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  1. What happens if I attack rooted units, on a field where they have a power token? They have support, and I have lost the fight. Is power token still there, confirming loyalty for losing side, or not? I have looked for this in Rules Book, and FAQ. Nothing on this problem.
  2. Still, we use LAST DAY OF SUMMER card, when we know it (summer) is long behind us
  3. 1) If I attack rooted units, is there a fight 2) If there is, why is it 3) If I attack rooted units, with possible support, is there a fight (and what happens if i Win/Lose)
  4. Core cards are set for the time immediately after first book. Witch is summer... One of the cards says - LAST DAY OF SUMMER So, Why are there no winter cards in ADWD? Winter came long before the fifth book.
  5. I guess, if Ned survived, Sansa would still be sansa, not aleina, and Robb would still be alive...
  6. Feast for Crows got Westeros phase I cards, to switch from summer to autumn... Why is there no Westeros phase cards for ADWD? It is winter, and we are told to play with summer cards...
  7. I am willing to try it as a 2 player game. Each would get 2 houses, and The Conquest for Westeros begins... I am even making some rules for it, for quite some time
  8. Could be arranged with objectives like ones in Feast for Crows expansion
  9. In AFFC expansion, we only have House Aryn cards, as an addition. It is said to use Core House cards for other houses (Baratheon, Stark and Lanister). Why is it so, since Ned and Robb are dead in GoT, and SoS books? Is there an idea at least, to make adittional house cards for other Houses. Every house had losses... There is also a question of Jaimie Lanister card in ADWD expansion. Jaimie is worth 4 combat strenght, and he can't fight, since his hand was cut in Storm of Swords...
  10. It would be nice to have another board, with lands across the narrow sea. With posibility to go across it, and make some turmoil…
  11. Lujo86 said: I find this very, very odd, seing as how Starks outclass all other houses by a wide margin and are also the root of the Greyojy/Lannister problem. I've researched all possible threads on the Lannister/Greyojy issue here, over at BGG and at AGoT PBEM yuku, and what I find odd is the lack of response to what are to me glaringly obvious problems. Everyone is focused on the Greyojy/Lannister issue, but the fact that there IS an issue stems directly from THIS: javascript:void(0);/*1331420320496*/ Since I can't seem to figure out how to paste external stuff here, anyone interested please read it there, it's quite long, but the essence is that the Stark/Greyojy matchup is even worse than the Lannister/Greyojy one, and what I see as reasons for both of those problems. And in that regard the game is not a little unbalanced but a complete train-wreck only nobody seems to have figured it out yet, or at least post online about it. On the scale of how bad it is, it goes into a "I want my money back" territory, and that's coming from a playgroup which played it from 1st edition vanilla and never had problems with house Lannister once we figured out the original "stoney sept" optimal sequence for them. If we go by the book, Starks were neutral, with no need to conquer. The only thing that got them going, was decapitation of Ned Stark, who is alive in the game.
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