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  1. Yeah maybe you merge the top 2 from the open into the invitationals cut, and the rest of the invitational top N proceeds to its own cut?
  2. My ideal worlds: large venue, centrally located (Chicago?) two tournaments: 1) the "World Open" -- an open tournament where anyone can play 2) "the "Worlds Invitational" -- an invitational tournament with some sort of reasonable merit-based system run by the Gold Squadron team (Ron and Andrea TOing, Dion managing the casting) With the two tournaments you get the "best of both worlds" (as it were): plenty of room, everyone can play, everyone gets to socialize with their X-Wing pals, win win win. But FFG is (seemingly?) attached to running it in their game store area, so this ain't gonna happen.
  3. Have most of the good players stopped playing?

    You will find a ton of talented and strong players over in Vassal League!
  4. Combating the shakes

    A glass of red wine. Electrical engineers and miniature painters alike agree that a nice glass of cab does wonders for shakey hands!
  5. The Scum and Villainy Open

    One of my lists is 3 B-wings with fcs, Jess with R3-A2 and IA. Because B-Wings.
  6. X-Wing List Juggler

    It's done! @sleet01, please have a look? Note that I didn't do the edition field (to keep my output xws compliant-ish). But hopefully this gets you started :-) Cheers
  7. X-Wing List Juggler

    Regenerating it now. (I cache the pretty printed/human-readable text so as to speed up rendering.) 21,000 of 37,000 complete!
  8. X-Wing List Juggler

    I'm not sure if anyone (besides you, I know now) is consuming the human-readable text ... but yeah the change you describe above should be easy enough. I'll mess around with it.
  9. X-Wing List Juggler

    Hey there! There isn’t a spec for the human readable display... but there could be! Happy to change it to something that is unambiguous. Is there any way you would prefer? Also, just curious if why the json representation can’t be used instead? cheers!
  10. Artificial Intelligence In X-Wing

    Even the sharks are feeling the heat! tl;dr: AIs beating lawyers at contract analysis
  11. Artificial Intelligence In X-Wing

    Small correction here - chess isn’t solved in the same way that checkers is solved (which is the way you describe above). Chess is solved when there are 7 or less pieces on the board — this is a project started by Ken Thomson back in the 70s. It is slowly beavering forward but is expected to take a long time. See
  12. Artificial Intelligence In X-Wing

    I think the big challenge with xwing is codifying the rules system into something that an AI can use. Chess, Go, Etc all have simple rules systems that can be hard coded into a neural network. While xwing’s core rules are fairly straightforward, the pilot cards, upgrade cards, and the complicated resulting rules interactions can not be reasonably hard coded into the code - they have to be expressed in some way that can be parameterized and machine read. And that ain’t easy.
  13. Regional Results thread.

    No. TD says the lj entry will be uploaded this week sometime though!
  14. New article: "Cracking the Metagame"

    For lolz
  15. New article: "Cracking the Metagame"

    Double crack hlc gunboat Vader just took top 8 in Sea Regional and had the top mov and undefeated score in Swiss. Not sure they entirely suck but with the current low floor high ceiling lists out there they are definitely not S tier.