau to get those bombers out of engagement. Corrupter is icing on the cake but not a MUST have, unlike the admiral. Dominator is okay but if you're definitely using it you need to think about taking Wulff Yularen to keep a banked engineering token to mitigate the damage Dominator will do to itself. There's a lot to think about there. Not all of it has to be done, and maybe none of it, as long as you can justify to yourself the reasons for not doing it.
  3. It's #1 without a shadow of a doubt. The prefix During indicates that when that round is over (i.e. usually when the Overlord has had his turn) then the ability no longer applies. It's certainly not worded well and does leave room for some ambiguity. But consider the following two statements: During each round in which you do not perform an attack, you gain 1 additional brown die to your defense pool. For each round you do not perform an attack, you gain 1 additional brown die to your defense pool. They look almost exactly the same, but the meaning of the sentences is entirely different. Trying to be a rules lawyer with a Fantasy Flight Games product like Descent isn't going to win you any friends quickly. Try and think what the spirit and intention of that ability is, rather than what you would like it to be.
  4. Correct, unless it specifies that something shouldn't be told to the players then the players should know it before the encounter starts so that they know what to do.
  5. Turn that argument on its head. At the end of Act 1 heroes are far more powerful than the monsters so in the interlude they're rolling more dice than the Overlord. Yes the Overlord has a bit of a better time of things in the first quest of Act 1 and the first quest of Act 2 but that's the nature of the game. House ruling is fine but from a design point of view I think this is working as intended.
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