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  1. Really hope that they don´t end the game... But it would not be the first time...
  2. The Battles of Westeros - Core Set featuring Stark and Lannister has been reprinted, expected to be available soon. Anyone knows if with the reprint the premium banner pack will be included in the box, or in the box they will continue to use the banner poles? I believe that in the last boxes the banners are the same has in the premium banner packs. And also will there be new models available? I mean figurines that were produced in new poses?
  3. If FFG follows the core house box and then espansion/allies box probably we will see Tyrell (although they changed sides, they were Renly allies, before is death), probably that's why we didn´t see a Loras Tyrell miniature in this last box.
  4. I believe the game has a good balance with the books. The books are a fantasy medieval romance with a spice of magic. About the dog handlers and she maidens you can see them in the books also. Dogs have been widely used to track for example Bran and Rickon when they escape from Winterfell, and i believe that i read somewere that in Bear (?) island the woman also grab their shields and sword when the need comes. With the Brotherhood w/o banners the revive ability of Thoros and with the new Baratheon expansion the magic intensifies, essentialy with Melissandre´s Fire God and their Shadow broodlings ( Renly´s assassin). Now accordingly with the path that FFG goes we might see Dragons (Targaryen) our Wildlings/Giants/Mamoths/Other (Wall), lets wait and see. Was expecting tho see some ships figurines dought, and not the ships tokens… Maybee with Greyjoy. Also a nice addition would be some "premium" miniatures of buildings/siege towers/pallisades/bridges instead of the tokens, would give a nice 3D effect to the borad, you could also model them of course.
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