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  1. The force commit cards are not an enhancement. Desperation destroys each unit without an enhancement on it. Therefore, force commit cards do not prevent a card from being destroyed by Desperation.
  2. dbmeboy

    Fiction Library

    Sitting in Ohio in 30F weather with snow on the ground right now... Sounds like our winter runs later than the Alaska winter.
  3. dbmeboy

    Nightsister and Night keyword

    Probably, but errata usually is reserved for fixing cards that don't work right or are too powerful.
  4. dbmeboy

    Repentance Does Not Come First

    I'm enjoying the lore so far. It's not been easy getting into, particularly with the number of non-English terms thrown around, but I figure there's no rush for me to understand everything. In the mean time, I lurk and try to absorb as much as I can.
  5. dbmeboy

    Repentance Does Not Come First

    Thanks for humoring my lack of knowledge :-) Sounds like I need to go read through the RPG beta next. I just reread all of the other FFG fiction in preparation for the book, but looks like I still have time before it gets here.
  6. dbmeboy

    Secluded Shrine + Know the World

    Specifically, the posts on CGDB contain the responses received from Tyler from people who submitted rules questions through the official rules question link on FFG’s website. Technically, there’s no real way to verify that the posted responses are real and not fabricated... but unless it’s a Scorpion player it seems pretty safe ;-)
  7. dbmeboy

    Repentance Does Not Come First

    Yeah, it’s the background knowledge I’m missing. Like all the discussion about maho. I don’t really have any idea what it is or what “kansen” are or any things like that. On one hand, I could go look things up in a wiki... but I don’t want to get confused with elements FFG changes (or have plot points they don’t change spoiled for me). I’ve seen a couple of references to the RPG. Does the ffg beta copy have significant background lore information that I should go read? Or are people referring to one of the older editions?
  8. dbmeboy

    Repentance Does Not Come First

    Man, reading the discussion here leaves me feeling like I'm missing a ton of context by not being familiar with the L5R lore prior to the LCG. I wonder what all I've missed from all the other stories...
  9. Minimums are absolute, so it would cost 3. Welcome to the game! If you're looking for more active discussion, most of the online activity for the game happens at cardgamedb.com. There's also a pretty active Facebook group to arrange Skype games.
  10. dbmeboy

    Game is Officially Dead...

    And a dial. Can't be an FFG game without a dial.
  11. Welcome to the game! The short answer is that it’s very situation dependent. Long answer, by attacking multiple times, you can make your opponent have to worry about blocking multiple engagements. This can get you more bang for you buck with various combat tricks. Alternatively, if some of those are unopposed, you do more total damage by getting an extra unopposed bonus or 2. On the other hand, you leave your opponent the ability to use cards that remove damage from objectives. So in some instances it’s definitely better to not leave damage sitting around. Also, for what it’s worth, most of the community uses the forums on cardgamedb.com over these forums. You’ll get more views and answers there than here.
  12. This is probably the best card database currently available. The Lando is from the Rogue Squadron cycle, Ready for Takeoff pack. Objective set number 142. Nien Nunb is from the Oppositions cycle, Meditation and Mastery pack. Objective set number 243. Falcon is from the Edge of Darkness deluxe expansion. Objective set number 72.
  13. dbmeboy

    Game is Officially Dead...

    I would not complain about this at all... but I certainly don't expect it.
  14. dbmeboy

    Game is Officially Dead...

    I don't think anyone here is going to be able to answer that question for you. You could try asking ffg (via Twitter maybe?), but I doubt you'll get any response.
  15. dbmeboy

    Future of the Game

    No mistakes allowed on the internet!