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  1. Most probably not. They probably used TOME, and TOME doesn't have a (machine readable) output format :-(
  2. Is Nymranda the new Triple Jumps

    I absolutely LOVE The @Mynock Delta's take on this in their last episode. Enough to remix it down to favorite bits. Here you go: If I had music remixing skills, I would mix this with a nice slow-tempo house-y/baby-driver type beat. Instead of "Was he slow" it would be "C'MON!" and "FINAL FORM".
  3. Sad to say that their is no automatic way to import even a basic tournament from TOME to listjuggler have you looked at It might do what you need!
  4. Here you go! (Part of the X-Wing Technology Timeline thing I wrote) List Juggler author here! A few other things: I don't curate the data at all, too much work. The community is amazing to enter it all in though! It takes a village! FFG doesn't provide any support (or even know it exists? -- I remember once when the head of organized play for X-Wing told me "What's that?" when I asked him if he would be entering a System Open into ListJuggler). ListJuggler has a full RESTful API which folks use to pragmatically enter and pull data from it and Cryodex are the two main ways to get data into it; Meta-Wing is the best example of data coming out of it Cheers!
  5. The mountain you die on

    Ps2 bwings with fcs for me
  6. Countering "Quick Poon"?

    “nuq3d” is the winner! Pronounced “nuked”. or “Thanks a lot, Chris”
  7. Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    I'll just leave this here ;-) git gud fellas but seriously, krayts probably deserved to win it, you guys are at the top of my playlist
  8. Vassal Season 5 - Meta Analysis

    Nice work @GreenDragoon! Engendering this sort of scientific analysis is what caused me to create List Juggler in the first place. Thank you!
  9. You guys have done an awesome job hitting all the stuff that was weird/wrong/dumb. Maybe my guard was down from the 10 previews that I was forced to watch, but I laughed at the jokes, I dismissed the dumb stuff, and I suspended my inner nitpick and just enjoyed the show. Unlike TFA, where I walked out feeling totally manipulated, I walked out feeling happy and satisfied. The movie was a big, glorious, beautiful mess, and I genuinely liked it. My fourth favorite Star Wars movie!
  10. How much did you spend today?

    134$ one of each cept for two boats. And one pack of sleeves Portland Game Store ftw
  11. Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    IIRC, it was a one of the Vassal tournaments? Bio could confirm though. 17% of the way there boys! Only 277 more pages to go!
  12. Scum and Villainy 63: HOLONET MAILBAG!

    I'd play something like that!
  13. Scum and Villainy 63: HOLONET MAILBAG!

    that sweet bumper music is Rameses-B there's enough little bits in it to do dozens of sweet intro outro bumper music :-) I'll talk to the ships janitor about that.
  14. Mandalore Open List Juggler

    Here's the Reddit thread for those interested in following along over there
  15. Scum and Villainy 63: HOLONET MAILBAG!

    haha yeah variety is the glittertstim of life, kids