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  1. Just wanted to express my thoughts on the Rotation Cycle for the LCG formats. First, I love the LCG format and how it is presented. I like knowing what I'm getting and knowing that it will be competative. My game of Choice in Android Netrunner. I don't like the idea though that the thought that some cards I use now will no longer be allowed or used in the future. Decks have been established and some of those cards are vital to those decks' success. I fully understand that as more cards and packs come out, the individual games could become watered down. I'm a completist and likes to have complete sets of everything I buy. Coming in new to a game and knowing some cards have been rotated out, it would constantly bother me not having those cards. (It's a sickness, I know.) I much preferr what has been done with Call of Cthulhu where only deluxe expansions are being produced less frequently or the Warhammer Invasion idea where the game has enough with it now and is considered to stand on it's own without any further expansions. That makes the game even more appealing to me because now I have a goal to shoot for. There are a certain number of expansions and there is a definite time when you can say, "I have everything for this game, a complete set." I would like to see this done with Android Netrunner, Star Wars and the other LCG's. In my opinion, knowing a collection will come to an ending has definite appeal to a completist like me and may encourage me to start purchasing a new series know I will eventually complete the set and not have cards rotate out of use. This is just my opinion and I hope it doesn't provoke any hate messages or unnecessary spamming from the Fantasy Flight Community.
  2. Sorry, I think I bought the last $40 copy from Amazon. I've been watching the price and noticed that the Innsmouth Horror was only $40 and there was 1 copy left at that price. The next price jump was $60. I bought it and the price went up. I didn't want to miss out. Keep checking the prices in case they restock and go back down in price.
  3. Also works to hold up the Gate Tokens. New life and new enjoyment to an already new game.
  4. Just recently got into Arkham Horror a few months ago. Already have 2 expansions. Every character sheet and Ancient One Sheet is laminated. Every Card is sleeved. The only thing I didn't like is how the ends of the character figures became indented by the plastic stands. I just remedied this by creating a stand from a paperclip (large), two small piece of crafting felt (to cover the sharp end of the paper clips), and some hot glue to secure the felt to the paperclip ends. Stands work perfect which I will also use for the monsters now too. Everything is well protected for any foreseeable damage or wear and tear. Maybe I'm just neurotic.
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