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  1. Solutions? This is not a one line post. Just wondering if this is only technically right.
  2. My solution? My solution was just to throw the Heavy Weapon training talent out (since it wasnt even properly printed in the book) and go with allowing Weapon Training (X) to allow you to use all weapons in that category (Heavy, Basic, Pistol, etc).
  3. About how much XP should the PCs have by endgame assuming infamy targets of 75? What about 100? I know it's highly variable, but I wanted to hear from some others who ran it that far.
  4. Talents like Cold Hearted give a bonus to resist charm attempts and make one immune to "seduction attempts" (p. 120). HOWEVER…….. The book never actually defines what those are anywhere.
  5. If you get a mutation as unaligned, and then later a second one as aligned -does the first change it's form to fit your chaos god OR would it stay "generic"?
  6. HappyDaze said: RE: #4, Forbidden Lore is numerous skills. You could purchase five different Forbidden Lore skills at character creation. Note that upcoming products will be giving us characters already aligned. For example, the Thousand Sons Sorcerer begins the game aligned to Tzeentch (and may be unable to change that later too) and all purchases - presumably even those with the starting xp - would be spent with that in mind. Aaaaaaah…..nobody ever said Tzeentch, just making "careful" choices one could become aligned as if it were with any of them.
  7. Not sure, but was there some errata that allows this or did I miss something? I have seen numerous people mention that it is possible to become aligned right at creation. #1 I know you can easily choose Motivation/Disgrace combination to have 10 corruption by the end of character creation. HOWEVER….. #2 As a human you have 1000xp to spend, and you begin as unaligned (considered Allied with all gods, so you pay allied costs). BUT……the CHEAPEST advanced you can buy is a "Known" Skill Advance, which for allied skills is 200xp #3 This means you would have to buy 5 skill advances (known) aligned to 1 god. (5 x 200 =1000xp) #4 How is this possible? According to p. 78 the affiliations are Athletics : Khorne Command : Khorne Parry : Khorne ---------------------------- Acrobatics : Slaanesh Charm : Slaanesh Deceive : Slaanesh Dodge : Slaanesh ------------------------------ Forbidden Lore : Tzeentch Logic : Tzeentch Psynscience : Tzeentch Scrutiny : Tzeentch ------------------------------- Intimidate : Nurgle Medicae : Nurgle Survival : Nurgle
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