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  1. Beauty of this is that if you are correct, FFG can adjust point costs in the future
  2. Suppression if I roll damage, correct? Force choke is there so Vader can directly kill the heavy weapon specs without having to go through the whole unit with damage. Is it still not justified? I felt giving the stormtroopers upgrades wasn't the best investment considering that they are only a 4 unit squad. My thoughts on the contradictory range is that because you can split up your attacks you can use the grenade launcher on something that got close or Speeder bikes and still use the mortar on a unit farther away.
  3. The focus is to use the ATSTs and Vader to even up the difference in infantry units using suppression and direct attrition. Use the ATST's arc to cover their backs as much as possible. Darth Vader, Saber Throw, Force Reflexes, Force Choke (230) ATST, Mortar launcher, DW3 grenade launcher (220) ATST, 8B TLB cannon (215) Stormtroopers (44) x2 Stormtroopers, Grappling hooks (47)
  4. Well, if you don't want a second core at this very moment its quite hard to play at grand army OR need more than four grenades
  5. The stormtrooper set also has a slightly different posed trooper. (Or I was really bad at gluing them consistently)
  6. The keywords are per weapon, so 2 speeder bikes: impact 2
  7. My guess is that the weapon configuration doesn't need to match your unit build in the squad you are running
  8. My guess is that OP rules won't restrict you to have the exact weapons in vehicles. Do the instructions for the ATST specify that you shouldn't glue the weapons to the unit? I think that is just a cool option and not a requirement to use. Regarding telling units apart, we have those id tokens for that, as in x-wing.
  9. This looks like a mistake in one of the descriptions, so I think it would be hard to define which takes precedence because the difference in the wording does not seems to be intentional. That would make it quite hard to compare.
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