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  1. I agree with what you have said (I was in a rush at the time and wanted to finish the comment). I am not against having team leaders or some sort of structured hierarchy; the problem comes with players who do not know how to play a person in authority, same way you have bad GMs you can have bad players and roles such as sergeants and Commissars are rife with potential abuse (yes i have had a game with such characters, luckily myself as a GM and the player have recognized and improved in this area). Yes if you know the player and they understand and the party accepts, then I'm all for having a leader character (just simply to finalize debates and give direction). I would be a lot happier if games with built in leader roles/classes would have a side note helping players and GMs be aware of these issues. On a side note. I would have liked Commissars to be implemented differently, while a Commissar lead party or a High command Party could fit them, I believe that having them as more of a semi-adversarial role (NPC) would have been thematically better. (hints of this are in the book e.g. with Commerce skill and the scavenger regiment trait)
  2. It should be noted that promotions and rank are different from one regiment to another. Page 30 of the (honestly lacking) GMs kit shows how the squads requisition rating is implied to their rank. the biggest problem that rank has in an only war game is the fact that a PC squad is generally a specialist team or a command squad already (psykers, BONEheads and enginseers are rarely attached to a group of grunts) so the ranks of anyone other then basic troopers and sergeants/commanders are odd; do you have specialist first class, Chief mechanic, warrant officer, color sergeant etc. you could detail all these but the important thing to remember is how players generally shouldn't have any in game (or out of game) power over other players. despite this being a game about structure and orders PCs should be able to do what they want and not have another PC dictate their every action (or kill them - god i dislike commissars as a PC class). Back to the main point. a Commander is not necessarily a LT or CO; a operator switching to Commander could be in command of a team of operators (engineers or crew) allowing him/her to control his chosen vehicle without the other PCs; a Medic taking Master of Ordnance is not necessarily an artillery specialist, instead their intelligence has been recognized by the attached artillery battery as worthy to calculate in field ballistics or they have chosen to stay in the reserve providing medical care when people are wounded and short artillery when on the attack. a ten man squad may be Cadian standard (ie tabletop) but may be 50+ for some regiments, so don't get to bogged down in having multiple comrades (which can be quite useful with the right orders and other non mechanical effects)
  3. Flesh Melding requires a few things which are variable depending on your sought after result. 1. The ritual must take place that doubles as a shrine to Slaanesh (Opposing Dedicated Heretics would take appropriate penalties) 2. Their must be at least one Sacrifice (they Die) 3. Their must be one Subject (who gets the Traits) 4. At least 6 hours The test is modified as any other ritual with a couple of extra bonuses 1. The Flesh Shaper Archetype gets a +10 bonus (They also count as a psy rating 3 unbound psyker during the ritual, but this has no effect at all) 2. If the Subject (the one who gets the Traits) is unwilling then The Flesh shaper Archetype gets a +10 bonus The Test itself is a -30 Medicae Test Or a -10 Scholastic Lore Occult Test (bonus's from gear and assistance can effect this test) Now the Effects: For Every Sacrifice (up to 6), choose one of the listed Traits; if the test is successful then the Subject Gains that Trait. If the Trait has a X value then the X value is equal to the Degrees of Success minus one (up to 6) Therefore 3 Sacrifices with Four degrees of Success will give the subject Trait 1 (3), Trait 2 (3) and Trait 3 (3) Cost The subject takes 1d10-WPbonus days to recover All living participants gain 1d5 corruption points All Sacrifices Die RAW doesn't mention any penalties from doing the ritual multiple times That being said I would not allow a character to have multiple sources of Trait X (unless stated in the rules ie Fear) and instead only apply the Highest Source (Unnatural Strength 4 from being a marine and Unnatural Strength 6 from the Ritual would result in Unnatural 6, not Unnatural 10)
  4. 1. Being in the material world is quite constricting to a daemon, consider that in the warp they can basically do what ever, in the real world they are constrained by reality and can only semi break it by using their own personal power or the power infused into them by the ritual 2. if you read the example rituals in the Core rule book they state that lesser daemons stay for 1d5+5+DOS rounds. this is extended if the daemon kills things (keep in mind its up to the GM & sacrifice is different from murder) or if the warp is thin. Additionally the Daemon may be bargained with to achieve a task, and will stay until the task is complete or they weasel their way out of it (ie. "Until the next full moon rises, slay those who seek to do me harm", a smart daemon will leave immediately as there is a full moon rising somewhere in the galaxy). Additionally remember that the rituals in the books are only examples; modify them with the GM's permission to suit your purposes (if your character can modify them ie. Scholastic lore Occult) Ie extra difficulty for longer duration
  5. Black Crusade does not specifically state that you cannot use other weapons with a Powerfist. That being said, Lightning Claws and Chain Fists do state that they cannot be used for anything but the most basic manipulative tasks; in addition the Chain fist discription before stating this is: which would indicate that powerfists would also be to bulky for weapon wielding. If you have a look at the Deathwatch Core Rule book : Which leads us to the Lightning Claw description on the same page: Now technically RAW, you can wield a melee weapon in a Power Fist but you would be at a -20 to all attacks; ok sure but you have a powerfist, only plot would cause you to use another weapon at the same time.
  6. Can the Star Fortress make use of nova Cannons, sure, as a space station is not a transport raider or firgate it may fire in a 270 Degree arc (page 219 Rouge trader Core Rules book), having two means that there is no blind spots; the station is stated to have a massive manufactorum so its possible that it producess its own shells. The way I designed the lycurgos was as 5 different ships (for firing arcs), 2 arms have nova cannons in the prow, a pair of Macrobattery Broadsides on the port/starboard and docking arms; the other two had Lance Batteriesin the prow, another pair of Macros on the port/starboard and docking arms. The hub held most of the supplementals but had 4 'side' slots filled with Landing Bays; at the best of time a attack ship would be facing a Nova, a Lance, two Macros and what ever fighter/bombers where still in the air ok this was for a high level Black crusade game and was ment to be a challenge so scale it as you want
  7. A) The scale is off. Horrendously off. "Sci fi authours don't do numbers" is no excuse in the age of wikipedia for the troop numbers you're expected to field as a minimum. Congrats, daemon prince, you have less men than most 30 Inf chaos warbands. A proper crusade has millions of soldiers, and it's not just your house troops, it's everyone else's who has pledged their allegiance to you. Now i agree that most of the time the numbers are off but I believe you are greatly overestermating the ammount of troops required to take a planet in a space fareing society; the issue is how planets are populated, From my understanding of the setting the population of a planet is not spread accross a thousand or so cities on every continent (btw there are about ~2,900 cities on earth currently) like the present day (terra excepted) but instead are grouped in a relitivly small number of hives (1-8) or population centers depending on the planet; what this density means is that force multiplers, such as artillery are far more effective then they are in current times (in addition to the lax rules of engagement). the addition of relitivly easy access to space means that a army can redeploy on the other side of the planet without having to fight all the way there. this density also means that strike teams such as Spacemaries or assasins can take out key individuals without having to move through hundreds of kilometers of occupied territory. Yes hives will be a problem; density can work the same way in defence but there is a reason why seige warefare was invented. the majority of planets though are lightly populated, as backwards as tech is in 40k they still do have a tendancy to have huge machines which are more effiecent then the people operating them. the capturing of the calix sector only took about 120 million fighting men/women over 200 years and that was to utterly clear the Xenos taint from the couple hundred planets (remeber the maps generally show systems, not indvidual planets). a "black crusade" isnt there to capture and hold every planet it comes accros, it is generally go and raid and pillage as it goes sweeping through a sector to its main goal (ie most of abbadons crusades are technically succesful even though the imperium drives the forces back to the Eye of Terror) so the numbers needed may be alot small then what you believe. (or you may have a different view on how 40k works)
  8. RE: Aptitudes wouldnt this mean there are a lot of cheaper skills/talents around seeing as players go from 7 aptitudes to 11? Re: Subtley while i get where your going with this, it does sound like a bit more work for the GM, effectively doubling the ammount of dice rolls. do remeber that subtley already modifies a NPCs reactions to the characters depending on their alligences (see page 277)
  9. there is always the option of WS/BS being actual skills. in regards to tech use, I think a lot of the problems stem from its ability to craft and repair stuff; those jobs could be better taken up by trade technomat and trade armourer
  10. gain the mark of chaos undivided giving tgem all the mark bonuses +5 to the weakest stat and +10 when dealing with undivided characters. do not gain all the traits from being a deamon prince instead all gifts count as being aligned to all the gods (all the bonus stuff). you still gain favor but you can only spend it on undivided benefits.
  11. an easy mod I made was as follows: anytime a character/vehicle take damage after toughness and armour, roll 1d10-5 on the appropriate crit table. damage is treated as righteous fury for purposes of healing and talents (that add to crits)
  12. And in Only War you have an entire regiment; The rival tank brigade just stole all your fuel reserves, The LT needs a squad to guard a VIP defently a cushy job which every squad will be trying to grab. Even outside the regiment you have the wider Imperial forces; the Navy, the pristhood, the stormtroopers, the inquisition Even outside the Imperium you have the enemy, stop fighting the dumb orks or the unknowable eldar, delve into the deeper themes of the conflicts of the Spinward frount; where you fight against an enemy which in truth are just like you (ok the leadership is ****** but so is the imperiums). keep in mind the Dominate are not Evil Evil heretics, they still say 'the emperors protects'
  13. Well a regiment which has been given a Chimera would most proberly be a mechanical Infanty regiment; and in most cases would be stationed behind the frount line of a stagnent war so that they can quickly moberlize to different parts of the battle. the base they would be stationed at would be pretty safe. If they were'nt stationed in a base; instead being a fully mobile force then at night they wouldbe formed up in a harbour formation to create a defensive perimenter; again pretty safe. If the party is out on a mission and its only their chimera then the squad would be split; leaving the crew in the veichle for its safe keeping and so it can provide fire support. There is no real reason why the party should be far from the chimera; mech squads are fairly light on when out of the chimera and use it as a bunker; a portable armory and of course transport. If for whatever reason your GM (or you if your GM) says that the chimera is too big to continue; call bull. The imperium is well know for it larger then life hallways; chambers and buildings; if its not large enough then its proberly a temperary structure which can be driven through; or there is a way around (possibly after a short walk from the squad to a door control) In terms of how I run battles in Only War; focus on the squad, the game is about them and so the combat should be about them. that being said; gigantic battles are a main trope of 40k but have them as semi scripted events; dont leave it up to some dice roll mechanic and defently dont run a ton of NPCs it drags combat and takes the spotlight off the characters. remember that the PCs arnt space marines and a semi compedent squad of enemy NPCs can cause troubles; If the PCs are killing the squad or 2 easily give the NPCs support; a chimera is a fearsome opponent especially if you dont have one.
  14. Isnt the GM ment to be using the Minion rules? From what I got, you ask the GM for say a murder servitor he looks up the minion rules and makes one appropriate for the player, for some reason be it game balance or fluff reasons he decides to give it machine 2. That being said it is a lot of work for the GM so most of the time the player will make the minion and the GM will just approve it or modify the character sheet to suit
  15. Your misquoting the book The discription says: "Complete with tripod brace, silencer, and telescopic sight, in the right hands of a skilled marksman it can easily turnt he tide of a battle" A standard SP sniper rife does not come with tripod and sight but when they are attached it makes a mean weapon. It does come with integral noise baffles which does the exact same thing as a silencer (if bulk is a hastle - house rule that it doesnt have the baffles and allow it to take a silencer at a later date). In terms of the tripod/bipod situation, i see it more as a non-statable upgrade. sure some weapons like the rocket launcher can be braced on your sholder but things like the Hvy Bolter and Autocannon would need to be braced upon something (unless you have Buging Biceps) a stand alows the weapon to be off the ground and less ristricted by the object its braced on: Impose penalties to rapidly changing directions of fire; have the munitorium agent/ tech preists get angry at the damaged or dirty underside of the weapon; have the Lascannon super heat the mud its resting on damaging the weapon / crew or miss the shot ect.
  16. As a GM, I assumed that all equiptment given by a class would count as standard equiptment and therefore every time the PCs check into the munitorium they are restocked with 2 or 3 reloads for there main gun, ie your heavy bolter. now getting addional ammo or getting caught wasting it is defently going to change that.
  17. I think your overthinking this a little, out of all th melee weapons in Only War, only one fairly uncommon weapon which has to be specifically weilded and involve scoring a rightious fury causes concussion; keep in mind you also havr to get into close combat with a vehicle in the first place to use it. Really vehicles are tough enough as they are so being able to stun the crew (and get stunned in return) without penetrating the armor seems totally realistic
  18. There are a number of problems with the weapon specialist pre-gen; including the mentioned talent he has a higher movement rate then a character with an Agility bonus of 3, and there is no such thing as a handheld combat shotgun (which somehow is classed as a pistol); It could make sense if they had the compact or micro weapon upgrades (which are in Rogue Trader) but even these do not account for the +2 pen. In reality its to balance the pre-gens but really the whole campaign is pretty skrewy.
  19. Sorry the wording may be a bit confusing, those aren't characteristic upgrades. Once you have bought the critical targeting talent you must buy the corresponding ranks of critical damage. (I also relised I didn't mention that they must be bought consecutivly)
  20. So for the game I run, a number of the PCs have basically run out of advances and as we have quite a large party they don't really need to "multi-class" into other feilds. Therefore they have asked me if their was any addional talents they could sink their points into. Another problem my party had was with the randomness of critical damage, namely they wanted to track veichles so they could be easly salvaged but due to how critical damage works you could quite easily blow up the target vehicle instead. So combining the problems led to one solution: By making an Arduous (-40) called shot and providing that the attack makes it through the targets armor and Wounds/Structural Integrety; the character may instead use up to or below the highest rank bought to the targets critical rating. Other talents that improve critical damage do not apply when using this talent, Talents that improve Called Shots do apply when using this talent. As this is a called shot the character can choose the target location as per the called shot rules. The Critical Damage used in this way does not stack with normal damage as per rightous fury Example: "Tank Ace Hutson is targeting a heritics leman russ; He make makes an Arduous (-40) called shot with a effective ballistic skill of 50, He rolls well, a 05! after rolling damage he would normally have done 13 damage to the Leman Russ's Structual Integrety but chooses to use his 'Critical Targeting (Ground veichle)' Talent which he currently has at rank 6 dealing 6 critical damge, Crippling the heritic's Motive Systems." Critical Targeting (Humanoid) Teir3 Finesse, Ballistic Skill Critical Targeting (Monsterous Creatures) Teir3 Knowlage, Ballistic Skill Critical Targeting (Ground veichle/Walker) Teir3 Tech, Ballistic Skill Critical Targeting (Flyer) Teir3 Agility, Ballistic Skill Critical Targeting (Void) Teir3 Perception, Ballistic Skill Critical Strike (Humanoid) Teir3 Finesse, Weapon Skill Critical Strike (Monsterous Creatures) Teir3 Knowlage, Weapon Skill Critical Strike (Ground veichle/Walker) Teir3 Tech, Weapon Skill Two Attributes Rank 1: 100xp Rank 2: 200xp Rank 3: 300xp Rank 4: 400xp Rank 5: 500xp Rank 6: 600xp Rank 7: 700xp Rank 8: 800xp Rank 9: 900xp Rank 10: 1000xp One Attribute Rank 1: 150xp Rank 2: 300xp Rank 3: 450xp Rank 4: 600xp Rank 5: 750xp Rank 6: 900xp Rank 7: 1050xp Rank 8: 1200xp Rank 9: 1350xp Rank 10: 1500xp Zero Attributes Rank 1: 200xp Rank 2: 400xp Rank 3: 600xp Rank 4: 800xp Rank 5: 1000xp Rank 6: 1200xp Rank 7: 1400xp Rank 8: 1600xp Rank 9: 1800xp Rank 10: 2000xp If its not clear, there are multiple talents depending on how you attack and what the target is. Other ideas and critique are welcomed
  21. You have to remeber that the battle cannon is basically a scaled up Auto-Cannon, so having a clip (ie an autoloader) makes sense, that being said it does mean that if the loader position is taken up by a PC then they have little to do having a single clip with a 3 round reload does make the tanks somewhat funner as instead of having an immortal tank that kills everything else, bar other tanks (becasue its really hard to kill tanks, even chimeas, in only war) you now have an immortal tank that must place its shots and position itself for the maximum effect creating a more thematic effect
  22. Yes mastery only applies when the Final modifer is +0 or better No skill levels are not capped at +20 as per the other systems, skills can get up to +30 but mastery no longer gives the +10 to the skill In regards to getting that +0 modifyer, its quite easier if you have assistance "only the character who is actually making the test rolls the dice, but every other character giving assistance reduces the difficulty of the test by one step. If the test succeeds, the character performing the test gains an extra Degree of Success." Now there are limits, One of which is that only 2 characters can assist with a test, As a GM i would say there is exemptions to this rule, yes only two people can help breaking down a door but 5 or 6 people sitting around a table working out a battle plan (tactics) totally makes sense. AND it doesnt have to be other PC's so minions and NPCs are free to help But if your GMs being strict with the rules only 2 can help, but that is still reducing the difficulty by two steps so the hellish test is now Arduous (-40) now depending on your interpretation of the rules,Items which gives bonuses to skill tests (combi-tools, Auspex) count as modifiers to the test it self; so if you happened to have good quality cerebal implants (+20 to lore tests) that would mean the forbidden lore test is now at Hard (-20) All you need now is a couple of the summoning modifers (ie weapons creation reflects the nature of the patron god which is easily enough done with the good aplication of slaves) if your still stuck at getting the extra few points, see about aquireing a couple of text from places such as Q'sal (ie Deamon weapons for dummies) Now that you are at +0 spend the Infamy point and automatically suceed, with a lot of degrees of sucess
  23. Quoting from the book "BATTLE CANNON A massive version of the autocannon,……" basically this tells me it has an autoloader as its not a breachloaded weapon but instead a slow firing scaled up autocannon. however it does, as noted above, make the loader somewhat useless
  24. One thing that you may have over estimated was the thickness of the trees, Sure it is a deathworld but that doesnt mean the jungle is some superdense death trap. true 150m is a fair distance in a jungle (even a sparsly populated one) but as benj02 said, there are sure to be small trails and paths around the compound, so it could be quite reasonable for the orks to see the compound from 200m out and in terms of advancing through the jungle, like Cifer said "he's a big mek" there is a large number of modifications that the mek would install so they could plow through the jungle, hell a deffrolla would make short work of most trees (earth trees anyway). Even still a big ram at the frount of the trukks would allow them to plow/bounce through the jungle trees towards the base. As a gm i allowed the trukks to reach the clearing just as about half of the squad where in place to meet the assult
  25. Musclewizard said: I'd give Master Chirurgeon one additional point healed whenever the target would regain wounds as well as removing the chance to inflict damage when treating critically wounded patients. That sounds a bit better, One additional degree of success on a medicae test (see las barrage talent) would always help, Removing the chance to inflict damage sounds good but might mean that a single medic could treat 100+ paitents with no assistants via extended care and stop any of them from dieing which may be a problem (even if they dont heal) roleplay wise. Maybe instead, for every 2 degrees of failure instead of 1 degree of failure a paintent takes a wound. Or the medic can treat ten times his intelligence bonus (ie air of authority) before taking penalties.
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