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  1. I'd play something like that!
  2. that sweet bumper music is Rameses-B there's enough little bits in it to do dozens of sweet intro outro bumper music :-) I'll talk to the ships janitor about that.
  3. Here's the Reddit thread for those interested in following along over there
  4. haha yeah variety is the glittertstim of life, kids
  5. I have brought it up with the salt sucking alien in the boiler room
  6. Hey that is my fault! Blair did most of the editing this episode (as he usually does) but because he was out on vacation I finished it off. But I didn’t have the usual intro outeo music so I went to SoundCloud.
  7. I'm not a fan either
  8. Cool, thank you, that is a pro tip. Do you have a vendor you can recommend?
  9. I bet the Biggs nerf wasn't under discussion at the time, and once the FAQ got leaked the devs and play testers started looking into that as well (since FSR and Ego Cubed were just then blowing up). The JMK nerf was still half baked and they ended up settling in the last couple months on the more elegant version that finally came out. That is just a guess though!
  10. awesome! when you get a quote (or actual product), it would be awesome if you could share it -- I'll probably buy a bunch for the podcast.
  11. does anyone know a good service to get these things printed and cut on similar-to-FFG cardstock? I'm thinking about making errata kits to give out as prizes.
  12. Here's the shownotes (I've asked Kelvan to update the first post)
  13. Oh ... he didn't. The original post was before the new FAQ. C'mon @Vontoothskie prove me wrong!
  14. rac with kylo and Fel is very potent right now, especially in team play where you have more control over matchups. It went 4-1 for the SNV podcast team recently in Evergreen Cup and was absolutely brutal against two ship bombing lists (aint gonna lie, 100-0ing Miranda Dash and Miranda Nym feels really nice).
  15. The hardest thing to change in this world is the human heart.