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  1. For those living in DC/MD/VA, there's a Facebook group called Nova L5R LCG. I know Curio Cavern (in Springfield, Virginia), The Island Games (in Centreville, Virginia), and Huzzah Hobbies (in Ashburn, Virginia) are all holding Launch Parties, and plan to support Organized Play for L5R.
  2. Just want to say that I'm kind of surprised by the outpouring of support that I've received. Didn't really know what to expect, but it was definitely not this. I appreciate all the various tips and information that was given. Very excited to start playing games with some of you very soon! I'm hoping that Saturday, September seventh works out okay for everyone. I've been passing word out that there'll be a handful of people for A Game of Thrones that weekend.
  3. I'm interested in getting other people to learn to play Game of Thrones, and if anybody would like to help me teach, that'd be most appreciated. I'd like to do Saturdays in September, and I already have a small handful of people who'd like to learn more about the game. Unfortunately, given my new-ness, I'm still struggling to figure out optimal teaching methods. I use the video from FFG's support page quite a bit, but there's some things missing from that video (duplicates, keywords, Shadows crest stuff, Seasons). Any help would be appreciated. Especially since I'm still a little fuzzy on some of those things myself.
  4. Hi, I'm buying into this game, and I was wondering if there were any players in the Northern Virginia (more specifically, Springfield) area. I play at Curio Cavern, and I'm interested in getting things together for game nights and the like. First though, I'd like to learn a little bit more about how to play, and the finer points of the game. Hoping somebody around here wouldn't mind helping me out.
  5. Small note: the address is 6701F Loisdale Road, Springfield Virginia. 22150
  6. Announcing: CURIO CAVERN Official NETRUNNER LADDER +++++++ Greetings, daunting Corporations and untraceable Runners. A competition of skill and cunning is soon upon us. Will you advance above the opposition and climb to the top? Rewards await you, but you will not be making this run alone: prepare yourself for a gauntlet of intense strategy. Happy icebreaking. +++++++ When: Starting 8/11/13; every week thereafter. Sundays are exclusively for Netrunner Ladder games; Ladder games can be played throughout the week too. Cost: $25 buy-in How the Ladder is Formed: - 1st week: Each player plays each other a maximum of twice! This process will begin the determining of the ladder ranking system, which will reach fruition in ranking by the 3rd week. Players will earn one Ladder point per win during this week. - 2nd week: Each player plays each other a maximum of once. Every win rewards the winner with two Ladder points, every loss drops the loser by a Ladder point. - 3rd week: We complete the formation of the Ladder based on the standing of current Ladder points, ties broken by placement in our former Netrunner League. Then begins the official ranked Ladder matches. How it Works: - You may only challenge two Ladder ranks above you. - You may refuse any challenge. - If you do not play any Ranked matches in a week, you automatically drop one position on the Ladder. Week intervals are checked every Sunday, end-of-business. - In the case of a tied match (based on prestige), the winner is the person with the higher current Ladder ranking. Should there be a tie in the first two weeks when we are determining the Ladder ranking system, the winner is the one with the higher standing in our previous Netrunner League. WEEKLY PRIZE SUPPORT: Every week, checked by end-of-business Sundays and announced either then or on following Mondays: - 3rd rank wins a promo Scorched Earth. - 2nd rank wins $5 store credit and their choice between a promo Scorched Earth or promo Melange Mining Corp. - 1st rank receives their choice between a promo Scorched Earth or promo Melange Mining Corp, then chooses: either immediately receive $10 in store credit, or choose not to receive anything and gamble. If they gamble, they are gambling on their ability to remain at the top of the Ladder by each weekly prize payout checkpoint (again, end-of-business Sundays). If they do not, they lose all gambled proceeds. If they do, they will have the option at each later weekly prize payout to collect or continue gambling. Collecting will reward them $15 multiplied by the number of consecutive weeks they’ve remained on top, then reset their consecutive gambled weeks to zero.
  7. We are pleased to announce the formation of the second Android: Netrunner League for Curio Cavern! We've learned a lot over the course of the first League, and we're using that to make the second one even better! An overhaul on prize structure and on match play, as well. The Basics When: Every Sunday from open until whenever. How Much: $5 every Sunday. How Long: The league is played over three weeks with a tournament at the end on the fourth week What to bring: 1 corp and 1 runner deck and a 15 card sideboard (details below) What you receive: For the duration of the League, you will have an achievement list. This is your personal achievement list for that month. You'll keep track of your achievements as you play, as verified by the tournament organizer. As you complete achievements, you will earn a certain amount of points for each acheivement your complete. What are these achievement points used for? Unlike the previous League, your points will not be calculated at the end of the League to determine prizes. Instead, You will be able to spend achievement points (like currency) that you gain over the course of the League to purchase the prizes in particular that you want! Also, during the tournament, there will be an auction between rounds. The bids will be done via secret auction, with everyone writing down their bid, using acheivement points. There, you'll be able to pick up the items on the block for less points. End of League Tournament Format: The tournament every four weeks will be at varying starting times. The players will be able to voice their concerns about starting times, and we will all come to a consensus about start time. The tournaments will be standard Swiss structure, with a cut to top 4 (single elimination). The prizes for that will be store credit. The entry fee for the tournament is ten dollars, and the purse for the prize will be ten dollars in store credit for every participant Spend none? Worry none! Whatever acheivement points you end the league and tournament with because you haven't spent them will carry over to the next league. The achievement points that you earn from completing achievements will never reset, but the achievements will reset once the end-of-the league tournament begins. The tournament organizer will have the master achievement list which includes your points. Sideboard What? There will be a rules change in effect for the League play. Each player will have the option of bringing a fifteen card "sideboard" to the day. Between matches against different players, you'll be allowed to modify your deck(s). The fifteen card sideboard that you have can include cards from either the Runner side or the Corp side, and is allowed to modify either one. As long as the deck maintains regulations, you're allowed to modify it as you will. This will allow players some laxity in attempting to score achievements, and will allow for variation in your deck(s) as you play over the course of the day. Ok …so how many achievements are there? There are 67 acheivements with 135 acheivement points to obtain. Achievements that you can complete range from easy to insanely difficult. To give you an idea of what kind of acheivements there are, take a look at the following. 10 matches played (1 point) Play as three different runner identities (3 points) All sorts of flatlining (1-3 points) Drawing 9 cards in one turn, Hosting all 3 main ice breaker types on dinosaurus, Decking out a corp, Account Siphon/Vamp 15 credits from a person, etc. are all in the list! We hope to see you here!
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