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  1. Yes, sorry for my poor english, I wanted to say that the French version of Runewars Miniatures was cancelled, not that Runewars Miniatures was cancelled. ?
  2. Note that the game has just been officialy cancelled in France by Fantasy Flight Games France.
  3. Just a little question. It seems that there is some differences between the Runewars Miniatures texts and those of Realms of Terrinoth (for example in RWM Daqan dies after the betrayal of Waiqar and in Realms of Terrinot he dies before the betrayal). So which text is the good reference ? Realms of Terrinoth I guess ?
  4. Don't speculate too much, this... ... is only the description of how anybody can play a miniature game. It's not linked to the Organized Play program. The Organized Play program is :
  5. If BL2 has no more support, it's [only] because the released stuff didn't sell as they calculated. Simple but true... Yep but why stuff didn't sell as they calculated ? Perhaps because FFG released the game then stop to communicate about it then released a bunch of extensions and then stop to communicate about it. I think that many players did not buy the game because they thought that the support would not be good enough from FFG.
  6. Note that Undead- and Neutral-expansions are available in France (and in Spain also as they are in both French and Spanish) since april 2016...
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