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  1. I kind of want two Padmes. Both poses are excellent.
  2. I doubt there is room for samurai in the Perfect Land.
  3. A peasant child is more honorable than many of the Lion generals.
  4. I reckon Oguri will want to pick up some Hiruma and Kuni types to take on this expedition. It would make a great adventure yarn.
  5. We have never gotten to see him interact with Hotaru. In any case, the theme being continued here is Ishikawa's insane jealousy of Toturi. Ishikawa comes off very poorly in this story IMO. With the Emperor assassinated and the Emerald Champion nearly assassinated, the Captain of the Hidden Guard cannot resist a few petty barbs? And accusing Toturi of failing the Emperor is as rich as it gets.
  6. There are no extenuating circumstances for Tsuko as hers is no corner case. The silver lining for her and her bandit generals is that Toturi seems disinterested in their crimes.
  7. Yeah this is getting to be widespread. It's the Suijindai, IMO. Now if we want an example of someone who is doubting their lord from a position of actual righteousness, however, we can find at least one: Shinjo Shono.
  8. First, that's probably casuistry. Second, even assuming that makes sense for the sake of argument, it clearly doesn't apply in this case because Tsuko understands her own motive as a repudiation of her lord.
  9. No, you have voluntarily taken that on yourself. I have always been clear that the influence of supernatural darkness is my own theory. Beyond that, the actual point of contention between you and I is YOUR interpretation of my speculation; namely, you insist that my theory of supernatural influence is just a way for me to excuse the immoral actions of Lion characters. And that is a bizarre claim on your part considering I have actually condemned their actions in the strongest possible terms and posted that execution is too good for them. Not at all. Objectively false. But as to ... I presume you probably actually mean something stronger than questionable because high level leadership is never black and white. This is exactly why loyalty is so important. A leader must be able to trust that her or his policy is executed rather than questioned. And I will concede that Toturi has not been depicted as earning the trust of his generals and diplomats. It’s like he simply assumes they will be loyal because he assumes their honor is above question. But he was clearly very wrong about that. I am ashamed to say, unchecked lust for blood and glory is currently dominating the Lion Clan. And Toturi did not seem to do anything to contain that lust, neither in Tsuko or the clan overall. Perhaps this is because he has not seriously considered whether his brother might have been an effective leader with a bad policy. Betraying your lord is merely discourteous? It’s like some of you have never even heard of Rokugan when it suits you. This is a very good point and probably what it all comes down to. At the heart of all her bluster, Tsuko is not able to really look at herself objectively. Toturi meanwhile actually can do so.
  10. Not even remotely. Lion is in the enviable position of having created its own problems. Under Arasou’s leadership, Lion aggressively bullied both Crane and Unicorn. These conflicts are not about anything but a clan with a big army wanting to use it. Tsuko isn’t in any sense “saving” the Clan. To the contrary, she simply stole power because she wants to fight an unnecessary war. Right back atcha. Restraint is obviously a key ethical practice in a society where nearly everyone of import walks around with three foot long razor blades. Ever noticed how important good manners are? (I mean, Crab mon aside.) Samurai who can’t control their base impulses are just bandits. Tilt all you want, we have an entire story about Tsuko resisting her impulse to kill Kuwanan. We know she is capable of better judgment than betraying her Clan Champion. Also, NOT betraying your Clan Champion is hardly an impossible expectation of perfect adherence to bushido. Tsuko and the traitors who followed her have breached a fundamental social norm here. That’s just a false dichotomy. Between the extreme poles of being non-existent and being so overwhelming as to totally eliminate free will one can imagine a wide range of possibilities. The point is, not everyone is as susceptible to giving into selfishness and dishonor as Tsuko or Sotorii or Altansarnai or Kachiko. Characters like Toturi, Tsanuri, Shoju, Yojiro, and Shono, to name a few, are shown holding onto what is right despite their personal difficulties.
  11. I can see why you would come to that conclusion from my posts so I will clarify. If you think about it, there is no valid “greater good” justification for Tsuko’s crime. She is motivated by personal loss, the hateful desire for vengeance, and lust for glory. These are totally understandable and normal motivations in Rokugan but in the normal course of things honorable and noble characters restrain themselves. They overcome arrogance and grief and myopic rage. But in 1123, characters we know are capable of nobility and restraint, yes even Matsu Tsuko, seem to be losing a grip on their self control and sense of right and wrong. I think there is a supernatural darkness at work in this fantasy setting that is full of spirits and magic and it is affecting characters who are predisposed, for various reasons, to selfish and self-centered impulses. But this darkness did not force Tsuko and the faithless Lion generals to commit this crime. It was still of their own free will that they chose this dishonorable course of action and so they are morally culpable for it. In Toturi’s latest appearance, the whole story is about him being tempted to act hastily in rage out of a egocentric sense of shame. But he does not give in to it.
  12. is this the set up for the Crab novella?
  13. Just a reminder of my reaction to Lion dishonor: Matsu Tsuko’s actions here are the second blackest stain on the Empire after the abomination committed by Sotorii. Seppuku is too good for her. Execution is too good for her. Her co-conspirators are craven dogs, shameless beasts disguised a samurai. The Lion Clan is a shambles. One wonders if there is any honor left in the Clan at all. Truly, this is the suijindai.
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