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  1. Are the magazines typically substantial, or just a few pages to accompany the “parts”?
  2. I just started a new thread for this, before seeing this one. (Sorry.)
  3. I've spent the past ten minutes trying to figure out what in the world this is: https://www.lotrcardgamecollection.com It's a collaborative effort from FFG and Hachette. It appears that it may actually be the "new form" of the game that was supposed to come after the hiatus. (If true, plans must have been accelerated.) It's also not available outside of the UK and the Republic of Ireland, at least for now. Whatever it is, the players of this game deserve some sort of comment or announcement from FFG for crying out loud!
  4. I used to say the final player card in the final pack should be a hobbit event titled "Well, I'm Back." Now I think instead it should be the first player card in the first new box after the relaunch!
  5. I would like "The Scouring of the Shire" to be, eventually, the final product released for this game, with the last player card in the pack being titled "Well, I'm Back."
  6. I hope they do Nightmare decks for everything! But I agree that if they don't at least finish the Nightmare Saga quests, it'll be a real shame.
  7. Actually, the more I think about this, the more irritated I get. Specifically regarding two decisions made by FFG: 1) Making what must surely be a very limited supply of these -- without giving fans any advance notice that they would be so limited. "Exclusive to pre-orders" is very different from "exclusive to the first 200 pre-orders" (or however many they made). 2) Making these exclusive to pre-orders via their webstore, not offering them through brick-and-mortar game stores. This squarely goes against FFG's usual approach of supporting local game stores by rewarding direct sales. The second point in particular represents a new direction for this company. Think about it: when was the last time FFG offered customers a *disincentive* to shop locally?
  8. Well, that's a sadness -- they've now sold out of the preorder-exclusive playmats, just hours after confirming they will be neoprene. And, because I'm at work, I didn't get my preorder placed in time. And you know what really sucks? Jeremy Powell, the Twitter user who asked that question and got the response out of them, is me.
  9. Yes, I’m referring to the pre-order exclusive Player Mats, not to the Middle-earth Gamemat. The latter is rubber; it’s not clear what the former will be. I have sent customer service an email and will let you all know when they respond.
  10. I would hope for rubber player mats of the usual FFG quality. But nothing in the news story mentions what material the player mats are made of, only that they are "deluxe." For all we know, these could just be paper. I've sent FFG customer service an email asking for clarification, and I'll let you all know what they say.
  11. Crafthulhu! Some of you might remember seeing this a few months ago -- unfortunately, their first Kickstarter campaign was unsuccessful. They've retooled the project now, with a much better chance of success, I think. Check it out here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1734621563/crafthulhu-card-holders-displays-and-component-tra-0 Note: I've pitched in on this project because I want the pieces for my gaming table, but I have no personal financial stake in the project.
  12. I ordered mine from coolstuffinc.com for $5.99 and received it weeks ago. And a quick check just informed me that it's still in stock there.
  13. This project has only a couple of days to go on Kickstarter! They've still got a ways to go to meet their goal, so if you're interested in getting these to your gaming table, now's the time to kick in . . .
  14. No definite answer to this yet? I was thinking of getting into this game but I'd rather wait for the reprint to hit stores in a few weeks than buy it right now, if the reprint will reflect the most recent errata. Does anyone know for sure?
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