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  1. dbmeboy


    About the only thing that really breaks down in 3+ player games is captured aether.
  2. dbmeboy

    Gambling Loot Box - FFG is the new EA

    Sure, but it would be easier to take the concerns seriously (instead of seeing it as trolling) if this wasn’t complaining about a relatively standard industry practice. If you made a list off all the games with a blind buy mechanic, you’ll have a very long list. Of current FFG games, this would be just the 2nd (Destiny being the other one). It’s a practice I’m not a huge fan of, which is why I like playing LCGs and don’t collect Destiny, but reacting like this is a new, horribly exploitive practice comes off as intentionally baiting. There’s also the quick look through Lace’s post history showing no such thread created complaining about Destiny being a loot box. At least be consistent.
  3. dbmeboy

    And what about translation and unique ?

    Sounds like the only solution is to buy a bunch of decks in every language they're printed in! 😁
  4. dbmeboy

    Page 13 Short Stories and Introduction to Houses?

    More likely actually pages before page 13. So that the current page 13 will actually end up being page 15 or something in the physical book?
  5. dbmeboy

    The game will get stale fast?

    Thing to note for your specific example: all decks have a built in way to resurrect things. When you get through your deck you shuffle your discard pile and keep going.
  6. dbmeboy

    GenCon - A Bittersweet End...

    Posted on CGDB.
  7. dbmeboy

    GenCon - A Bittersweet End...

    No second set of MtFBWY. To be fair, the prize support article only mentions 1 set. There was, on the other hand, a bunch of extra acrylic tokens so everyone who stayed around for round 5 got 2 sets of those.
  8. FFG has not traditionally streamed events at GenCon. It's possible they will be this year, but I wouldn't hold your breath.
  9. dbmeboy

    Second Edition?

    If you're wanting a fun game to play casually, who cares if there aren't going to be any new (official) cards or tournaments? Give it a try! I'd certainly recommend the game. As for a 2nd edition, I rather doubt it. My guess is that Destiny has replaced the LCG as the Star Wars card game FFG is devoting time to.
  10. dbmeboy

    Dreams of Shadow

    Can someone explain to me like I'm an idiot exactly what's going on in this story? I don't have any background in the old L5R lore and I'm completely failing at following the discussion here about Shadow and Nameless One and such. Thanks. 🙂
  11. You are correct. I already talked to Tyler about it, so hopefully it will be fixed whenever they publish the next version.
  12. dbmeboy

    Endless Plains Clarification

    Honestly, it's usually most useful when first revealed. In part because it's relatively easy to break so you might not get another chance to use it and in part because it's easy for your opponent to play around when they know it's coming.
  13. dbmeboy

    Endless Plains Clarification

    All triggered abilities (Actions, Reactions, and Interrupts) are optional (at the choice of the player controlling the card) unless they say “Forced.” So the breakdown with Endless Plains is: after an attack is declared against it you can choose to use its Reaction. If you don’t, the conflict continues as normal and if it survives you can use it instead on a future attack.
  14. Correct. Effects only target if they specifically use the word "target."
  15. The force commit cards are not an enhancement. Desperation destroys each unit without an enhancement on it. Therefore, force commit cards do not prevent a card from being destroyed by Desperation.