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  1. thanks ktom--this is actually a very important ruling to know for tournament play.
  2. Red Viper is immune to events so you can't use Retreat on him. Stannis is immune to location abilities so you can't use Black Betha's location ability on him. (I know it is a bummer)
  3. Say I am active player after my opponent has already done his challenges, and I haven't done challenges yet. If I say, no challenges, does he then get a chance to do a player action like play an any phase event? If so, then can I decide to do a challenge afterwards, given that two players haven't yet consecutively passed on challenge phase actions. ---------------------------------------- What if instead I said, "No actions"? and then he also takes no action? Can I end the challenge phase and go to dominance because two players passed on actions? Or if I say, "No actions", he then takes an action, then I make a challenge.. This seems a little deceitful in certain situations. -------------- did this make any sense?
  4. I'm pretty sure that is a real account and that he isn't really going out of his way to hide...
  5. Cool! thanks ktom. I keep playing my dragonpit deck in testing for gencon, and this always comes up against my opponents. haha. (note to anyone scouting - I am probably not playing dragonpit at gencon, but swhiteboy knows how much I love that deck).
  6. I believe you have to put the manticore on a different character then move it to the viper. Thoughts?
  7. Yeah darknoj, I am happy with the melee FAQ. The joust FAQ is sad for me right now, because there isn't one dominant deck that I can play and feel comfortable with winning (so I guess that means it is really good too). Joust is going to be a bit of rock paper scissors, so that is pretty balanced, which means that I hope to get a few lucky matchups in the swiss with the deck I select. As far as melee goes--siege will be strong, and there are some obvious counter plays too. As far as the combos--I don't think anyone will be playing them as they are too fickle and can get owned by very common cards. I will most like play a rush deck so people don't think I am colluding with other people playing control. I think the best deck for melee is one that benefits from your opponent playing epic battles while you yourself can actually play better events that actually do stuff.
  8. To the NC guys -- I don't care who did or did not do anything, this is all just fun for me. I hope to see you at gencon so we can hangout. Dusty, you better bring some good decks to this one.
  9. I like the 6 player variant where you can only take 3 standard player actions per phase (this does not include making and defending challenges and does not include kneeling reducers). This will make it go much faster when people can only marshall three cards each turn.
  10. We met in Roseville at worlds last year (I stayed with DC in the room next to yours, unless I'm mistaking you for someone else) - and I'll take you up on that beer at Gencon! Oh yeah.. well then at least you know that this is all in good fun (a little pot stirring a head of gencon is fun!). I am not even hiding anything or trying to be deceitful. I'll hand you my melee deck the night before the tournament if you want to look at it and tell your friends. Now joust, well that is a different story... And definitely the beer!
  11. You seem like a wise man Istaril. I do not believe we have met, but I will buy you a beer at GenCon when I meet you (if you are going). I just want to reiterate for anyone reading this--Everyone in DC is playing for themselves in melee this year. You will see that come tournament time. No one is approaching this like a team sport this year. We all love this game very much and no one wants to get a DQ or Ban.
  12. Also, anyone who doesn't have a melee deck should play that one I netdecked, above. If you get to marshall first and get hellholt and balerion out, you can get around 8 power in the marshalling phase just from people using reducers like street of sisters. So, you can probably win the game on your own with that deck above. (I know I have in some melee playtesting). You should see the fights that ensue when player A tells player B to not use their reducers only to have player A then use his reducers when it is time to marshall. It is awesome.
  13. You guys are missing the point. We aren't coming to GenCon to collude this year in the same way that there was perceived collusion at worlds last year. The indisputable fact is that FFG got wind of some jokes we made about art of seduction and flank at a bar after a regional, and took what they saw as the necessary steps to fix that problem. But didn't the FAQ already fix that problem by saying no collusion in the post worlds FAQ update? Why restrict flank + art of seduction when they could already just DQ everyone who shows up and does that **** all day? Does the restriction even stop the epic battle problem? Of course the answer to these questions are all banal--so I won't even answer them here. I guess what I find upsetting is this: Control decks in melee get linearly or exponentially better when there are more control decks in melee. A control deck can still win on its own if it has some rush too, but if there is another control deck at the table, regardless of if you know the person outside of the game or not, there is a better chance for both of you if you work together. Rush decks have more of a passive element to them, like a bara rush deck, where you are just trying to collect all your power turn 1 and win. So the point then, is that if we brought 14 different, completely different control decks, and just played straight up with no collusion--I still feel there would be perceived collusion, just by the nature of what control does. So I guess, our safest bet is to all put our heads in the sand and play rush decks with little tools in the deck for 'team play'. Just so we don't get DQ'd. And furthermore, this whole thing was a joke--decklist included. Can you not see this? And don't sit here and quote the rulebook to me like I don't know it. I know the rules; I sit around and play this game all day. As an alternative on what I think would fix melee, well the new scoring system almost got it right, but should have gone further. 50 points for first place, 3 points for 2nd, 2 points for 3rd, 1 point for 4th. (this is an example). The concept is that first place is all the matters. I would be less likely to play for second, if first place was the only place that mattered. And anyone that has played melee competitively knows that you tend to have to play for second if there is nothing else you can do about it. Playing for second or third is not collusion if that is your only option.
  14. I should provide an example decklist. If we all come with this list to GenCon, it will be legendary. We can do turn one wins if we are at the tables together (FFG please note I am joking, do not preemptively DQ me. I love this game). Please note - the house of dreams version may be better than this version. House Targaryen Agenda Alliance 3 dragon thief 1 sellsword deserter 3 Company of the Cat 3 Long lances 1 rhaegal 1 Drogon 1 viserion 1 dragon knight 3 refugee of the plains 3 refugee of the citadel 3 Hellholt engineer -------- important to include this for the combo 1 brown ben plumm 1 rhaegar targaryen ----- actually proved to dominate in playtesting with this deck 3 Orphan 3 Watchful Servant 3 greenblood merch 1 ellaria 1 daenerys targaryen locations 3 balerion ------ the other piece of the combo, duh 1 temple of graces 3 summer sea 1 street of steel 1 shadowblack 1 street of sisters 1 roseroad 2 palace fountains 2 flea bottom 2 the brimstone 1 qhoyne events 2 nightmares 2 paper shields 2 the only game that matters plots 1 fortified position 1 take them by suprise 1 summoning season -- get the hellholt eng 1 building season -- get balerion 1 condemned by the realm -- this plot is f**king awful but whatever 1 into the lists 1 shadows and spiders
  15. Hey guys, my name is Steve Simoni from the DC meta. I frequently troll these forums. I'd like to make a few comments about melee that proves why FFG did a bad job at handling the melee restricted list ahead of GenCon. The art of seduction restriction + flank was the result of my telling everyone at the DC regional (and I won't name names on who spilled the beans) (Cory from NC: DC has it out for your ass) that everyone from DC was going to collude and bring Siege decks where turn 1 I played fear and my friend at the table played art of seduction. This of course was a giant joke and would not even work very well. Let me reiterate. This is not even good! Also, If FFG really wanted to fix this epic battle problem (or as I say, perceived problem) they should have taken care of it in other ways. So now that you are all here and reading this, I thought it would be nice to tell you some other combo decks DC (and by DC I mean me) has come up with this year. I want to tell you this so that you can also bring the deck to gencon and win. Actually I'll just give you one, but from this one you can get the idea and just run with it and build the other combo decks. Deck 1 - Balerion (the location) and Hellholt engineer with the alliance agenda or with house of dreams. If your friend is sitting across from you and you both set this up, you win turn1 pre-plot phase. You can just run with Deck 1's idea and imagine all the other combos with hellholt engineer there are. Not too mention all the other combos we have created over this summer of unemployment. Pro tip: Don't bring a rush deck to this year's Gencon. You'll lose. I promise you, you will lose. Alright, so, if FFG were smart. They would actually ban out the combos and we could move on with our lives. Last note - I am moving to San Francisco in a few weeks. How is the meta there? and can I join? Thanks for reading this. See you at GenCon!
  16. I, too, would like to publicly recognize and praise you for your victory.
  17. I think you should definitely net deck a tournament winning deck and start from there. Netdecking increases your chance to win as a new player, and winning is fun.
  18. 1. Say there is one character in the challenge and I reduce its strength to 0 with some non-terminal effect like forever burning. Is there a player action for him/her to naval a character in or does the challenge immediately end? What if I burn/kill it (I think here the FAQ says the challenge immediately ends)? 2. Say I have a duped noble in Martell. I ghaston bounce a greyjoy character, to which greyjoy then cancels with some cancel. Can I then do a save of the noble with the dupe on (the one i chose to go moribund:hand for ghaston), since we are still doing save and cancels step?ww
  19. The melee scoring rules seem interesting. Now you can't get 3 2nd's and make top 16. This should definitely stop collusion.
  20. I think you have a good shot at winning gencon if you don't play the dc melee deck this year and get banned. Also, you have to beat Herr BRUNO in the joust--that probably won't happen, ya know, for obvious reasons. GET SNOWED ON, cause ya know, he always has to play his plot.
  21. It better be B, I can't take the waiting any longer! zomg
  22. Thanks Darknoj, I'll see what I can do at GenCon this year--obviously a lot of my melee post was tongue-in-cheek, but I actually do enjoy melee. I may be joining the San Fran meta soon; delivering all the DC decks for the price of new thrones friends out west
  23. Who is as excited as I am for the 2013 GenCon Melee Tournament? I have been putting a lot of time into Agot this year. And I have decided that raw talent alone cannot win joust in this environment with too many baddies winning with TLV; therefore, I have been focusing on melee--a game that is won based on raw skill. Let me explain, because I am sure you are thinking: "Whaaa??? Melee is not really a skill game". ### No. Melee is truly where it is at right now. The restriction of the scourge and the engineer has brought balance back to melee. That deck was really strong control deck, and a lot of people were trying to play rush last year so of course it would dominate. But now, rush has entered back into the melee meta prior to GenCon 2013. Can a pure control deck win again, like at worlds? I think it can, but only piloted by a skilled player like DCDennis. Furthermore, TLV won't be very good in Melee because it usually takes a while to get those decks rolling and the Bara player at the table will have won by then. In fact, since TLV is so broken in joust, they should just errata the agenda to, "If you have more than one opponent" since I think the agenda is quite balanced in melee. ### Most people in DC are coming to Indy just for the melee tournament this year (I know a few of us actually have to catch the red eye home after the melee tournament is over) as it has been pretty much the only thing we are playing this summer. It has been a lot of fun! We have had lot of fights though. The table alliances have been broken more times than Taylor Swift's heart. I am never making an alliance for second place with Corey again. F**k that guy seriously. I have had all the usual DC suspects (Corey, Erick, Dennis, Brian, Dan etc etc. because lets be honest they love melee more than joust too--since they can never win a joust championship and close doesn't count) over to my place for cocktails, beers, bbq, and melee about 15 times this summer. We try to have 4 to 6 melee games per week. The best part about these melee parties is that we have found melee to be super competitive in all the houses. We have had some crazy games come down to the wire. One time we were playing and it was like 14 power for Erick and I had 10 power and then my girlfriend came over to serve us some more margaritas and she spilled them all over Dan Ach's cards! We just stopped playing and declared it a draw--actually I don't know where I was going with that story. I had to buy Dan a new playset of NCF's. ### The point is, melee is where it is at, and I can't wait to play it at GenCon 2013. Not sure which house I wanna try and win it all with this year, but I am thinking Bara, Targ, or Greyjoy. Any house can win from our playtesting though.--Not that our melee playtesting is definitive by any means (we have a general bias toward NPE melee decks). You guys should all get out there and start doing some melee testing prior to the joust FAQ. Because the melee restricted probably won't change to much, and melee is a game, in the words of my good friend and true mensch and woodman, Erick Butzlaff: "Melee is a game that can be beaten."
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