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  1. One thing I wanted to say -- I'm totally not hanging up my hat as a player! I'm super excited about 2.0 -- AFAIKT its the game I've been wanting for about 8 waves now! I played my first 2.0 game last night and had a blast (TIE Swarm!!)
  2. My gut says that you are right on that -- I predict that the lists that win tournaments as report in Reddit/FFG forums/FB are going to be the ones that everyone brings. But the smart list builders/strong players are going to see the issues with those lists and bring some creative counters. So maybe its both? On the whole, it'll probably stifle innovation, but for a small set of samples, maybe it'll promote it? Geez, I don't know, its complicated! Hey man, are we going to play Rising Sun at the game store tonight? I'm ready to bring my copy :-)
  3. It is still kicking! I haven't been on it in a while (real life keeps getting in the way), but their recent episodes have been pretty awesome. https://scumvillainy.podbean.com/
  4. Friends, may I please ask, not to devolve this thread into a ****-show? Darth's got some valid points, and I agree with the counterpoints too, would love to keep things constructive. I'm off to work for the day, good luck :-)
  5. Thanks everyone, I should have turned this off much sooner, so much luv! ;-P The discussion above between SOTL and GreenDragoon is really interesting -- I've long wondered if one of the costs of extreme transparency was group-think. There is something cool about having 10,000 unique metas and seeing lists for the first time at the table ("Jank or meta??"! On the contra-wise, I'd like to think that the data collection effort led to (albeit slow) change in the game's design via FAQ, and that, with 2.0's feature of dynamically point costs, the value of a big public dataset should presumably increase.
  6. Yeah ... and that is something, I won't deny it. But the technical bar got raised by the 2.0 release -- without a good meta-data export, as Mu0n explains above, it starts to get silly. What I want is technical partnership. Candidly, my software development time is too valuable right now for me waste it on a company that doesn't realize or care about its open source community.
  7. Private correspondence with a kind soul in FFG who is willing to take up our cause, started a while ago, but concluded today.
  8. Thank you :-) re YASB 2.0, yes, that is right. The community can go rebuilt what FFG did, and we can ask them to use an unofficial squad builder to enter the results, but at that point I feel like I'm letting FFG profit from my work without any recompense. And I don't mean money -- I mean partnership. Most companies embrace their open source communities, and partner with them (the X-wing community has a really strong software development group -- ace devs from some of the world's best software shops!). For a lot of us old timers, like Geordanr (who isn't going to do YASB --- the new YASB is a fork), or Fergus (of Voidstate), we're just ... tired. And going four years without any support or acknowledgement from FFG (not even a thank you, much less technical partnership) has left me, at least, strongly demotivated. Not having an export function in the official app: straw, meet back. EDIT: What Mu0n said above. I applaud the new blood that is willing to take on that reverse engineering challenge, but honestly, its not worth my time. I have a new job and a young family and a gaming addiction ;-)
  9. Hey everyone! Wanted to let you know that I'm going to be retiring List Juggler's live tournament meta-tracking for edition 2.0. It has been an honor serving you over the past 5 years! Since ListJuggler was born in 2014, the community has submitted 4,071 tournaments, 94,909 distinct X-Wing lists, and 123,602 head-to - head matchups! We received tournament results from over 82 countries worldwide! Collecting all of this information has truly been a labor of love -- thanks so much to all the volunteers who have poured themselves into this project. The reason is largely technical: FFG is not going to be able to provide a list export function, which mean that there will not be a way to get the lists into List Juggler from the official list building app. If FFG is ever able to create a list export function, I'll revisit this decision.
  10. sozin

    X-Wing List Juggler

    Yesterday I updated Listjuggler, for what is possibly the last time, with the final wave 14 cards! One of the reasons the open source community has been so prolific these last few years is because we all agreed to use a common format for squads -- the xws specification -- which allowed squad builders and tools like List Juggler to exchange data. With X-Wing.com coming soon, the open source X-wing software community is currently holding its collective breath on whether or not the official builder will have an machine readable export function. Without an export function, we will have no way to link the squad data into tools like List Juggler (and Meta-Wing, downstream from that). And since both the points and upgrade slots -- the game's "metadata" -- on ships can now change dynamically (as opposed to 1.0, where changes were "hard coded" into the physical cards, making it easy for the open source squad builders to make builders), without an export function the community will have to manually keep track of what changes FFG is making to Second Edition's core metadata. Now, if there is no export function is available, it is possible that we'll be able to build web scrappers that brute force the collection of data from the web site, but that is kind of an option of last resort, and personally I have no interest in doing this. I've asked FFG to provide us an official export function, and was (nicely) told "We'll look into it", so its possible FFG will come through here and support its amazing open source software community. Fingers crossed!
  11. sozin

    FFG's app

    If the app doesn’t have an output format it is going to make it annoying to continue List Juggler. FFG didn’t give the xwing open source any comms or heads up so -shrugs-
  12. Will the new squad builder have a machine readable output (a la https://github.com/elistevens/xws-spec) to enable software exchange of squads and recording of tournament results (a la List Juggler/metawing)?
  13. What this thread (and it’s inverse twin) and many other threads all ultimately suffer from is lack of dialog with the designers and their management. Because there isn’t a good feedback mechanism, our poor community tends to tweak up into these painful echo chamber feedback loops. It really is too bad, and it’s FFG’s fault for not paying for a community manager or creating and delegating to a volunteer brigade.
  14. I see you have declined to trot out a strong player who agrees with you! Let me know when you want to return to that, I have am absolutely game to bust out a few world champions But since you are doing the ol’ change-gears-to-avoid-getting-pinned, I will play along. The above point is so weird to me. Krayt Cup followed its own rules. The team tourneys do as well. In the 350+ person Vassal league we have total control. This is our game and we don’t need you, or FFG, to tell us how to play or to just bend over and take it.
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