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  1. Things that I don’t think have been mentioned yet. Empire Dark Troopers Rebels Assult Troopers
  2. We have got to get alternate crew for those puppies!
  3. I’m most likely going to be holding off on getting either of these until I can get a hold of crew that fits with my forces. Miniature wargaming is a a place where I like to indulge my OCD. Having Hoth troopers mixed with my standard troops would drive me nuts.
  4. I’ve always loved the Saber Tank! If and when they release them I’ll be sure to start up a **** Hammers squadron.
  5. I do feel that the release schedule is abit slow especially for a brand new game. I would have liked to see at least one unit of each type for both factions before the end of the summer. At this rate we might not see that before the end of the year.
  6. I can see some form of destructible terran working as an optional advanced rule. I mean how you gonna stop them Rebels if you can’t target their shield generators?
  7. I think they should just head all the way back to the Old Republic next. Who doesn’t want to see armies of Sith and Jedi pitted against each other for control of the galaxy’s destiny?
  8. I believe Lego is more expensive than traditional terrain for what you get. However if you already have a bunch of Lego go nuts. Heck at that point just use Lego minifigs to keep the ascetic consistent. It’ll save a lot of time on painting.
  9. I’ve already swapped a few heads and arms. I’ve also magnetized my AT-RTs.As more resources become available in the form of new minis and possible accessory pack I’ll likely do more.
  10. I’m a little fuzzy on the whole organized play approach. Are these kits something that we have to convince our LGS to invest in or can anyone run them?
  11. Very nice! I’m hoping we see engineers released as squad upgrades in the future.
  12. Alternate sculpts for common figures like squad leaders and different head and arm options for squads.
  13. Most heads you will find are roughly 28mm in scale making them significantly smaller than Legion minis. I hope Fantasy Flight decides to release some customization packs in the near future. If they don’t I’m sure third party companies will fill the void.
  14. Never tell me the odds!
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