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  1. I just spent probably $200 bucks getting the mini's I don't have including Lt.'s and Promo's so I hope they don't. I got a complete set now.
  2. Really, the hardest one for me was merrik. Had to go all the way to france for that one. Anyway miniature market still has alaric and relatively affordable http://www.miniaturemarket.com/ffgde04.html And I just checked and now they are gone… sorry. I didn't get him that long ago.
  3. I think with the conversion kit and all the choice of monsters I'm entertained but more importantly the fact I control multiple figures vs. there one keeps me pretty entertained. It would be nice if there was more powers for sure but I never have fun as a good guy.
  4. I'll be buying this one (of course). I guess with the expansion I was hoping for more classes. At least 4, one for each archatype and forego the heros and monsters. I'm good with the conversion kit to keep things interesting.
  5. any2cards said: The heroes have utilized Karnon's Hero Ability essentially an inifinite amount of times, even suffering fatigue in excess of his stamina. They feel they can do this because his Hero Ability is not a skill (they state that skills are the skill cards within each class), and it is not moving. So, essentially what happens is that the OL can never attack Karnon and utilize surges (either through those rolled via dice or those added through OL cards), because Karnon just keeps eliminating them by using his Hero Ability. I agree with most peoples assesment if you don't have the fitigue and your not being forced to suffer it you cannot pay for Karnon's ability. Furuther you said infinate I think it clearly states 1 and you can cancel 1. It's not any number to cancel equal number of surges so they can only stop one surge which I think is an important distinction. So if the overlord rolls 2 surges or adds surges they can only ever stop one.
  6. Hey All, Haven't played yet, waiting for my game group to stop enjoying the summer. First Question: I read the rules a couple of times and ► indicates it uses an action but nothing about exhausting. I watched 2 reviews of the game on youtube and both people said with the arrow you exhaust the card. Logically it looks like a "taping" symbol but other cards specifically state "exhaust"t. Did I miss something in the rules or can you technically use the arrow ability twice? Next question comes from the conversion kit: Wendigo stealthy ability says: "Each attack that target this monster must roll 3 additional range beyond the normal required amount or the attack is a miss." Does this include melee? I'm thinking no because there is no required amount so it only applies if there is a required amount but I want to see what you guys think.
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