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  1. Game is Officially Dead...

    And a dial. Can't be an FFG game without a dial.
  2. Welcome to the game! The short answer is that it’s very situation dependent. Long answer, by attacking multiple times, you can make your opponent have to worry about blocking multiple engagements. This can get you more bang for you buck with various combat tricks. Alternatively, if some of those are unopposed, you do more total damage by getting an extra unopposed bonus or 2. On the other hand, you leave your opponent the ability to use cards that remove damage from objectives. So in some instances it’s definitely better to not leave damage sitting around. Also, for what it’s worth, most of the community uses the forums on cardgamedb.com over these forums. You’ll get more views and answers there than here.
  3. This is probably the best card database currently available. The Lando is from the Rogue Squadron cycle, Ready for Takeoff pack. Objective set number 142. Nien Nunb is from the Oppositions cycle, Meditation and Mastery pack. Objective set number 243. Falcon is from the Edge of Darkness deluxe expansion. Objective set number 72.
  4. Game is Officially Dead...

    I would not complain about this at all... but I certainly don't expect it.
  5. Game is Officially Dead...

    I don't think anyone here is going to be able to answer that question for you. You could try asking ffg (via Twitter maybe?), but I doubt you'll get any response.
  6. Future of the Game

    No mistakes allowed on the internet!
  7. Future of the Game

    Ah, yeah. The actual quote is LCG. Didn't catch the mistake in the other post.
  8. Future of the Game

    To be fair, it didn't have to outsell either of those to be the 2nd highest selling LCG at the time. At the time (this was 2013 I think?), Netrunner was the top seller. It just had to be selling better than CoC, AGoT 1e, Invasion, and LotR, I think. X-Wing is not an LCG and entirely irrelevant to the statement.
  9. SW LCG Dream Cards

    Just so you know, I can see that you've created an account on cgdb and have a post pending there. Due to anti-spam measures (and the site gets a ton of attempted spam), the initial post by a new account has to be approved by an administrator, after which you'll be able to post without any delay. It can take the admin a day or 2 sometimes, but your post will appear. Welcome to cgdb!
  10. SW LCG Dream Cards

    Reason is likely that very few people use these forums at all (community for the most part migrated to cgdb a while ago). It had been 10 months since anyone had posted in this thread before the question was asked (and another 7 months before you necro'd it again).
  11. Game is Officially Dead...

    It's not like there aren't multiple instances of fan communities continuing games for long after they've been officially discontinued. Here's a few examples, including 2 previous Star Wars card games. Star Wars CCG Star Wars TCG Star Trek
  12. Game is Officially Dead...

    The community is already working to organize and continue to support the game after FFG is finished. The game will live on.
  13. Future of the Game

    Community is already preparing to continue supporting the game after FFG is finished. I just hope FFG prints enough product to keep it possible for new players to get into the game.
  14. Shiba Peacemaker/Cloud the Mind

    They, in fact, do have an official rules question form.
  15. Balance of the Force is a unique expansion in that it primarily contains challenge decks, made to be played 1v3 (or 1v2). It also contains a set of cards for each affiliation that are focused on multiplayer games (ie 2v2). The cards are usable in normal 1v1 games, but sometimes less efficient that they would be otherwise. I think in a pure $/card comparison, the regular expansions and deluxe sets are pretty similar. The deluxe sets mainly have the advantage of focus. For instance, if you want to make a better Sith deck, it's much easier to buy the deluxe Galactic Ambitions than hunt through and buy several individual force packs.