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  1. Mr. Wolfgang--- I would just like to say you have made an excellent post in which I agree with you on most points. The only thing I am not sure about (and I agree with everything else you have written) is about street waif. Waif is probably restriction worthy, but I would almost rather have the targ problem solved in other ways. What other ways? Well I just don't know. But I don't like restricted 2 cost allys with powerful effects--maybe it is the only way though..
  2. It makes outwit kinda bad v greyjoy and martell in joust games that you can't kneel a second learned.
  3. After I kneel a learned, he hcits it, I kneel another learned and cancel. Question is, can I kneel two learned a or if it gets canceled can you not use it again in the same window? And if that is the case where is that in the faq?
  4. It should be "A Game of Card Advantage brought about by Solid Gameplay".
  5. I wish NatGS and TLV were printed in different cycles. Because the noise around TLV has had a negative effect, overall, on NatGS So many TLV decks won regionals without NatGS in it btw if you didn't notice--so I don't know how NatGS is getting complained about so much, other than a few champions of the community think they are expert playtesters outside of the tourney scene. NatGS wasn't necessary at all to win a regional for most TLV decks, I don't see why it should be restricted. But don't take my word for it, because I am just some dude with little thrones experience, and definitely not a world champion--take the words of the 2C1C guys, they perfectly described and agreed that NatGS (and I forget which episode this is in sorry) is fine and fairly balanced--plus I personally think it gives an added dimension to managing your hand size on the whole. NatGS doesn't belong on the restricted list in the same way that valar doesn't belong on the restricted list. They are resets, in a way, that make the game interesting and deck building more complex and fun. TLV belongs on the banned list because it makes deck designing bland and helps bad players get an extra card every. single. turn. You should have to earn your card advantage by doing something in game at the very least, like all the other agenda's make you do (for the most part). edit - grammar
  6. Come on guys... You know flavor text doesn't count here. If I were an FFG employee I would have quit or killed myself by now due to a community of pedantic douchenozzles. I mean seriously, when has flavor text ever done anything? And the more they clarify--the more you want clarified. It is like a crack fiend saying nah, just one more hit, I swear it this time.
  7. HastAttack said: Thanks Bomb - However, is there any reason / rational for just adding the card as a duplicate without kneeling the character There's nothing in the text which suggests that if the card is a duplicate that I can still put it into play In this instance we actually played that I could just discard the card as I did not want to kneel the character - the (questionable) rational being that the card was a duplicate and not a character and therefore gets discarded You attempt to put the character into play knelt, it enters play knelt and then immediately attaches as a duplicate to the standing character.
  8. scantrell24 said: If the complaints about TLV are a bit whiny, who cares? They're valid. TLV has been placing extremely well at Regionals for 2 1/2 months now. A solution I saw elsewhere was that the "3 cards of the same title" rule could be dropped to 2 cards (for TLV only) to increase the deck's variance. So you can only run 2x Seas, 2x Iron Mines, 2x Asha, etc. TLV should be banned because it is pretty much the worst designed card in the history of all card games. It's power level is suspect though--I would wager 100 dollars that it doesn't win the DC regional in 2 weeks. If anyone wants to take that bet--PM me and we can talk.
  9. dcdennis said: if they were going to errata it id like to see something a little softer, like 'draw 1 extra if you have 7 or fewer cards in your hand' etc… TLV hasn't seen play in a major North American tournament yet. I have said it before and ill say it again and again, wait till after we see what the top 16 looks like at gencon before we make any hasty errata or restrictions. This obviously won't happen as there has been much whining already.
  10. darknoj said: I am sure it's Eric..I think he is all dressed up for a night out at JR's Bar & Grill. Haha, nah, it is actually a picture of nikolaj coster-waldau in a suit that I took from google images and photo shopped into something more abstract. I used to have a lot of time on my hands at work (government job).
  11. I wanted to host a tournament with like a 2000 dollar first place prize, where I rented out a large venue for the day (I would make some of the money back on food/drinks and entry fee, but ultimately lose money I'm sure). I think it would be awesome though.--maybe not as cool as a card design, but still cool. However, some of my meta-mates informed me that cash prizes have legal implications, so this could prove difficult.--I'd have to check in which state(s) I could actually do this I suppose. I just think a couple thousand dollars prize would draw a lot of great players 'out of the woodwork' so to speak. Especially if the venue was great.
  12. Yeah Dan I agree. The stark winter deck was great. I had only played the game for 3 months but made top 8 at worlds with it (and 5 other of the winter deck was in the top 16). That is a testament to how insanely good that deck was--because I didn't even really know what I was doing in that tournament compared to what I know now.--It was the deck, not the driver. It is a shame Erick was such a noob when it counted. (GET AT ME ERICK)
  13. sWhiteboy said: So…I'm going to be there, which means it'll be an awesome time for everyone (because I'm amazing). ill be there too! If dusty and I are there, then you know it will be fun:)
  14. The game and the rules get a lot easier if you don't use bad cards like rhonyar emissary. If you don't use them you really don't need to know how they work. as for brienne, she doesn't stop naval. Lets stop arguing that. If brienne said, "while brienne is participating in a challenge opponents cannot trigger game mechanics" then she would stop naval. Triggering effects and triggering game mchanics are different.
  15. Great decklist! I see a lot of utility in that deck. Congrats on the win. Maybe I'll play this one in North Carolina in a few weeks.
  16. Can I just kill a character I control and not get one out of the dead pile?
  17. Vaapad said: I submitted the question to Damon and will post when I get a response. Yo brother Vaapaad, did Damon respond yet?
  18. The character costs 5. You can trigger the response once you play it--the game doesn't check to see if you played it with gold or with reducers.
  19. Nightmares is NPE. You shouldn't be allowed to blank the text boxes that I paid hard, solid gold for.
  20. OrangeDragon said: Bomb said: Let's just change the draw phase from 2 cards to 3 cards without an agenda. +1 I am sure this was a joke, but I'll take the bait. I think that notion would make it too easy for bad decks to win tournaments--you should be punished for overextending or not managing the exact amount of cards in your hand at every phase. TLV has a drawback--is it a big one? Not really--- However, if you have a really jaime'd out 60 card deck, like I had in North Carolina 2 weeks ago--then you can start slaying those 85 card decks because your cards are better--and I was barely ever drawing an extra card (maybe 1 or 2 times during luwin or condon procs, and 1 special plot in negotiations).
  21. -----sorry to bring this up again, I just wanted to make sure----- Hey KTOM and other judges of the game, We should all be making the ruling that city of spiders can duplication negotiations (with all other play restrictions met of course)? Just wanted to make sure that is how all the regionals referees are doing things. Thanks, Steve
  22. If it is standing your opponents characters lose deadly, stealth, renown etc, except immunity keywords, like, immune to events.
  23. sWhiteboy said: scantrell24 said: Was this the tourny with the Lanni Treaty with the Isles deck placing second? I'm intrigued and would like to hear more about that. Yes it was. People keep thinking that there was something super special about the deck or some secret tech that helped pull it to second place, but that wasn't it at all. The deck used kneel, good characters, and saves; it was all tied togeather with a high claim bow. I have a feeling that the deck doing well was more about the driver than the deck (not to say it was a bad deck, but Corey is amazing as a player). One day, he could even be on Steve Simoni's level. I think the kindly Steve was more of the deck than the driver. When I come back to NC in may i bet you guys will have some secret tech against it. Also, I left my jacket at that store, you think they still have it? I was so excited to win I forgot about it.
  24. Dobbler said: Is it really that tough to write an original tourney report? Yes.
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