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  1. Really? This is the hill you want to die on in TYOOL 2017?
  2. You can definitely have female sculpts that are obviously female without resorting to boobplate, though (which I agree is fantasy nonsense).
  3. I see this a lot, too, including people naming/creating narratives for individual models in skirmish and lower count model games (like 40k Kill Team). It's really fun to see people personalize individual units for an ongoing campaign. I'm guilty of only fielding models that I really love, despite it meaning that netlists will inevitably destroy me. I just can't get into playing with dolls just because they have good stats, I need to be able to get more into it than winning.
  4. Oh, get off it and drop that 'bless your heart' southern dismissive bull. Most people relate to the character they're playing in some way. In tabletop RPGs it's to the extreme, but even in CRPGs people enjoy that connection. I don't know if you've ever played other miniature games, I'm assuming not since the idea of relating to nameless plastic makes you clutch your pearls, but people like to get excited about the fluff and models and that keeps them interested in the hobby. Saying "there should be a plethora of diverse models so that almost everyone can find something they like and can get into" is not gender identity politics, it's just a good idea.
  5. Every reason to be really into any particular faction/model/whatever is just as superficial as the other, and that part happens before you decide to spend all those long hours. In fact, being really into a faction is what ensures that people will even bother to begin with. It really doesn't have to be political, at all. There's a lot of identity wrapped up in miniature games, it's important that people can find models/factions they love, and even ones that they hate. It keeps people engaged. You're going to have some people that are more of the WAAC'ers that literally don't care what anything is, but you're also going to have a ton of people more into the fluff that buy models based on whether they like them.
  6. Or it could be, you know, that miniature gaming involves many hours of assembling, painting, and customizing your army and being super into the theme and look of your model makes the whole thing a lot more gratifying. If things were as beep-boop as all that people would just play 40k with a bag of green army men from the dollar store.
  7. Lol that you think wanting characters in a game that you can better relate to in order to provide deeper immersion is political.
  8. One problem I've had getting the women in my life into various games is not having female options. People like to play characters/models/whatever that they can relate to in some way, and I've noticed that when games don't have a broad selection of both sexes it's way harder. Which I can understand, I've passed on many games where I couldn't get into a particular faction or character. Corporations have been figuring this out for decades, that if you appeal to various groups of people, you can draw in groups of people that previously had no interest in your product. A lot of gaming companies are really slow on the uptake though, and gaming communities don't make it easy a lot of times, either.
  9. At this point I almost wish that they had made X-Wing unpainted, because the flat, angular ships coming with a base and wash are making tons of their boardgaming playerbase come to the conclusion of "if pre-painted infeasible then how x-wing". You nailed it though, the DUST premium pack is basically apples to apples and shows that the price for a good paint job would be astronomical. Just look at Arkham Horror, $200 for 48 hand-painted miniatures and the paint job is still extremely mediocre and in some places straight bad.
  10. Oh yeah, Legion is going to sell great. My only point is that I don't think it's going to cannibalize other wargames, or even cannibalize RuneWars. The Star Wars fanbase is large enough and fanatical enough to keep the game afloat despite the missteps that Fantasy Flight makes in miniature wargames. There's a reason why RuneWars isn't doing so hot and X-Wing is, despite suffering from some of the same missteps.
  11. Yeah but FFG never uses those factions. It's always Rebels vs Imperials, and then in X-Wing they got desperate and shoehorned in Scum. Wargames can't put too much emphasis on unique factions, you have to have a lot of them and go beyond the Good vs Evil trope and give everyone a faction they can identify with and be excited about. How successful do you think Warhammer 40k would be if the entire game was Ultramarines vs Death Guard? There's factions within the factions, so everyone can find something that speaks to them and keeps them interested in the game and setting for the long-term. And when they get tired of that, there's plenty of others to pick and choose from to try something new.
  12. You're not wrong, but I would also add that Star Wars doesn't have enough interesting factions in it without serious shoehorning. FFG underestimated how important having many factions in a war game is with RuneWars and here we are. After the Empire and Rebellion, you have to start forcing factions in that are just thematically stupid, like "Scum". I think Legion is going to be far more successful than RuneWars despite this, because the Star Wars license just prints money, but I don't think that it will seriously draw players away from other wargaming, I think it will just bring in droves of board gamers and Star Wars fans.
  13. There's literally nothing in that suit that can be believed. It's filed by some game shop owner in Florida that has no more insight into the industry than any of us, beyond which distributor he buys his games wholesale from.
  14. Congratulations on coming full circle to make fun of everything in one effective thread. I commend your efficiency.
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