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  1. sozin

    FFG's app

    If the app doesn’t have an output format it is going to make it annoying to continue List Juggler. FFG didn’t give the xwing open source any comms or heads up so -shrugs-
  2. Will the new squad builder have a machine readable output (a la https://github.com/elistevens/xws-spec) to enable software exchange of squads and recording of tournament results (a la List Juggler/metawing)?
  3. sozin

    Xwing is suffering despite what the clickbaiters say

    What this thread (and it’s inverse twin) and many other threads all ultimately suffer from is lack of dialog with the designers and their management. Because there isn’t a good feedback mechanism, our poor community tends to tweak up into these painful echo chamber feedback loops. It really is too bad, and it’s FFG’s fault for not paying for a community manager or creating and delegating to a volunteer brigade.
  4. sozin

    @FFGOP tweets: no x-wing FAQ is planned

    I see you have declined to trot out a strong player who agrees with you! Let me know when you want to return to that, I have am absolutely game to bust out a few world champions But since you are doing the ol’ change-gears-to-avoid-getting-pinned, I will play along. The above point is so weird to me. Krayt Cup followed its own rules. The team tourneys do as well. In the 350+ person Vassal league we have total control. This is our game and we don’t need you, or FFG, to tell us how to play or to just bend over and take it.
  5. sozin

    @FFGOP tweets: no x-wing FAQ is planned

    I try to nicely engage SoT but am usually rewarded with snark and then subject change when I try to pin down to specifics :/
  6. sozin

    @FFGOP tweets: no x-wing FAQ is planned

    @YourHucklebrry do you happen to have the link to the quoted Theorist article?
  7. sozin

    @FFGOP tweets: no x-wing FAQ is planned

    I like the podcasts - specifically the Krayts, Mynocks, Scum, the 186th, and Kessel Run for the top player’s perspective. (Not written down, but good enough). Each of the groups mentioned above have had an insanely good tournament season, and they frequently interview top players as well (the Howards, the Fosses, various super strong European players, etc). Based on this verbal record I believe the reaction to Theorist’s quote above would be serious skepticism. For fun I tried it on the SnV Slack and got a “...” from Starslinger and a series of gun and dead smiley emojis from Kelvan I doubt I will get a serious response from Stay On Target on this thread, but thank you @YourHucklebrry for a genuine and thoughtful response!
  8. sozin

    @FFGOP tweets: no x-wing FAQ is planned

    Theorist (who is an old pal of mine FWIW) has not been a top player for several years; he hasn’t been going to physical tournaments, and all the tournaments he runs of Vassal feature very tweaked rules to correct issues he sees with the system.
  9. sozin

    @FFGOP tweets: no x-wing FAQ is planned

    Then please present them! I hold my strong positions weakly, and would be happy to have my mind changed on this. I am not a top player, but personally I do have multiple top finishes in national events, Regionals, a Worlds cut, and the Vassal league with its redonkulous density of talented players etc, and I do keep tabs with their expert opinion, and the number of them that are saying what you are saying is, well ... none of them. I seriously don’t have a single one.
  10. sozin

    @FFGOP tweets: no x-wing FAQ is planned

    I suppose I can enumerate a list of world class players that have this perspective, but somehow I think having the glittering array of expert and master strengthened opinions presented will only cause your heels to dig in further. Let me know precisely how many expert opinions, and what caliber and qualification is needed to sway your mind?
  11. sozin

    @FFGOP tweets: no x-wing FAQ is planned

    8 out of 10 doctors agree
  12. sozin

    @FFGOP tweets: no x-wing FAQ is planned

    In my mind, the message propagates upwards in FFQ hq like this: Data driven, rationale community: this game is going off the rails, wtf, please send halp Designers/OP: Well there are definitely some serious issues here, but maybe if we just wait a little longer and see what the next wave does ... mid level management: sales are good, we are getting a little complaining from the the field, but overall the competitive scene is healthy. Senior management/VC: everything is a-ok!
  13. sozin

    @FFGOP tweets: no x-wing FAQ is planned

    With a tinge of bittersweet I report my decision to not attend Worlds this year as justified!
  14. I think every big ship that has a native 360 turret has at least one crew slot. The 2400 only has one. EDIT: I think it only effects of ships that have a native 360 chassis - they have the option to use it, but in order to use it they still have to burn crew slots. A Firespray couldn’t is it to get 360. (But a fireapray could take the Mobile Firing arc modification slot upgrade.)
  15. This is neither here nor there, but reading this thread inspired some thoughts. In other threads (and memes) I have opined that, in order to address the games current state, you might have to go back and assess a the a pair of key waves 2 design decisions - specifically native 360 firing arc, and engine upgrade on a big ship. Both these decisions arguably led to the key moment of inteoducing autothrusters in wave 5. In the Worlds 2015 Podcast After Party Gold Squadron Podcast somewhere (sorry too lazy to find the link and time) has a recording of me pitching my personal fix to native 360 arc to the devs. Critics of the forums, please give me your honest feedback The rule change is based on a key scene from Star Wars: remember when Luke and Han share the gun turrets of the Falcon? Between the two of them they are able to achieve a 360 firing arc. Using this as our guide, let’s say that without one of them participating, their angle of arc is reduced by half: a 180 degree arc. (And with neither participating, they only can fire from their cabin, or 90 degrees forward). The idea behind the change is basically that you can still achieve 360 degree arc, but you have to sacrifice both crew slots to get it, by filling them with dedicated crew (for example the now never used Luke Skywalker crew). If you choose to sacrifice one crew slot, you get either a back 180 or forward 180 arc. Probably this is big ship only, and maybe their is a mod upgrade that gives you a native mobile firing arc for more flexibility (and forcing you to pick between engine and mobile), but that is the idea at least. IIRC the developers (Frank and Alex) weren’t super impressed with the idea :/