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  1. Crafthulhu! Some of you might remember seeing this a few months ago -- unfortunately, their first Kickstarter campaign was unsuccessful. They've retooled the project now, with a much better chance of success, I think. Check it out here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1734621563/crafthulhu-card-holders-displays-and-component-tra-0 Note: I've pitched in on this project because I want the pieces for my gaming table, but I have no personal financial stake in the project.
  2. Iranon

    Bones of the Yopasi listing price

    I ordered mine from coolstuffinc.com for $5.99 and received it weeks ago. And a quick check just informed me that it's still in stock there.
  3. This project has only a couple of days to go on Kickstarter! They've still got a ways to go to meet their goal, so if you're interested in getting these to your gaming table, now's the time to kick in . . .
  4. No definite answer to this yet? I was thinking of getting into this game but I'd rather wait for the reprint to hit stores in a few weeks than buy it right now, if the reprint will reflect the most recent errata. Does anyone know for sure?
  5. I went ahead and ordered some of these (the thicker ones -- your first link) and they arrived today. They are high-quality sleeves but unfortunately they don't actually fit the Heralds. Both the Herald cards and the sleeves are exactly 4 inches tall. if the sleeves were even 1/16 inch taller it might work, but as it is there's no way to insert the Herald cards. Just an FYI for any other board members who might happen upon this post.
  6. Hey Mud, where did you find those overpriced Herald-size sleeves? I'm an inveterate sleever and can't find a satisfactory solution for the Heralds and Guardians.
  7. Iranon

    Pre-Registration Swag Question

    How much are those 2011 bags going for?
  8. Iranon

    Official Arkham Horror Card Rack

    Not official, but you should check out this incredible project on Kickstarter: "Crafthulhu" . . .
  9. There's an awesome new project called Crafthulhu that's up on kickstarter right now. It's designed to enhance your Arkham Horror experience with beautiful thematic displays to be used during gameplay. You have to see these to believe them! Here's the link. Note: I've contributed money to this project because I'd like to see it succeed so that I can have these displays on my gaming table, but I'm not the project creator and have no financial stake in its success.
  10. Can I really be the only Arkham player in Providence? Relative newbie who loves solo Arkham but would like to find other players here in HPL's hometown. I have the base game plus IH and KiY. Please add me to the map! Zip: 02906