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  1. "Ssrak is not as smart as the teks with their metal face snakes, but they do a much better job of fixing up mah ripper than Ssrak can do. But Ssrak does live on a nice hot and dry planet the we share with the Spays Mareens and he has seen their shiny, pretty shooties; and also the spays mareen teks that fix up their bolters. They is mad, wicked smart and know how to make those things shoot mean…and my buddy Nayfin is a pretty good shot, but he can't shot like the Mareens from our parts. Ssrak's not so sure either way, since I can't really get my fingers into the tiny shootin' hole like Nayfin' can, so I's not for certain, but Nayfin (he's a smart guy, gonna' go places someday) says "good soldiers use their weapons better, and the Sol Raptors are the best soldiers we've got", and that makes a lotta' sense even to me…so it must make a LOTTA' sense to him."
  2. "Nayfin's a pretty good guy, 'n I'm lucky to have him around. He helps me kill a lot of skinny, pointy ears and he doesn't afraid of anything. He always remembers to pick up my ripper when I put it down ('cause the kernal gets real mad at me when I forget) and he's right behind me when I's gotta' get in the thick and scrap wiff those pointies. I know that he could be promted, eh, promover'd…whateva' to Sarge or Kaptin but he likes hangin' out wiff me better."
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