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  1. The Star Wars mechanics aren't complex. The decision tree gets very complex. Especially since every card has at least 2 functions with edge battles.
  2. The advantage of including 2 copies of an objective set is in the increased deck consistency. You're much more likely to find your best cards if you have 2 copies of them in the deck. Plus, drawing duplicates of unique cards isn't as useless as it would be in other games because the duplicate card can be used in an edge battle. Most people try to keep decks to 1 or 2 affiliations. In the case of the decks I suggested, the affiliation cards used require that they be 2 affiliations. In general, resource matching gets tricky when you're running 3 affiliations. You'll often end up with only 1 (or even zero) source or resources for one of the affiliations and have more than 1 card of that affiliation you want to play. There are exceptions, of course, but in general you should probably look to keep your decks to 1 or 2 affiliations. Also, looks like the admin approved your posts on cardgamedb. You'll no longer need to wait for your posts to appear. The site also includes a deck builder and a card list that shows which cards come in which packs so if you ever want to expand your collection you can scout out what you want.
  3. It's pretty tough to get a super synergistic LS deck from that card pool. My starting point would be something like: Affiliation: No Questions Asked A Hero's Journey A Journey to Dagobah (could also be In You Must Go, Forgotten Heroes, or A New Beginning) The Secret of Yavin 4 Ties of Blood x2 Questionable Contacts No Match for a Good Blaster x2 Spirit of Rebellion x2 If you wanted to try something a little more aggressive, you could go with: Affiliation: Mercenary Contacts That Bucket o' Bolts x2 Spirit of Rebellion x2 Questionable Contacts No Match for a Good Blaster The Defense of Yavin 4 The Rebel Fleet Draw Their Fire Green Squadron Deployment Heroes of the Rebellion x2
  4. I should also have mentioned that your posts on cgdb won't appear until one is "approved" by the admin (an anti-spam measure). I'm on of the moderators over there, so I can see that you've made an account and posted, but I don't have approval powers. Be patient and they will pop up when the FFG admin approves it. I'm at work tonight, but if things are slow I'll take a look through those force packs and see what I can come up with.
  5. Welcome! I'd guess that part of your issue is that your deck is trying to pull itself in too many different directions. It has some good units, but is missing some synergy in the interactions. A couple of questions before we can help though: 1. What products do you have to build with? 2. What kind of deck are you wanting to build? Something super fast and aggressive? Or something more control oriented? One other note: the vast majority of the game's community doesn't use these forums. Most of the discussion happens on cardgamedb.com. You'll get more advice (and faster advice) there than you will here.
  6. I mean, they tried with the rotation thing... but the rotation needs to be much more aggressive than after 8 cycles to be effective.
  7. Counted manually and got 34 characters instead of the 44 listed in the heading, so should be legal.
  8. Rotation is still a bit off. We're now 2 packs into the 6th cycle and rotation doesn't happen until the 8th cycle starts. As far as what to get next, the deluxe sets are all good options. They'll never rotate and generally have some very useful sets for the featured affiliations. You'll only need 1 copy of each deluxe set to have full play sets (exception: Edge of Darkness needs 2 copies, it basically acts as an extension to the core set for Smugglers/Scum). The one deluxe you might not want is Balance of the Force as it's focused on multiplayer (2v2 or 1v2 and 1v3 challenge decks). Beyond that, you can get the packs in whatever order you'd like. Cardgamedb has card lists of everything available in every pack, so you can scout and buy the packs that have the cards you want most.
  9. Going out on a limb, he'd want a board wipe because in basically every card game the existence of a board wipe creates interesting tactical tension (if you're ahead on board position do you stay put or press the advantage and risk the boar wipe). But it's only a dream card for him instead of actually being a card because the game mechanics make a board wipe less useful. That said, at the right cost a board wipe could still work. Take out more fate in characters than you spend on the wipe and it's effectively a resource advantage.
  10. If you want more opinions, you should go check out cardgamedb.com. Most of the community for this game uses those forums instead of these.
  11. I don't think you'd have any problems as long as you didn't obscure text and the card wasn't distinguishable (e.g. Isn't noticeably thicker). I'd personally be more nervous about damaging the card.
  12. Also, it's probably worth mentioning that the main online community for the game uses cardgamedb instead of this site. That is mostly secondary to FFG's forums being constantly broken when the game first launched.
  13. Correct, you could build 2 decks with just 2 force packs. You'd have to be careful which packs though. Since every pack has 5 unique objective sets (2 copies of each), it has to split 3/2 or 2/3 LS/DS. So with 2 force packs you could end up with a 5/5 split on LS/DS objective sets, but you could also end up split 6/4 and only able to build a deck on one side. That said, I would not recommend trying to build decks with just 2 force packs and no other cards. You'll be split across all 3 affiliations, which will make resource match when paying for cards difficult. You also won't necessarily have much synergy between your sets. That said, it would probably still be *balanced* since both your LS and DS decks built that way would face the same problems.
  14. You choose at least 10 objectives which can be mixed from any products you want. Could be all from Rogue Squadron. Could have 9 from Rogue Squadron and 1 from Core. Could even play more than 10 objective sets if you really wanted to, though that's unusual. Does that answer your question?
  15. I don't think there was any LCG news at all, outside of L5R.