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  1. The competitive cardpool in thrones is only 350 cards or so. With 1 or 2 competitive cards getting added every other month or so. The problem is finding which cards are competitive, you can scrounge around on the blogs, but I just had dennis and the rest of dc tell me when I started playing. In netrunner the competitive cardpool is like 80 cards or so. In magic, for standard constructed tournaments, the competitive card pool changes as they rotate the blocks, and it costs a few hundred dollars to get what you need every rotation. ---- So play netrunner if it is a money issue, Play thrones if you want to make 1 upfront investment and then continuing yearly payments of 100 dollars. Play Magic if you want to spend 5000 dollars to be competitive and another 500 to 1000 per year to remain competitive. I sold my magic set about 10 years ago for a few thousand dollars. My thrones set will sell for like 400 someday.
  2. I thought we could use proxies of CP3 at Worlds.. =[
  3. yeah I fly out sunday as well, trophy in hand =p
  4. Raiders-- Pryor has screwed me in fantasy a few weeks, but has been pretty good. Raiders have no chance in that division though. You are right on the cardigan--I'll have to reconsider and post again later.
  5. I have been so busy at my new job that I haven't played thrones at all really. I don't even actually know if there is a meta that meets up here yet! I will have to find out.. Things are nice up here though; I have been enjoying the area--it is a big change from DC! Are you going to worlds?
  6. ****, you aren't going to worlds? Why not?
  7. Callin' it right now--San Francisco meta is taking the melee title (aka. the only title that matters) at World's. Now that I have officially separated from DC and started the new 'San Fran Meta', it is time to start collecting the trophies. I expect to see a lot of dragons in the melee so I'll be sure to pack my horn of dragons. Anyone playing balerion bounce (darknoj), in a tournament should be slain. The joust is going to be gnar too, but that isn't quite the focus of the SF Meta. I'll leave that to my So-Cal brethren to take home that specific piece of hardware. Hoping for that total Cali sweep, Make it a 3-peat, ala Kobe circa 2000. I was considering not playing the joust, since I'll be so fatigued from earning that melee title, but the flights were oddly cheaper on Sunday, so you guys are stuck with me. I am not sure what I'll be wearing yet, I'll do a follow up post to discuss outfits, accessories, and makeups. I am having a trouble deciding if the weather will be right for my thicker-sweaters-look or if I should just go light cardigan, colorful pants and loafers. I'll think on it and we can all reconnect soon. until next time, get BDISDA
  8. Jealous I can't make it to this-- Sandy--next time you are out in SF hit me up again! this time for some thrones action.
  9. Replace with 'formalization' and it will make more sense; either one is fine though.
  10. Netrunner is a pretty bad game that has the potential to be good soon. There are only about 80 cards that are competitive for use in Netrunner T1 decks right now. This is boring to me. I plan to play thrones for a few more years (i.e., win a few more tournaments) while netrunner actually builds up a card pool. Then I will evaluate if netrunner is actually worth it or not. tl;dr - I like the T1 thrones card pool and do not like the T1 netrunner cardpool.
  11. Yes let's set that up. I have your email so I'll email you.
  12. ~Wait, did Steve win something this year? I already forgot... This is funny and cold guys! I am here all alone in San Fran now and you are already trying to replace me =[ I'll mop you guys up at worlds with the new meta I am creating
  13. It is the most winnable of the three titles (melee, joust and overall). It is also the one that gives the card design. But yeah, I know what you mean Dennis. I'd much rather trade my melee and overall title for the joust title. Tim was just too good on that day.
  14. No, you are right Dan, there are more than 16 good players. But I believe with enough work and dedication, a good player can make top 16 fairly often.--after that it is all about matchups and some luck. And thanks again for that final melee table (sorry I had to kill your viper).
  15. I concur Dennis. The overall title is kind of dumb, but it is the most winnable of the three titles. Because a good player should make top 16 in both tournaments without exception. And all you can ask for is top 16 in this game.--so that is what makes the overall meaningful.
  16. My first GenCon was a sweet experience. I had no idea what to expect, but when I first walked into the exhibit hall I was filled with excitement--so many games, so little time. The guy in the teenage mutant ninja turtle costume was quite impressive. It was entirely made of balloons. Before discussing the Agot results and my thoughts on the game, I have to thank Corey and Erick who taught me how to play this game competitively before worlds last year. Getting beaten repeatedly for months by them is the best Gencon prep anyone could ask for. Also, I would like to thank Corey for building decks with me all summer; we built 3 or 4 decks that we thought could be competitive from every house--only to find out we were wrong almost every time. Because I am hyper-competitive, I can't discuss the exact decks I played (card for card), but I will say that it isn't just a Martell Quentyn Joust Deck--it is THE Martell Quentyn Joust deck, and all other Quentyn decks are sub-par. I know this because I playtested extensively all summer; probably more than anyone in the world. This next part is slightly emo--I move across country to San Francisco this Thursday. So this gencon victory was bittersweet, and felt like an end to an entire year of hanging out with friends in the DC meta and working on thrones over and over and over. I have a lot of friends in DC and they are kind of separated into three groups--thrones friends and former work friends and my girlfriends' friends (to a lesser extent). Even though I have only known the thrones friends for less than 1 year now, I feel like they are some of my closest friends in this city. That is a testament to the game and the bonds that it helps form. Ok. I'll stop being emo now. ------------------------------------------ Melee -- Stark Siege -- 1st place Most people would say melee is a joke (like Sandy did when he belittled my melee title at the bar even after I bought him a Jameson) and I would tend to agree. I won because of luck and a coinflip by Jim at the final table. Jim (and Danigral) was in a king making position between me and my friend Chad J. I won the coin flip and won the overall. This is the luck part of melee. The skill part comes in deckbuilding. You can make a deck that will Top 16 in melee every time. Which is what my deck was designed to do--make Top 16. From there, anything can happen. The funniest part of melee was my first table with Darknoj. I had never met him before but it was a pleasure. It was a three person table that he won, but it was me, him and a girl whose name I can't remember, who I am not sure how old she was. Anyways, these melee tables were double-wide, too wide, and Darknoj and I were sitting on one side and she was sitting on the other side and the game only lasted 1 plot. He and I spent the entire first plot just trying to tell this girl who to help win--I felt kind of bad, but it is funny in retrospect. I ended up losing because he is more convincing than I am, and his dragons benefited from epic battles perfectly. Joust -- 2nd place -- Martell No Agenda The Swiss rounds involved a bunch of games that were about 10 minutes long. I had a notable mirror matches versus Dusty (swhiteboy) and Rick which were a bit longer but I won. I was 5 and 0 heading into game 6 where I played against Tim who eventually beat me at the final table. Game 6: Me (5-0) v Tim (5-0) (Martell v Martell) - We were playing card for card the same deck (I think). The night before we all knew that our biggest competition would be martell quentyn so we all added secret tech to the deck to tech each other. He just seemed to have all the answers, and he calls it thinking's for days. Loss. (5-1) Top 16 - Me v Benton (Martell v Targ KOTHH) - Benton was playing a version of targ kothh that Corey and I had kind of built in playtesting. It had golden tooth mines and meraxses for draw and even a crone or two. Unfortunately for him, I invoked my anti targ strategy right from the start--molest their hand. I pummeled him with intrigue challenges and limited his options. Also, I ensured to kneel out every turn so he would win dominance to keep my power rush going. Top 8 - Me v Sorry I forget your name (Martell v Martell) - This wasn't a mirror match as he was playing more knights and more house dayne stuff--and muster--which is a bad card. Turn 1 I had double bannerman and by the middle of turn 3 he shook hands with me. He never really got off to a good start. So I spent the next 40 minutes seeing who would win between Erick and Tim in the martell mirror match to make the top 4 (it was obviously tim). Top 4 - Me v Chris (playing greyjoy winter choke no agenda) - This was the closest match that I won all day. Chris is a gamer--through and through. He knows what he is doing more than any other opponent I played and I could tell. I think if he would have beaten me he would have taken the whole tournament down--which is no offense to Tim who won it all, but Tim basically won it all with no practice, while I practiced extensively (50 plus games) against all the greyjoy builds we could think of this summer. Chris understands the subtler points of the game--which is lost on most inexperienced players, and only gained from playing against top players and asking them why they do what they do. Anyways, Chris was dominant and came out fast, but with no wintertime marauders. That is the key card to the deck to apply pressure and without those it becomes significantly harder. If you watch the video when they post it, you will see a critical turn where I attack power with the bannerman and he blocks with his character agenda. I then bounce it with arianne mid challenge. He briefly, very briefly, puts the card in his hand and then puts it back on the table and tries to cancel with kerwin. I don't let him take it back. This may be seen as a **** move. But it is a top 4 table in a big tournament, and I just needed that play to happen or I may have lost the whole thing. I made a few other mistakes this game too, because both boards were filled with characters and no one was valaring. Had he stopped me from getting to 15 on the 5th plot, he would have been able to valar plot 6 and draw 3 cards from his agenda and he would have been right back in it. In the end, it was my most difficult non-mirror match. One of the keys to the game is winning initiative against a time for ravens on turn 1. For you newer players, my advice to you is to not let a choke player marshall first--it is just bad business for you. Final Game - Me v Tim rematch of the top 2 seeds. I had experience over him and I thought I had the edge in this matchup. But anything can happen in a mirror match, and I clearly didn't have what it takes to win melee, joust and overall all in one tournament. There will be a video of this match so I don't need to go into detail. Congrats to Tim for taking it down after we just handed him the deck the night before. Very impressive. So my two losses of the day were to my own deck. Fair enough. That is the drawback of playing the same deck as your friends--you might not get the glory for yourself. I tried to come up with a secret better deck than the Martell before gencon, but it wasn't to be. That house of dreams drawback is too steep. ------------------------------------------------ Thoughts on the game - I got the card design and the overall trophy, so that is pretty awesome. I would like to make a card that makes control more viable. I think it is bad for the game that a first turn high claim intrigue with a decent board position all but wins you the game. If anyone watched my matches all day you would have seen what I mean. If control becomes more consistent, player skill will be more important. It won't be a game of simply getting a fast start and keeping your lead. I think the cards at your command mechanic coming out will also help fix this issue that I have with the game. I love the game, and I think it is improving and moving in the right direction. ---------------------------------------------- props - To the DC meta. You guys are awesome, and sometimes we get a bad rap which is probably deserved. It sucks that you guys are losing your best player in me. I can't wait to move to San Francisco and build a new meta, the right way. Francisco G. - Making that flight--that shows dedication to the game. I hope to see you again some day. Darknoj - You had me fooled on the morning of the joust. You said you were playing the crouching tiger, hidden weapon deck. I quickly ran to a dark corner of the convention hall to look up the list and figure out what I would do against it. When I heard you were playing greyjoy I chuckled to myself--you got me bro. Also, props to countering siege decks with the dragons. Well done all around. Dusty - You and the NC guys are awesome. Hopefully, I'll be able to visit you guys next year for your regional, but it is a longgg way from San Fran. Jim - Playing candy crush at the final melee table--Like a Boss. Thanks for helping me win; Collusion. slops - to gotlove for trying to tear down a great community, pre-gencon. Chad J. - You are just a rounder who forgot the cardinal ******* rule, always leave yourself an out bro. Chad B./Kid - For not showing up. ---------------------------------------------- Contrary to popular belief, we play a lot of "fun" decks in DC. We just don't play them anywhere near a tournament setting. See you all at worlds -- I'll give you a hint to what I am bringing: The best decks.
  17. All ******* night! Also, bring your swimsuits everyone--we all gotta get in the hot-tub together one night so I can get a picture for memory's sake.
  18. Just got my haircut for Gencon. Look for me at Gencon; I look like this:
  19. Dennis is the new deckbuilder. Corey is out.
  20. If you're going to "play like a pro," let's make sure you get the sequence 100% correct. Once that intrigue is over, the player action window opens, and the targ player gets first action, if the targ player passes, you are going to need to first pass (closing the player action window by consecutive passes), then say "no more challenges" to move to dominance. If the targ player does ambush something in, you are going to need to pass, then have the targ player pass (closing the action window by consecutive passes) before you get to the decision to make a challenge or not. If you say "no more challenges," you'll move directly to dominance. As in your original post, your description here seems to treat declaring a challenge as a player action. It's not. Passing on your opportunity to take an action in the pre-challenge player action window is completely separate from saying "no challenges." Make sure you are properly closing the player action window before moving to the opportunity to initiate a challenge (or not). This is really important in your second scenario. If the targ player ambushes something in, you can't say "no challenges" to jump to dom yet because the action window is still open. You can only say "I pass," which gives them the opportunity to take another action, like ambushing something else in. I was skipping a step. But I think it would go like this. Action window opens after intrigue. He was first player. So I can ask him, "Do you have an action before my next challenge?" He says "no." I say, "Ok, I pass too" Then I say, "no more challenges." Then we move to dom? Is that correct or am I missing something? (I very well could be).
  21. That was a great pod cast guys. I laughed when you said DC isn't creative. That is so not true, haha. Also, this tournament we all aren't playing the same deck this time! Looking forward to matching up against cersei's wheelhouse in the joust!
  22. Well, it isn't inadvertently cheating, it is called playing like a pro. Example, I did an intrigue on you as targ. Intrigue is over and player action window opens. You get the first action as a targ player (becasue you are first player in this example) to ambush a guy or do whatever. If you pass, and I say, no more challenges we move to dom. If you ambush something in, I can then make a challenge or just still say no more challenges and we move to dom.
  23. I just watched the lifeguard dan, I kinda liked it.
  24. hmm didn't know that about black betha. that makes sense though
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