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  1. The kindly Steve. I like that. Dusty you get creative license on that.
  2. I forgot to mention that I won 6 games in 42 grueling rounds. No agenda is rough, but I could still do it.
  3. After losing the Joust Worlds in November to Greg Atkinson in the Top 8 Match with my Stark Winter, many people played varying versions of my deck in casual play and subsequent tournaments. It was great to be considered a good player, but even cooler to be considered a decent deck architect and have people compliment a deck that I built without netdecking. I’ve always felt more confident in my actual game play than I did in my deck design, but the fun part of losing Worlds to a great player like Greg, was losing with cards that people forgot about, seldom use or in general, just think are terrible. I always say “It’s not the car, it’s the driver” and I like to validate that statement as often as I can. After Worlds, I trained and trained and trained with people like three time world champion Erick Butzlaff and a two time world champion. People (like Chad Baumgardt) challenged me to do something different. I told people that I would play no agenda, something that no one could ever do and win a major tournament. Since the general belief that no one can win a major tournament without an agenda--as cited by the venerable John Bruno in a recent regional season FFG article, and no agenda sucks as an Agenda, it seemed like the perfect combination to try for my first competition of Regional season. CaryCon (CC) is an amazing little convention that has been growing in Cary, North Carolina for the last year. Last year, CC tied for the largest Regional on the east coast. NO F***ING WAY. A few days before the Regional, I was asked my opinion on the mathematics of The Long Voyage Agenda and whether or not it was a good card. Even though I am a math teacher, I never look at the mathematics of a deck. I will almost always play decks that are exactly 60 cards, even though I know that svelte players play decks that are 63 or so (like Greg Atkinson). I was excited to try out No Agenda and see what only 60 cards for a deck could do. Could I put the right percentages of resources, characters, etc. into my deck? Which unique Characters should I put a second or a third copy of in the deck? Would the deck flop well (who knows)? What was the right number of Events and Attachments to add to the deck? Was the benefit of an extra card each round worth the increased deck size? And the final question, COULD I ACTUALLY WIN WITH THIS DECK? There were 15 players for the Regional. We would have run 4 rounds of Swiss then a cut to a Top 4. There were a lot of players in the field who I consider to be some of the best in NC and DC, if not the game. SWISS: Round 1,2,3,4: I had some tough matchups. 1 matchup was against former three time world champion Erick Butzlaff. I played 1 copy of lethal counterattack—a card that everyone forgot about. I drew it at the right time and sent Erick packing. I also played against some excellent Cary, NC people. They were so nice, I really like them and can't wait to play against them again. The only loss in the swiss I had was against a former two time world champion—you know, that guy who designed house of dreams. His deck, lanni, housed me, but I would see him in the finals. Top 4: Me, Steve Simoni, (stark No agenda, a deck that no one really plays) against Dusty Cox (greyjoy black sails). I felt very bad about this game afterwards and I hate that this comment is going to sound like a jerk, but if you blinked, you would’ve missed the game. At the end of turn 1, Dusty got Reeked on his victarion and that is all she wrote ladies and gentlemen. Dusty was a stand up guy and I can't wait to meet him again. Final Game: Me vs. a Former World Champ who Likes to play cards that People have Forgotten (playing Lanni): I flopped 7. GG, no first snow (which is a great design, I have no idea how to make a card like that). Thank so much to all the Cary, NC guys. They had a great venue and I can't wait to play them again and bounce deck ideas off them again.
  4. So Ratatoskr/ktom, what is your opinion on the word 'other'? Just curious really.--my panties are in a twist!
  5. We really need to have an official ruling on this card pre-regionals--as it is probably the most meta-changing card in the new packs--on whether or not it can be duplicated because of the word "other" in the card text. That little word could have massive impact on entire deck designs.
  6. nevermind, the answer is no. I should have just looked at the rulebook first.
  7. Agendas must be declared before you start the game and put next to your house card. Then you can begin to shuffle and draw. You can only play 1 agenda unless the agenda says you can play with more than 1 and then you must follow the rules of the agenda. You can't have any agendas in your draw deck.
  8. Can I attack with Fleet from Wolf's Den, then play distinct mastery as a standard player action, then use the naval enchancement as another player action in the same challenge from the same fleet from wolf's den in order to trigger black sails?
  9. Too much text going on in here. I will say this and I think I agree with the direction of the new restricted list for the most part because I agree with the developers that you can limit the decision-space (i.e., limit the total number of card choices one can make for a 60 card deck) to increase the total possible of tier-1 deck-space. For a sufficiently large decision-space: As [decision-space] decreases, [Total number of possible tier-1 decks] increases. I hope this is true heading into regionals--we will find out.
  10. Why would anyone make a deck that has to pack specific answers for the best decks, instead of just making the best deck that everyone has to try to answer to?
  11. I would say no. The events resolves and goes to the discard pile. Then your opponent fleets a character into the challenge as a standard player action later in the same challenge, and that character has no knowledge of dragon support being played. But I am probably wrong.
  12. snaggrriss said: Threat of triple claim is not new if you've been playing against starks: Bastard boys, Winter is Coming, Lonely Hills. There's plenty of options to deal with Naval superiority. YOu could try to time it right with Forgotten Plans, or you could wait till he plays it. There's the Rookerys for one. The most he's getting against you is 1 challenge. Out comes Forgotten plans. Ally in melee, get who wins initiative to attack you, bring out forgotten plans. A bungled orders would let you bring it out. During deckbuilding I am saying to myself, "Hmm, Steven, how should I deal with Naval Superiority? Well, maybe I could run forgotten plans, that will give me the chance to make my opponent have a 1 claim plot just like me! Yay. We can both have 3 gold, 1 claim, maybe… No that won't do. I certainly don't want to dilute my claim for the chance to dilute my opponents claim. Maybe I should run some rooke--no, no, that isn't worth it, too conditional, too bad. Man, what should I do? Wait, I know. I will just run my own Naval Superiority." And welcome to the post regional restricted list.
  13. The river plots are interesting cards that just arent good enough. I feel like there could be a lot of unique decks if flood waters worked they way it should work and the river plots were just a bit better (either on stats or on effects). like the 1, 0, 1 that give 2 gold immediately. That could easily be 1, 9, 1, or it could be 1, 0, 2 (think city of soldiers which is 3, 0, 2). I am not sure who designed the river plots, but they were obviously trolling hard.
  14. For those of you who don't have 2 hours to sink into listening (I clearly do), I can summarize Episode 102 for you: The hosts state quite plainly that it is their decks that got all the cards restricted in joust while they repeatedly understate what may have been the greatest solo melee deck ever built (that happened to also combo off other decks of the same type).
  15. Since I asked Damon and some European dude asked Damon, and he gave two different answers to how flood waters executes, should the community agree with the the ruling that makes the card better for the interim (i.e., until it is clarified in an FAQ)?
  16. darknoj said: I think martell got hit so hard since its icon removal can real shut down naval decks hard. Without these changes it would be hard to run a competative naval deck i think. Basicly in my mind they did it to open up more desgin space. What is a naval deck?
  17. I am calling it now: Refugees will be the restricted card in the world championship deck.
  18. nevermind, it does. dumb question.
  19. So for a situation where you have 1 sandsnake character out and 2 other ones, one of them being lady nym's guard, and then you get hatchlings' feasted--can you cancel that if he/she targets your sandsnake? Lady Nym doesn't say, 'as your only target'
  20. Remove from Restricted: Castellan, Burning on the Sand, Venomous Blade, Narrow Escape Add to Restricted: Cyvasse, Long Lances, Meera Reed, Collusion Ban: S+D game fixed.--or at least shaken up in a meaningful way. Oh and fix young griff to not have to stand a character in order to bring another card out of shadows.--stupid ruling.
  21. Anyone on these boards russian or live in Moscow? I am traveling to Moscow this Friday and I will be there for 8 days. I don't really know what I am going to do while I am there, probably just drink vodka and see some sites. If anyone is in Moscow and wants to hang out, let me know and we can exchange contact information. -Steve
  22. mdc273 said: Hmmm… I might pull this thought into a separate thread, but one of the major selling points of Magic is the theme deck. A player can drop $10 - $20 on a theme deck and BANG, they generally will get a fun, competitive deck (if not tournament level). That pretty much is impossible in thrones. You have to drop at least $20 to get a house expansion which you may not even enjoy and THEN have to build the deck. Those pre-constructed decks are definitely not be tournament level decks. However, you do have a good point. You can get a magic deck for cheaper than a thrones deck. Overall, Magic is still more expensive to compete in even if you just want to play Type 2. As to the other sentiment about not recommending thrones and recommending Star Wars or Netrunner instead, I feel differently. I don't want to even look at Netrunner or Star Wars until the card pool is sufficiently large. It doesn't seem fun to try and compete against others in an LCG with only 1 box of cards released. Not worth it--boring--I will wait 5 years then start playing Netrunner if I am still playing LCGs. Thrones has been so fun for me because I just started in July and there was a lot to learn and study--that is fun--maybe not for everyone, and the thrones card pool doesn't seem that big to me considering over half the cards are unplayable.
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