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  1. Warhammer 40k 6th edition rulebook makes these factions "Allies of Convenience".
  2. Your correct, they can be allies of convenience. An ally matrix (like the 40k rulebook uses) would have been more flexible than this alignment wheel. I understand what they are doing, trying to give every faction two ally choices. Perhaps that's why Tyranids aren't here - they won't ally with anyone.
  3. I'm looking at the 7 factions and I don't get it. 1. Both Eldar _AND_ Dark Eldar? 2. And Imperial Guard? 3. And no Tyranids or Necrons? 4. So Orck and Imperial Guard can be allies? And when I think about adding Tyranid or Necron to that faction alignment wheel and I'm not sure how that will all work. I'm surprised there aren't two faction alignment wheels, one for CHAOS and one for ORDER? It would be REAL nice if FFG could provide any confirmation that the game is not limited to these 7 factions.
  4. Matthewabair

    Game length

    We've found that we need to hurry things along for the game length to stay reasonable. It's not a function of AP, but if we play "casual" then it takes too long for us. But we love it!
  5. Possibly true? http://www.milsims.com.au/node/130164 Description Nemesis is the first expansion for Relic, and introduces player-versus-player combat to the Relic board game. As players struggle to determine the destiny of a crucial segment of the Imperium’s far-flung border, they gain the option to assume the role of one of the Imperium’s most dangerous enemies: a blood-crazed Khorne Berserker, a cunning Eldar Exarch, a savage Tyranid Broodlord, or a seductive but lethal Champion of Slaanesh. Relic: Nemesis further tempts the Imperium’s boldest defenders with new wargear and relics. Features The first expansion for the Relic board game Introduces player-versus-player combat Players can now assume the roles of enemies to the Imperium, such as a Khorne Berserker, Eldar Exarch, Tyranid Broodlord, or Champion of Slaanesh Includes six new character pieces - four nemesis pieces and two character pieces Also adds four new scenario sheets, and 140 cards
  6. I would prefer to not see a new board or additonal mini-boards. I also would prefer we not get new tokens or any other fiddly parts. Basically loving how streamlined the phases are and don't want to see this game get more complicated over time. More cards (encounters, assets, AO cards, etc), new AO's, and new investigators!
  7. My group gave Arkham Horror repeated tries but it never stuck. We picked up Eldritch Horror and have been playing it constantly ever since. We only have VERY MINOR complaints (# of cards mainly) and so far have thoroughly enjoyed the game. Between three different groups my copy has seen almost 40 games now. Less than a week after getting EH, we picked up the investigator figures, the Arkham Horror dice, and the Litko Iron Gate holders - so we're buying Arkham Horror accessories constantly Too bad the monstor figures take up too much real estate for the EH board. Now, our only complaint is that an expansion isn't out yet.
  8. We would love a co-op rework of everything 2nd edition to date. The Overlord is our least liked mechanism in Descent 2nd and we much prefer co-op games.
  9. I've only recently begun picking up quit a few FFG games. I was just reading about the newly announced Warhammer: Diskwars and as much as I'm interested, I'm sad to see another Warhammer game. I'm a big fan of 40k and I just hope they get around to another non-RPG game based on 40k. I've got Relic but I'm hoping for something _different_ like an LCG or this diskwars variant.
  10. Has there been anything regarding when this game will be available again to order?
  11. Has there been anything regarding when this game will be available again to order?
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