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  1. Nice! I am not going this year so this is great for me.
  2. I think you are right on here. The good news is that most of the data you are talking about is already out there. There is so much good recorded material on Youtube! Here's some of my favorites: Gold Squadron Podcast Youtube Outer Rim Smugglers SteleTv Your point about the stream assets is also very important. So yeah, lacking enlightened corporate sponsorship, community driven is probably the way to go. This is not a fight I'm going to sign up for though - I'm burnt out trying to promote change in this space, and would prefer to just let sleeping dogs lie. I've been openly critical of FFG anyways, so most likely my bridges are all burnt :-)
  3. Twitch and YouTube have their game upped sufficiently high that streamed is the same thing as permanently recorded. Granted you don't have to stream to record, so TC's post facto is better than nothing! Good example of the value of this, from last years Worlds. Two of the best players on the planet during it out: EDIT Sadly not going to happen again, since the podcast alliance was denied casting/recording privileges at Worlds this year. Gold Squadron and Kryats are stepping up to cast this year! But this time it won't my mobile hotspot eating up the cell phone bill this time, it'll be Dion's :-)
  4. That is partially accurate. We streamed games at Worlds last year when FFG was not streaming, and also streames top 16 games from Paul Heaver. Many members of the community thanked us for filling in. For Paul's game, someone compared it to being like FIFE not casting Brazil playing. So yeah it was being cast. But it could have been much better?
  5. We were given a handful of similar (and frankly unconvincing) excuses at Worlds last November as well. We ended up casting over a mobile hot spot connection and having to pay out of our pocket (denied access to the onsite corporate wifi network). Gold Squadron recently had to pay out of their own pocket to broadcast Hoth. About a month ago the podcast alliance tried to get formal support for casting at Worlds this year, and were denied. We always return to the same issue, which is that FFG senior management (hi Christian, if you are reading this) does not think this is a priority, or doesn't want us doing it, or is content to cynically freeload off the community, or ... By conparison, WOTC seems to do a pretty good job of taking ownership of this. Over the last four years that I have run ListJuggler I have experienced this multiple times. It is part of the reason why we decided to focus on the online X-Wing community, where we are in control of our own Destiny (as it were). I would like to think that we have had better success here, especially on the software side - the software ecosystem is really rich and strong right now, all due to community effort.
  6. Good write up. All of those points would be facilitated greatly by an organized play broadcasters program, fleshed out with: - Helpful document like the above to guide the caster through technical standards, pro tips, style guide, etc - Incentives to the broadcasters who volunteer their free time - schedule of previous and upcoming broadcasts - a point person in OP to help deal with logistical issues and do program planning and coordination All requiring investment and time FFG. And why should they bother? The game is hugely popular and the lack of this kind of media investment doesn't seem to hurt them other and the occasional negative/constructive feedback threads like this one. Regardless, you don't have to go all-in to improve things even a little. Public acknowledgement and gratitude is easy and cheap (but won't happen, go read FFG's Glassdoor reviews if you want some insight into their internal management culture). Setting expectations via Twitter / website is another easy win, ("Sadly we will be unable to cast this event live due to reason X, but the event will be recorded by TC and we will provide live picture coverage with lists and commentary.").
  7. That may be true, but it would be nice to get some transparency on this. Instead it feels like being mushroom managed.
  8. Hoth streaming still a thing. And worlds last year. And tons of other events. OP had systematically demonstrated lack of interest in this area. Maybe they have become spoiled by the community here.
  9. Eluke and Jedi acolyte
  10. Force speed!
  11. The face that Sabine is the default choice for competitive bombing lists is why she needs to be nerfed (or something else aggro'd). "Well, I want to drop bombs, guess I need to fly Sabine..." Let's make the TIE Bomber great again :-)
  12. In some cases play testing can erode your tournament ready-ness. I remember back when I was play testing wanting to get back to honing my current wave list, but feeling like I was obligated to play test stuff that wouldn't come out for a long while and would not really help me sharpen my axe!
  13. Fistbumps, Paul, fistbumps!
  14. I'll wade into this :-) Former playtester here. First, there is a sampling bias here, as playtesting tends to attract strong players. There are some very strong players in the X-Wing playtesting community. These players are going to do well in tournaments. Second, there are numerous ways that playtesting could help a competitive player. Know that a Manaroo nerf is coming? Better practice something else. Strong enough list builder to be be able to predict that the most recent raft of changes are going to shift the meta towards something new (say, Rebel regen/control)? Maybe time to bring out R2-D2 and Poe and an R3-A2 hog out for that big tournament coming up. Playtested various iterations of a new ship/pilot and know not just how to fly it right, but the dynamics that went into the final ship/pilot construction? When that thing hits the tabletop for the first time you are going to Fly Better TM Third, playtesting is a mostly volunteer effort that, for the love of the game, helps give all of us a better product. It's a little unfortunate that this gives them a edge, but for me that is a fair price to pay to have some of the best players in the game keeping an eye on this game we love.
  15. Thanks Rhaivaen. I'll get Blair to update his link in OP, but here's a link that should work for you :-)