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  1. They, in fact, do have an official rules question form.
  2. Balance of the Force is a unique expansion in that it primarily contains challenge decks, made to be played 1v3 (or 1v2). It also contains a set of cards for each affiliation that are focused on multiplayer games (ie 2v2). The cards are usable in normal 1v1 games, but sometimes less efficient that they would be otherwise. I think in a pure $/card comparison, the regular expansions and deluxe sets are pretty similar. The deluxe sets mainly have the advantage of focus. For instance, if you want to make a better Sith deck, it's much easier to buy the deluxe Galactic Ambitions than hunt through and buy several individual force packs.
  3. No problem with trying here, I totally understand. Just thought I'd give you the heads up since relatively few players check these forums. That said, the few of us who do check over here try to be helpful, so hopefully you're in good hands still. Feel free to ask any questions you have whether "what to buy" type questions or rules/strategy questions.
  4. I'm guessing they were a bit busy running the world championships last week. Not sure why it took until this Thursday, but not surprised they didn't get it last week.
  5. Welcome to the game! The quickest way to get a wide variety of cards is a copy of the core set and a copy of Edge of Darkness. That will give you a single copy of each of a ton of different cards. They wouldn't be competitive decks, but would be more than enough for casual play. After that, the easiest thing to do is check out the various other deluxe expansions (Between the Shadows for Jedi/Scum, Imperial Entanglements for Imperial/Smugglers, and Galactic Ambitions for Sith/Rebel). Also, you should check out cardgamedb.com... most of the community uses those forums instead of these.
  6. I wonder if it is Banzai though. At some point in writing out the deck list he decided to drop it from x3 to x2, and rewrote it as For Rokugan. Pure speculation, but otherwise the conflict deck is at 43 cards.
  7. This becomes a problem when the stores in question host a store championship or regional level event and players from other areas travel to the events. Those players have a reasonable expectation that the FFG organized play rules will be followed. For other local events, play however you want. It's a game, have fun :-)
  8. There's also a link here on the FFG site to get an email response to a rules question.
  9. Worth noting that Asmodee and FFG merged a while back... so it's on both of them.
  10. Nope. You play Display of Power after 3.2.3, but it then sets up a delayed effect to cancel the ring effect (can't cancel it until it tries to resolve at 3.2.6). When you get to 3.2.6, DoP's delayed effect cancels the ring effect and then you get to resolve the ring effect yourself. Unfortunately, in this case you're a step too late and your opponent already won the game at 3.2.5 when they broke your stronghold province.
  11. Indeed. Thanks! I look forward to meeting everyone when I move there in July (or at Winter Court next week).
  12. Doesn't look like I've been approved yet. Though on the mobile browser it looked like maybe my responses hadn't submitted, so that may be why.
  13. Joining the group, but not moving to St Louis until next July. :-)
  14. My experience has mostly been that Star Wars is easier to get playing (albeit poorly). Contrasted to L5R where the analysis paralysis built into the dual conflict type and ring selection (plus the alternating actions instead of single player turns) seems to really slow people down. I know that our L5R release event had people taking 3+ hours to get through their initial games (and that was with me already basically knowing the rules and trying to help move games along). I've never seen Star Wars take near that long when learning. Don't get me wrong, I like both games. I just feel like Star Wars has its complexity a little more buried (you can get the gist and play poorly pretty quickly) while L5R has the complexity much more apparent (you immediately realize how complex it is and still play poorly, but spend a lot of time trying to play well instead). If that makes sense.
  15. Yeah, FFG has done this for Thrones and Netrunner. Have not done it for SWLCG. That said, I'd guess they'll do something similar for L5R.