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  1. Anyone here wanna get some games in?
  2. So my buddies and I picked up Relic on Saturday. Being big fans of the original Talisman and the setting of Warhammer 40k we were psyched to play. We were very disappointed. The functionality of the game itself is alright. Nothing to write home about. And it seemed very fun at first. Then we discovered that choosing balanced characters was a poor strategic decision. The first game the Ratling sniper won, then the ogre, then the ogre again, and in our fourth game the astropath was taking a discernable lead before we decided to quit. It's relatively easy to focus on battles that utilize your primary attribute, so those with one enormous stat and other very low stats are very fast levellers, are able to get relics relatively early on, and thus are able to go to the middle tier and consistently fight battles of their primary attribute. And if they lose one or two battles because their other attributes are low, it's not a very big deal. Life is easy enough to get back if you plan your moves right and farm some influence. In addition, there is very little room for the other players to influence the state of other players' game. Thus we all saw the player with a huge primary stat taking the lead, and weren't able to do anything about it except level harder. It's pretty disheartening. So as I see it this is very shallow game design. In well-designed games min-maxing is discouraged through subtlety and nuance in the rules. As we have played it, one big number is the best way to go. Then you do eventually max out on that one stat and it's time to diversify. But as we see it the Space Marine, Sister of Battle and Commissar don't have anything on the three big stat guys. If this is the extent of the game, I'm very disappointed. FFG is my favorite game company, hands down, so I'm not trying to disparage them as a company. But the past two games I've bought from them have been disappointments that don't seem to have been well-designed or playtested thoroughly. So if you have a differing experience, please share it. Because right now it's on the shelf with all the other misfit toys, and that's a sad place for a Warhammer game made by FFG to be.
  3. From the official FAQ: http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/ffg_content/Star-Wars-LCG/support/FAQ/SWC_FAQ_ENG_v1.0_HighRes.pdf "When Trench Run (Core 0150) is in play, which effects can and cannot interact with the Death Star dial as an objective? Because the Death Star dial is explicitly not an objective, card effects that interact with objectives do not interact with the Death Star dial. When engaged as an objective, the Death Star dial may be damaged by framework game effects only. This is limited to º (blast) damage and unopposed damage." I have to say I'm pretty **** disappointed. First, the card kind of blows now. Second, and more importantly, the lack of clarity in the language used to create this card (and the shoddy explanation in the FAQ as to how it works) does not give me in any confidence that the designers of this game know how to properly make a card game with advanced mechanics.
  4. Ah, that's a shame. I don't have a car so there's no way I can make it up to Everett. But I'm feeling better so we should try and organize a night at CK soon, if anyone is so inclined.
  5. I'm not feeling well, so I'm not going to be able to make it out to Card Kingdom. I've PMed both BadMojojojo and Flightmaster101, but this is a heads up in case any lurker was planning on heading out. Will try and reorganize something soon.
  6. Badmojojojo said: This Tuesday at Card Kingdom? I can do that. What time? SW and AGOT? Yeah, this Tuesday at Card Kingdom. Wanna say like 6:30ish? And I don't play AGOT, so I'd prefer just SW. Unless of course more people decide to show, in which case you two can play whatever.
  7. Badmojojojo said: flightmaster101, I am willing to play AGoT with you. I only have the starter decks and do not fully understand the rules so you will have to bring me up to speed. It has been a year since I last played. Is there another night other than Thursday we could do? I just realized it is difficult for me to get down there Thursday night. I am up in Everett on Thursday. There are 3 places to play in Everett with open tables including Phoenix Games (Mukilteo), Wishes (Everett Mall), and Gameshire. Unfortunately, none of them have events or players I can find for either game. I think I could meet up Tuesday for a few games of SW, if you're so inclined.
  8. flightmaster101 said: sojo2600 said: Is Car Kingdom friendly to FFG products? Just curious cause I called a lot of places and games and gizmos was the only one to answer me. It is tough but I saw they have a board game night on Thursdays, that looks like a good time for a meetup. I'm not sure what you mean by friendly to FFG products, but they certainly support our local Netrunner community. And the people who run it are just pretty awesome folks. Thursday nights are a little iffy for me. The local VTES crew hosts games there on Thursday night, and I try to show up and play that whenever I can. Would any other nights of the week work for you?
  9. sojo2600 said: I live in Fremont and would be up for the Star Wars, AGoT, and Netrunner LCG's. Card Kingdom is a good location! Netrunner is pretty big in Seattle! Card Kingdom runs a Netrunner League every Sunday night at 7:00. We also have a Google group at https://groups.google.com/forum/?hl=en&fromgroups#!forum/netrunner-lcg-seattle-grid and there's a tournament at Third Place Books in February. As far as meeting up for Star Wars goes, are there any days that are better or worse for different people? I'd like to meet up next week for a few games, if other people are down.
  10. I don't have a car, so Redmond is out. But we're trying to get something going at Card Kingdom, if you're interested.
  11. I live on Capitol Hill, in Seattle proper. Who else is into this game?
  12. Joby21 said: From the Seattle area, living on the eastside closer to Redmond. Does anyone know where regular Star Wars LCG play can be found? I've asked around at a couple of the local game & hobby stores but haven't heard found any good leads. I'd love to find some regular play-pals to practice decks against. I've been putting off buying a box because I don't know of any regular play going on. I'll definitely get one if there turns out to be a decent group of people interested in playing. I live on Capitol Hill, in Seattle proper.
  13. winteriscoming said: Hey, all- Looking to order a box set tonight. I live on Bainbridge Island, and I'm happy to come in to Seattle for a game. I have a friend in the city who wants to start too. I'll join the google group, and hopefully see some of you for a game soon. Dan Hey there Dan. It'd be great to have you and your friend show up for some games. Prune and I got together for a few games yesterday (he murdered me), and talked about getting a regular night for play, and maybe trying to organize some tournaments down the line. Join the Google group and let us know what would work for you.
  14. Prune and I are getting together Sunday afternoon on the Northside of Seattle (location TBD) to get a few games in. If anyone would like to join us, send me a PM for details.
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