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  1. congrats travis for making it to the semi finals! another great run by a Krayt
  2. We, uh, ever came up with formal rules. Or if we did, @Kelvan forgot them in a berserker glitterstim binge.
  3. Here's the google doc link to our shownotes
  4. It would be cool, but it is not gonna happen; if FFG isn't willing to shell out 4K for an Ethernet circuit at gencon to live cast one of their biggest events of the year, does anyone really think they be willing to send a bunch of their employees oversees, along with any supplies they might need? And also give up any sales they make from food, booze and board games at their excellently stocked home store?
  5. @Green DragonYes to both! Thanks for helping
  6. I've got places 1-26 in there and put in a couple of lists to get the data crowdsourcing started. cheers
  7. How many people main the cut for the Saturday event (and does anyone have the full printouts of the final day two standings)? I'm going to create a listjuggler entry for the tournament (TOME doesn't export to lj, and FFG isn't going to create the entry of course :-) ) EDIT: found it, thanks @RadioTCX EDIT2: here's the links, the lists will need to be crowdsourced, if folks would like to help out! I'll enter the names for places 1-26, please grab 27-54, 55-82 listjuggler tourney link Places 1-26 Places 27-54 Places 55-82 Places 83-96
  8. Flying Imperial in Regional or above events right now is like swimming upstream. Sure you can do it, and you can do well, but why work so hard when both Scum and Rebs are like swimming downstream? Flying these amazing builds is like being a wee little god. You can feel it, like driving around a race car versus driving around a family sedan.
  9. 259 pages to go boys! Congrats to the Krayts on a truly ridiculous Gencon run! It is going to be hard for any gaming club, much less a podcast crew, to reproduce their monster 2017 Gencon result.
  10. Any photos of current standings available?
  11. Nice! Krayts are on fuego this tournament!
  12. Any updates from the field today?
  13. I too am struggling on fallout miniature game (mophidius) versus legion. Please help me resist doing both. **** it Star Wars!
  14. The S&V getaway driver says: "That is the dream. The dream is real. We need a memorial wall for all the dead men sacrifices." let's make this thread the memorial thread for all Deadman sacrifices! Post yer memorials here boys, ideally with photos
  15. In league night last night I flew a variant on Will Barnickle's insane Nym/Deadman Z list (basically an Adv Sens, Genius Bomblet Nym with four Z95 Pirates with Dead Man's Switch). But it was league night at the Portland Game Store, and we're doing 120 point games this month (yay for non 100/6 format, amirite?), so I tacked on a N'Dru with Cruise Missiles. I got in two great games; the first was against Andy's four Rookies and a U-Wing. The scummy idea behind this list is for Nym to self bomb the pirates, creating a chain reaction that destroys everything in its path. Here's the moment before the crisis: And then the crisis itself: Nym manages to get the bomb on all but two of all the ships on the board! The dream! Andy and I used the result dice and damage cards to indicate the carnage from the first round of bombing: And then the dream, in the following round the Z's blocked the rookies, Nym bombed them and triggered a deadman's chain reaction that killed three of the bandits, two of the rookies, and the U-Wing! 6 ships destroyed! An awesome example of the sort of crazy stuff you can pull of in this game!