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  1. Oh, sneaky! I love it. Ok, that's a great application. Still, I think it'd be much better to be able to re-use it. I think I'm going to add a house rule that says you can return it to your hand instead of discarding it - it just seems too weak otherwise.
  2. Can someone tell me the purpose of the Utility Belt item card? All it seems to do is replace your four action cards. What is the point of it? The only thing I can think of is if you use it in conjunction with another item card that says "play one action card and one item card", allowing you to take two actions that turn. But that means the only time you'd ever play it is with another card, which really limits its functionality. Is there another purpose that I'm missing? It seems pretty useless to me.
  3. So the Holographic Projector item card forces operatives to skip over the room it's played in. What happens if you play it in the 12th room? Can operatives advance into it as usual? Or would they just view the 11th room as the final room, unable to enter the 12th? Also, this wasn't really clear on the description, but after a player uses the Projector, is that player affected in the same way as the other players? I mean to say, is the player who used the Projector able to re-enter the room he played it in during a later turn, or is the room now inaccessible to him as well for the rest of the game? Also, unrelated: Does the High-Capacity Wire item card apply the bonus to every single operative in the room regardless of turn? For instance, if the last player in the turn plays the card after the other players Downloaded, is the bonus retroactively applied to the previous players? Lovely game by the way. Played it three times in the last couple of days, really enjoying it.
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