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  1. Using potions dont cost action at all, you can do it for free. At least this is how I've understood and played it. So that way, answer to your question is yes.
  2. Oh, regarding question number 6 and answer to that, I've always played so that monsters that are reinforced at the start of the turn are not activated unless said so. Now that I think about it, it's obivious. What else point there would be to reinforce at the start of the turn? But I quess I've quite often been so much on top of the heroes that I've given some room for them to breath for the overall fun.
  3. Common sense can be used here. If the rules say that when starting new quest, you do the same stuff as you normally do, the rules presume that you start a completly new quest, not continue campaign. Campaign rules add the XP purchase cards. If the hand would be always left as it is between campaign quests, it would create very unbalanced situations where overlord could stack all cards in one quest, and then unleash everything in one go in the next quest to completly decimate heroes. Just think how easy it would be for OL to get all draw cards to his/her hand in campaign. If some crazy OL would want to powergame like this, he could just stack all the cards untill the Final quest, and unleash everything there, winning the game even though he probably lost every other quest. And I quess everyone can agree how incredibly boring that would be. If you think you need an edge as OL, then keeping your hand would be allright as an houserule.
  4. Nope, not worth it. Except if you're really into the game and play A LOT. Just enjoy the 2nd edition, there's plenty of stuff to do with it and is meant as complete stand-alone game. Campaign for example can go in so many differend ways thanks to small randomization. Also there's upcoming expansion pack that will add plenty of new things to do if you need more things to do. TIps to new player… I'm fairly new myself, only played about 7 games or so. Here's few things that made major impact to our group's game-experience and our games gradually have become more and more fun and enjoyable. Read the rulebook few times, and then at least some of the basic skills of heroes and overlord cards, the ones that you get at start. It helps a lot to understand the basics in the long run. You wouldn't believe how many threads there are here and in boardgamegeeks about some very simple things that are mentioned in the rulebook very clearly, or less clearly but still mentioned. But it's still completly OK to ask! Overlord is not GM, he/she is a player just like heroes. Overlord's object is to win, just like Heroes'. Rules and quests are open to read for everyone. Heroes can do their turns in whichever order they want, every turn. One hero at the time. Every quest is somekind of race for heroes and overlord. (or the overlord needs to stall heroes as much as possible) In Campaign, shop-items are really good. Loot every search token if possible! Game is much harder for 2 heroes and easier for 4 heroes. Overlord can draw one card whenever hero is knocked out. Removing stun takes only half a turn, leaving one action available. There's some abilities/skills/cards that only affect master or minion monsters. They will specicly mention master or minion. Dont think too much about Line of Sight. Use common sense, and flip a coin or something in situations where you're falling into arguments with fellow players. I've read lot of players getting their games pretty much ruined because LoS arguments, which is just silly and completly ruining the game for everyone. There's tons more, but simply reading the rulebook and checking out the basic cards and stuff, will give you a strong base to start your adventures! Hopefully you'll enjoy the game!
  5. Though irrevelant now, I just have to ask: where from you got these ideas from? Seriously, the rulebook doesn't mention anything even remotely to these things you asked about. But on otherhand, I've drawn my own conclusions from plenty of the rules that I've needed to correct, so who am I to say? One tip: remember that some abilities/cards/stuff can affects only master or minion monsters. For example Spiritwalker Hero Ability, the one that stuns monsters adjacent to her, only affects MINION monsters.
  6. schmoo34 said: KristoffStark said: I second all of the answers here. I play Stun the same way. It consumes your first action and you cannot perform any other action until you resolve Stun. As for Counter Attack, that card, if I recall correctly requires at least 2xp to purchase. Are you playing with epic level rules? You stated, you only played two quests, so you could not have gained enough xp to purchase it if you were playing campaign mode. If you weren't using epic level rules, then you might be playing it wrong as those skills are things you have to earn via the campaign (or you do the epic rules and the Overlord gets big time bonuses in addition to you). I suggest that by the time you get that card (via the campaign), the Overlord has his own diabolical cards to make your life difficult as well. But, yeah, the berzerker is crazy good. The heroes have great skills, I like them all. Counterattack actually only costs 1 XP, which is kinda weird considering how good it is. I believe I've gathered good plan to go against warrior for now, with fatigue losses, and ranged attacks Also hinder his movement as much as possible, which is allready lowest out of the group(3, **** dwarf keeps tripping over his own beard! ) Thanks for confirming the previous post as well! KristoffStark said: 1. This is a matter of some debate on these forums. I personally feel that once you have taken the action and discarded the card, you no longer have it, and can then perform any other actions available to you. 2. It works on any monster that it's source is able to target (see answer to #3) 3. Ashrian's ability does specifically state that it only affects minions, who are the white colored models. Red master models and lieutenants are not affected. Yes, the wording matters. 4. They are not discarded, they are flipped over. However, they cannot be used again. If you really want to physically remove them from the table, I don't see any reason why that would cause a problem. 5. Do you mean Berzerker? I believe that is the class that has Counter-attack. My answer there would be ranged attacks. Counter attack only works if the enemy is adjacent, so an Ettin attacking from the extra range due to his Reach, or a Goblin shooting his bow from at least one square away, etc. is not counter-attackable. Thanks for the very fast reply I waited a bit to research and test these things as well, and what you say seems most reasoanable indeed! My only concern is that Ashrian isn't that good with these stun rules compared to other heroes, but this remains to be seen. If it feels too weak compared to everyone else, we might buff her somehow with house rule. And big thanks for the tip against Berserker, I'm allready forming evil plans against our group's little dwarf warrior >
  7. Steve-O said: I'm not exactly surprised that D2e is getting expansions, and I am excited by the prospect of additional content, although I have to say I'm a bit worried about how quickly this came out. D1e suffered from massive issues with rules conflicts and printing errors, all of which lead to the impression that FFg was more concerned with pumping out material and less concerned with making sure it was GOOD. Now we're getting expansions before the game is even half a year out the door? I'm very worried that this is the beginning of a long and messy decline for the Descent franchise. I still intend to buy the base game (I haven't even had time to do that yet!) but I won't be picking up this expansion until I see some assurances from other buyers that it's well balanced and well-printed. I seriously wanted to see FFG slow down and take their time with new D2e expansions; to make sure we got quality instead of quantity. Time will tell if they've procured some magic wand to let them do both, I suppose. My biggest hope now is that D2e was actually finished a long time ago (and just held back by production issues) and that this expansion was actually developed in the year or so it took them to put the base box on shelves. Very very much agreed. I just got the base game and instantly new expansion was announced. I'm not in hurry to play or anything, but it can get quite overwhelming for new players. And considering that there's apparently lot of problems with the base game (while waiting for FAQ…), I believe FFG has some basic improvements to do before going full out with expansions.
  8. As a new player to Descent games and board games in general, I agree with this very much. After the first time playing with my friends and left with more questions than killed monsters, I felt really… well… like a kid that didn't get what he wished for christmas. And I'm 24. FAQ please! Pwetty please?
  9. Hiya! I'm very new player to Descent 2nd edition, with never played 1st edition. Today I finally got my playgroup together, with me playing as OL, and 4 of my friends playing heroes. Very very soon in the introduction quest First Blood, big debate started. Stun and Ashrian's hero ability for example. These debates took most of our gameplaytime, and what was advertised as 40min-1h per quest was soon 3h for the introduction quest. Granted, me and one other player argued more than neccessary. In the end, we tried differend ways to see which worked better, which still didn't help that much. I'll list my questions here, all help is greatly appreciated I will be googling these things after creating this thread too. ABOUT STUN: 1. How does Stun work excatly? It says that "This is the only action you may perform on your turn while you have this card or token." But this gives way too easy opportunities for stunlocking lot of monsters at the time. We debated that does removing stun take only one action, or WHOLE turn. We never reached real conclusion. I believe it works much better if removing stun takes one action. 2. Does Stun work to ALL monsters, quest specific bosses (like Mauler on First Blood), Master monsters, lieutenants? 3. Does Ashrian's Hero Ability work on ALL adjacent enemies, or just one? It reads: "When a minion monster begins it's activation adjacent to you, it is Stunned" Our healer basicly just kept monsters stunlocked all the time, including "boss" monsters, which I now believe to be mistake, as it says "minion", and aren't the red monsters Master monsters? Does that wording matter? Confusing. Other stuff: 4. Are Search Cards discarded after use? For example after using health potion, is it basicly out of game for that quest/encounter? It says so many times that you just flip it over, and I understand that it's used to count gold ammount at the end of the quest, but we found it much easier to just record the gold, then discard the card. But even this brought debate to our table. It didn't say "discard" anywhere, so could it be assumed that it's reusable in the same quest? I believe not, but not everyone else saw this in the same way as I. 5. How the hell you go against Warrior? He kills everything so easily, and with counterattack skill there's absolutely no point attacking warrior if he has Stamina left. Granted, we only played two quests, but still, I'm bit concerned that warrior will become unstoppable killing machine in our future gameplay sessions. This happened too often in Doom boardgame with certain talents, and especially talent combinations (chainsaw marine with triple attacks, 4 space movement, +2 attack and 3+ armour = godmode). Here's biggest problems that we encountered, there was few small things, but these were what hindered us. All clarifications and help is once again greatly greatly appreciated!
  10. Steve-O said: There's definitely no "once per turn" limit of Hero Abilities. (Unless the ability itself says so.)Heroic Feats can only be used once per ENCOUNTER, after which point you flip over the hero sheet to indicate it has been used. Is that what you meant? Yea I was speaking about the ability, not the feat. How to use Heroic Feats was very clear in the rule book But I just assumed that you can only use the ability once per turn, just… because. It felt natural, for me. I'm afraid that those abilities will turn out to be too powerfull in the long run. But like I said, I haven't played much at all yet!
  11. Phew. I didn't know you could use dragons in those early quests. Dunno why, I just kinda… assumed so. For example in "A Fat Goblin" quest's second part, it doesn't make much sense for Shadow Dragons to be in that cave, so of course I wont use them. I quess it's just how one wants to play I like the "rp" aspect of being overlord. Oh and btw, what is "Crypt Dragon"? Or was that just Shadow Dragon with your own name for it?
  12. I've understood that the hero abilities are abilities than can only be used once per turn. At least it makes much more sense, I think. I haven't played that much though yet, and I dont remember rulebook saying much at all about this.
  13. Could you elobrate? How did he play wrong, in many ways? I'm interested as I've been reading lot of stories about the Descent 1st Edition and things like that apparently happened quite often.
  14. I made account here only to come tell that I too would definitely buy 2 to 4 extra sets, having extras really make things move more smoothly. Currently it's kinda "pain" to keep track of the dices. Nothing else to complain about whole game. And that alone says quite a bit about the quality of this game <3
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