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  1. OK 3 cores 3 crosbowman expansion 3 death knight units 1 command pack for each army 1 maro 1 hawthorne Any ideas? No scouts avaible.
  2. Thank you very much. So 3*1 crossbowmen means 12 figures aka 1.5 expansions. I started to understand. So need 3 crosbowman expansion for 2 units 3*1. So death knight 2x2 - 2x3 means, need 3 expansions The rest...are 3 maybe 4 cores clever? Need I 2 icommand pack for every army?
  3. Hello, I read a lot of topics about what to buy. Have posbility to buy on cheap cores+command packs+death knights+crosbowmen+some heroes. Also Elves starter and command pack. I have no money for everything. I donť understand recommendation to buy 2 cores or two packs of crosbowmen. Maybe I am missing something. Read a lot of army lists here and for example never see more than 2 units of 3x1 crossbowmans (need 1 expansion only). I hope I understand it right, that 3x 1 means i need 3 figures. So i dont need more than 1 expansion of crosbowman because I never use more than 6 figures in 1 game. The same with cores, never see in these list using more than 16 spearmans, maybe using rune golems and big serpent miniatures and human cavalery model. Core box is great value but if I have lots of minis I dont ever use...well is not so good afterwards. If I use more reanimates in one core have no problem to fill gaps with some archers. Never see lists here to using more than 16 reanimates+8 archers for reanimate army, maybe I understand something wrong. Is 2x3 mean I need six figures? Local shop has huge discount cca 60% but only fore some boxes not for everything, probably not have easy possibility to buy anything else on cheap easy. May i Buy: 2 cores, 1 command pack for each army, 1 expansion of crosbowmen, 1 expansion of death knight, 1 maro, 1 lord hawthorne (or 1 death knight expansion more?) or for the same price 1 core, 1 command pack for each army, 1 expansion of crosbowmen, 1 expansion of death knight, 1 maro, 1 lord hawthorne, 1 elf starter, 1 elf command pack (or 1 death knight expansion more?) (or + 1 essential pack) for the same price? Elf core+elf command pack+essential pack cost the same as human/undead starter. Also when I see elf army lists, I think that one elf core is enough, these list have lot of ventala skirmischers/tons of scions/ starter here is not so good value I think. Don know if its good ideat o buy 1 elf starter and command pack instead of 1 core box without posibility to buy another units cheap to expand. But maybe is better solution have another one army with unit variability with posibility to use elf units in both armies (hero abilities) or using Aymhelin Scion as rune golem as proxy or elf archers as xbow unit. Dont know its good idea. I dont want invest a lot into death game. No problem for me to proxy cards and dials. EDIT: More and more I read I am more confused, if I want more command packs for army/death knight and think to leave cheap elves at home and buy second core instead.
  4. Really no plan for reprint? Hobbit fim is coming.
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