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  1. 3 - Actually, Luke's Speeder Bike only removes itself from the engagement. Any remaining units, including any defenders declared, must focus to strike before the engagement can end. Defenders must strike, even if the strike won't do anything.
  2. Characters that are in play. Unless an ability specifically says otherwise, things only affect in-play cards.
  3. You might think so, but that's the kind of thing that's really hard to define technically without creating weird corner cases where your intentions break down.
  4. Yeah I think he was trying to give an example of how just having a duel was a change in game state as you could have a duel winner and a duel loser. But example wasn't really necessary.
  5. I don't see how it makes it that much less valuable. UtD still "wins" in the end. The ruling is just that you're allowed to play the cards that modify skills still (previously had been ruled that they couldn't be played because they didn't alter the game state).
  6. If we ever get final rules, maybe he ends up on the multi-player banned list.
  7. Also worth noting that FFG OP has seen significant turnover since that was originally posted. No idea if that still represents their rotation plans.
  8. Just a heads up, you'll get more views either on the facebook group or on cardgamedb. Very few of the SWLCG players use these forums.
  9. At the bottom of the page, there is a "contact" link that can get you to a rules question submission form.
  10. These forums are entirely for the community. FFG does not post here at all.* *Exception is the rare instance when a moderator locks a thread.
  11. Indeed an excellent resource. If only FFG could maintain as good of a deck builder for the community. CGDB's builder (owned by FFG) isn't terrible, per se, but it doesn't have any options to enforce OP roles and doesn't check the restricted list.
  12. Holy necro, Batman. Pretty good chance that OP has managed to find themselves some new cards since last June.
  13. Two things: -I don't see the release date, am I just missing it? Relevant because I'm moving for a job this summer and don't want to preorder it with the wrong delivery address. -Can anyone figure out how to get the preorder link to work? It's not working for me. Edit: FFG subsequently removed the link, so I guess that answers that.
  14. Nope. Luke's Speeder Bike has a different card title than Luke Skywalker. Same applies for Red 5.
  15. I agree, but they did 1x of the neutral provinces in CotE so I don't have much hope.
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