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  1. Don't worry boss, I'll slice that up for you in a jiffy and you'll be back inside! Just as transfer those 10 contracts of glitterstim you owe me over to my account. Or credits, credits work too.
  2. I had a lot of fun herding around dash with wulf and lowhr on Vassal last night. And yeah their side arcs are really good. This ship makes me want to play more Xwing! On a side note, does anyone else think they look like a defeathered chicken, joining the hallowed ranks of other food inspired space ships (Yt 2400: Tbone steaK ; defender: artichoke )?
  3. OP, any chance you can update the top post to indicate the conclusion (old version)? ty!
  4. Yep. A lot of boring sniping and dash dancing around.
  5. 27 player SC from Portland's Guardian Games: I placed second to Noa P's Dash/Miranda. I was rocking a "Fair Ship Rebel" (Biggs/Rex/Jess/Lowhhrick) variant. Tournament had a nice mix of Rebel, Scum and Imperial. Because of a late start and early store close we had to compress it to 3 rounds + cut to swiss, and @blairbunke came down to co-TD the event (last minute thing). He went undefeated in Swiss but withdrew from the cut to allow others to pursue glory. He was rocking a creative Wave 11 five Imp list: Sienar Specialist + Twin Laser Turret + Lightweight FrameScimitar Squadron Pilot + Tie Shuttle + Lightweight Frame + Operations SpecialistScimitar Squadron Pilot + Unguided Rockets x3 (100)
  6. Yeah that was my feeling as well. This is a classic problem in software - devs build a solution that works for exactly the prob spec, and when things change (which is inevitable) management is like, "So just change it, sounds easy!", queue horrified looks from dev team
  7. Sadly it is not just points - you have to deal with all the tricky interactions, like titles that add and remove slots, or the tie adv title which has a little ceiling math in it. See for example i would hazard that most of the builders would face a significant refactoring to support parameterized pointing and upgrade slot behavior.
  8. Squad cost is not calculated with xws payload. The spec assumes that the receiver of the data will calculate the totals on their own. That said, it can be an optional points field on the pilot or upgrade - I have a backlog item to implement this for Haslo/merawing.
  9. Fabs builder already supports xws output actually ! Listjuggler supports it as a xws over json over http endpoint.
  10. Wave 11 is ready to go in List Juggler. Oh, a few weeks ago I significantly speed up the page loader for the tourneys paged (by implementing server side paging ... we finally hit the point where we'd had enough tournaments to make performance an issue!) Oh, and FFG continues to totally appreciate and value our work of crowdsourcing the data! From a fan:
  11. I wish there was more transparency on this. I stopped being a playtester in wave 6 so am out of the loop, but there is evidence scattered across reddit, Facebook, these forums etc that a new FAQ is being playtested. In the open source software world we have a formal Request For Comments ( process, where the community gets to be involved and weigh in on change management, where good ideas bubble to top, buoyed by crowdsourced collaboration. With its X-Wing it's a closed pool of leaky and (sorry friends) inadequately equipped people splashing around hoping they don't eff it up too badly. See for the seminal essay on this topic from the 90s during the fertile early days of Linux kernel dev.
  12. I think OP (Wade IIRC?) has been knocking stuff out of the park with some of the prize support recently -- especially the full bleed alt art and astromech templates. Store Kit stuff less impressive, but I guess they save the good stuff for the premier events like system opens :-)
  13. it is always good to question the quality of dataset! in the case of the community collected xwing results submitted to list juggler, I think we have a pretty good sample across a wide variety of metas around the world. It isn't complete by any means, but it is what we have! Edit: with respect to @hasloHaslo's ranking algorithms, because his code is open source and his methodology is public, disagreement is always welcome, especially when accompanied by alternative models or techniques built in the list juggler data set! I am curious, @Dengar5 do you have any specific criticisms of his model, or do you have any alternative (published/open source) models that you think present alternate reads of he raw data?