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  1. The Wrench That Changes the Works ...

    Princess Leia crew card card, its gonna change everything
  2. Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    enjoyed the most recent episode! "Live free, don't join!"
  3. I see how it is.

    Just wanted to say that @nikk whytebeat his 1 ghost match up o the day 100-22 en route to a fine 4-2 finish at the regional.
  4. That app almost already exists! As a web app. I give you the excellent
  5. Technically meta-wing is author by @haslo consuming list jugglers’s RESTful API, and both systems (as well as many other tools) rely on guido’s Xwing-data GitHub repo, all governed by Eli Steven and geordanr’s xws Data exchange specification, all of which rely on TDs and player data entry using community created software like Cryodex and ... but yeah thanks for the shout out, I do program manage the whole shebang
  6. Community is probably only going to rally behind creating 2.0 once FFG loses the license.
  7. One cool thing here is that with xwing-data ( and various bits of web tech thT the community has come up with, building out something like what war machine does is not a hard project. The hard part is getting the organizational momentum to do the project as a whole.
  8. Haslo deleted the duplicate tourneys and all is back to normal
  9. X-Wing List Juggler

    There is no way to manually enter rounds :-( There is an API that you can use to programmatically enter rounds though, if you want to hack together the json. Let me know!
  10. Thanks yes l cleaned it up already in listjuggler bit sadly it had already been replicated into meta-wing. I chatted at @haslo today and he is going to clean up the dupes on his side tonight. Cheers
  11. The Elephant in the Room: how do you beat Kanan Fenn?

    Got a third game against Ezra maul tlt Ghost. That combo is bonkers, bananas, bazinga! Once per round change on maul needed I think.
  12. I see how it is.

    That is a good point @vieditand very similar to how I lost my game last night - a good primary shot from the ghost after some softening up from the tilt.
  13. I see how it is.

    I lost the damage race last night in league night to the Ghost wth Miranda. It was close but felt like I was on the wrong side of the equation. Four tlt hits a round on her and only one regen makes it really hard.
  14. I see how it is.

    Cool, good luck! Here’s hoping you play 6 of them in a row and come back with a new perpective
  15. I see how it is.

    @nikk whyte - traj sim was unique in that you could take ships off the board, before any engagement, without shooting at them. The community immediately realized that this was pretty terrible NPE and justifiably went nuts. - ghost Fenn is a different critter altogether, but it’s central mechanic — the quad tlt shot combined with Fenn’s amazing ability - really does illustrate how incredible TLT is on a big base ship that can shoot it multiple times a round and act at ps11. To quote Dee, it is abusive. And yeah people have been calling for a tlt nerf for 6 waves now, and Fenn Ghost is an excellent illustration as to why. just curious, have you played against it yet? Interested in your take on it. I think it can be beat, but (prediction) it will have an serious warping effect on what was shaping up to be a healthy looking meta.