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    Event type and DL

    These forums are entirely for the community. FFG does not post here at all.* *Exception is the rare instance when a moderator locks a thread.
  2. Indeed an excellent resource. If only FFG could maintain as good of a deck builder for the community. CGDB's builder (owned by FFG) isn't terrible, per se, but it doesn't have any options to enforce OP roles and doesn't check the restricted list.
  3. dbmeboy

    How do you win with a Crane deck?

    Holy necro, Batman. Pretty good chance that OP has managed to find themselves some new cards since last June.
  4. dbmeboy

    Flight of the crane

    Two things: -I don't see the release date, am I just missing it? Relevant because I'm moving for a job this summer and don't want to preorder it with the wrong delivery address. -Can anyone figure out how to get the preorder link to work? It's not working for me. Edit: FFG subsequently removed the link, so I guess that answers that.
  5. Nope. Luke's Speeder Bike has a different card title than Luke Skywalker. Same applies for Red 5.
  6. I agree, but they did 1x of the neutral provinces in CotE so I don't have much hope.
  7. dbmeboy

    Set Legality for Children of the Empire

    Answer is: it's complicated. By printed rules, CotE should be legal immediately for Elemental Challenges (they're a formal level event) but 11 days later for Koteis (they're a premiere level event). However, OP has tweeted/posted on Facebook that CotE would not be legal for Elemental Challenges until 11 days after release (while also stating that those remain formal level events). Do Tweets count as official rulings overriding printed rules? Most would probably go with the tweets, but it certainly puts whomever is running the events in a weird place.
  8. dbmeboy

    Children of Tradition

    The bully is insecure beneath his bluster. Doesn't make him less of a bully, but does a good job making him human instead of a caricature.
  9. dbmeboy

    Seeking the Truth & Display of Power?

    Answered in the rules forum, but the answer is that Display is weird. It is played when its triggering condition occurs (ie when you lose the conflict) but its effects don't actually happen until a couple of steps later (when your opponent goes to resolve the ring effect).
  10. dbmeboy

    Seeking the Truth & Display of Power?

    Display of Power is played first. From RRG pg 21 (or 23 if you want more detailed explanations) conflict resolution follows this flow: 3.2.3 Compare Skill Values - this is where winner is decided and then where Display of Power could be played if you lost and it was unopposed. 3.2.4 Apply Unopposed 3.2.5 Break Province 3.2.6 Resolve Ring effects - this is where Display of Power's delayed effects kick in and cancel the ring effect, allow you to resolve it instead, and then claim the ring. 3.2.7 Claim Ring (this is where the ring would normally be claimed by the winner) 3.2.8 Return Home
  11. dbmeboy

    Sincere Challenger & Duel Bidding?

    Bob just got 1 honor from Dave and nobody won the duel. Edit: typo fixed
  12. You may also notice that FFG cannot actually sell IA on their website (and if you've been to GenCon, they don't carry it at their booth there either). IA stepping on the "board game" territory has been an issue for them since it launched.
  13. dbmeboy

    Card Sleeves

    My experience using FFG sleeves with SWLCG was that their sleeves were actually just slightly on the large side and that the edges/corners tended to get beat up pretty easily. I've had much more luck with Dragonshield sleeves for longevity.
  14. dbmeboy

    "house" question

    I think here is the misunderstanding. You can only Play or Use cards from the house you've chosen, where Use means Reap/Fight/Action. Constant effects (as printed on Upgrades) still work, destroyed effects still happen on cards outside of your chosen house, etc.
  15. dbmeboy

    Taryu-Jiai and the new dueling rules?

    It’s a bit of a mess. The old duels still initiate a duel, but they don’t Initiate a Duel with the rules baggage that comes with that phrase. I would have supported errata of the old duels to the new template, but oh well.
  16. dbmeboy

    Stay Your Hand doesn't do anything?

    Two observations: -New duels will all use the initiate a duel wording -While the old duels don’t have the implied/included rules of the initiate a duel wording, they still do initiate and then resolve a duel. See wording of the Duel entry.
  17. dbmeboy

    Taryu-Jiai and the new dueling rules?

    Being civil is the samurai way? 😁
  18. dbmeboy

    Taryu-Jiai and the new dueling rules?

    English is fun 😁
  19. dbmeboy

    Taryu-Jiai and the new dueling rules?

    Sorry... outside a conflict as in involving characters not participating, not outside the timing of a conflict.
  20. dbmeboy

    Taryu-Jiai and the new dueling rules?

    Worth noting that RAW actually prevented Taryu-Jiai from working with characters not participating previously but RRG stealth edited the Duel entry to allow it. Old RRG: Duel Some card abilities initiate a duel between two characters participating in a conflict. For the rules on how to resolve a duel, see “D. Duel Timing” on page 24. New RRG: Duel Some card abilities initiate a duel between two characters. For the rules on how to initiate and resolve a duel, see “D. Duel Timing” on page 25. EDIT: wording changed for clarity.
  21. dbmeboy

    Exhaust to Attack?

    Heh, that's what I get for not knowing the other FFG games (if it's not L5R or SWLCG, I won't recognize the terminology). 😁
  22. dbmeboy

    Exhaust to Attack?

    It's not really unreasonable to call the core set a 2-player core set. It does have instructions for building 2 learn-to-play decks. That said, the rules I see posted have different dates than the OP. Learn to Play is dated August 3, 2017 and RRG is October 17, 2018. Found here. The answer to the question: Yes, characters participating in a conflict (attacking or defending) bow at the end of the conflict. This is included in the Learn to Play rules (pg 13, under the heading "End of Conflict).
  23. While I see: -Sentence talking about how any and all damage a creature has accumulated at any point in time is tracked (nothing resembling your step 1 and not really step 2) -State based statement for constantly checking amount of damage vs power. For whatever it's worth, if you interpret it as a timing step, reducing a creature to 2 power (for example) that already had 2 damage would also not destroy the creature because the destruction is tied to a timing step. While things could certainly be done that way, I didn't see anyone arguing for that case (which would make 0 damage/0 power not just a corner case). Anyways, it's pretty clear we're not going to interpret that paragraph the same way so probably not worth continuing to clog up the board. Have a great day. 🙂
  24. See, this is where we disagree. I don't see the damage rules implying any sort of timing. They just say: DAMAGE Damage a creature has taken is tracked by placing damage tokens on the creature. If a creature has an amount of damage on it equal to or greater than its power, the creature is destroyed. Nothing in that seems to indicate a timing point for checking for destruction to me. It tells you how damage is tracked and in what state (damage>=power) a creature is destroyed.
  25. To me, it looks like a state-based effect comparing amount of damage to power. But again, academic debate now that there's a response.