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  1. It's broke and you and everyone else knows it. That deck takes zero skill to play and almost caused me to quit the game. It didn't help that the guy I was playing was smug but acted like he didn't know the game (probably didn't, my 6 year old could probably win Worlds with this and he can't even read all the words yet!). All you do is load up on high attack supports and upgrades and throw Fast Hands, Cunning, and Cheat in there. Maz lets you focus up Poe every time and 8-10 damage a turn before your opponent can do anything. It's not a creative or "smart" build and it is annoying. I understand how it got in the game because FFG is learning with this but they need to come out and fix this ASAP. A few ways they can handle it. One is to ban Poe from Organized Play but I think that is a touch strong. Another is to ban the combo but that also seems gamey. Another I like is to errata Poe's cost to be 15/21 or 22. Personally I think the best would be to errata Poe's special to be Vehicles only. That would cut down the pool of overpowered cards you can throw in and just resolve. It would still be powerful but far more fair and would require at least a little bit of deck building.
  2. Very happy with this video. Wish they would just address the public like some said but I get it. This actually all makes a lot of sense now. Six months lead time! I was very sceptical of the game when it was announced and didn't decide to get in until I played with a friend.
  3. Hopefully this is true. I have maintained that limited isnt bad if the size of the run meets demand.
  4. Spoke to my local store today and they were told by the distributor that 400 orders had been placed and they only were alloted 70. I get it is collectable people but so is Magic and you can buy that anywhere with no issue. As awesome as this game is I fear it may just burn bright and fast and then fizzle out because no one can get their hands on it
  5. Its troubling either way. Either FFG sold sets directly to TC or FFG provided an ungodly number of booster boxes to TC and therefore shortened supply to the rest of the world. Im not looking to play this game at a super competitive level, Im just looking to have fun. I thinl there should be a hunt for the top cards/dice but it shouldnt be a literal hunt for product.
  6. Except that now you are taking actual product that could be put into boosters and removing it from that supply. Thevwhole thing is just baffling though. Name me a Star Wars FFG product that didnt over perform the projections. We are three months out from launch and unless you were all in on Day One or willing to throw $100's at single cards you cant enjoy the game. I was skeptical but played with a friend and loved it. Now I cant get a starter set and have just pieced together a few boosters because some guy couldnt figure out Star Wars+Dice+Collectable Game=Money Printer
  7. You think everyone would have bought that many? How many booster boxes is that goimg to take? 5? 10? Not to mention they are also selling individual cards/dice still and on top of that are also offering subscriptions for booster boxes. Lets say it takes 5 boxes to pull a full set. If they had only 20 orders for the saga set that is 100 boxes of boosters. Add on the subscriptions and the individual orders and you can see this number bumping up quite a bit. I dont blame them per say but you would think FFG would have been able to see what they were doing and combine it with the Dicemasters thing and produced a decent first run.
  8. You would have thought they had looked at the trouble with the first run of Dicemasters and realized demand would be very, very high. Not to mention it is Star Wars. I think groups like Team Covenent might be part if the problem too. How many boxes are they buying to sell these complete sets they offer? The lack of supply has lead to hyper inflation on the second hand market. Print more product and get it here pronto.
  9. After seeing nothing be announced at Gen Con I fear this game may be done with expansions. I was holding out hope for a possible annual expansion that would be announced every year at Gen Con but it doesn't seem like that is in the cards.
  10. Despite a wealth of potential for regular expansions it doesn't seem as if this game is getting any buzz about expansions. I am personally surprised it wasn't moved into a LCG type status that gets new teams every two to three months. This is one of my favorite games to play and I would love to see more expansions. Does anyone out there with knowledge know if Fantasy Flight is even interested in making more expansions? Does anyone know how well sales were for Sudden Death? It would be nice just to know if anything is even planned instead of people speculating about what teams would be involved.
  11. I think the game is incredibly fun and I would love to see an expansion for it. Even a print on demand option with a new division of three teams would be just fine with me. What can we do to lobby Fantasy Flight Games to make this happen?
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