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  1. dbmeboy

    Pitlord VS. Restringuntus

    The effects don't conflict. You can't choose Dis and you can't choose [not-Dis]. The rules cover what you do: play your turn with no active house. Pg 10, House Choice: HOUSE CHOICE Each turn, a player must choose one of the three houses indicated by their identity card, if able. Some card abilities may restrict a player’s house choice. If a player has gained control of a card that does not belong to one of their three houses, that card’s house becomes an eligible choice for that player while the player retains control of the card. If there is no legal choice of house, the player plays the turn with no active house. If a player is faced with two (or more) “must choose” mandates, the player may choose either of those options.
  2. dbmeboy

    Video about OP with keynotes

    That link already exists (it's the same link as for all FFG products).
  3. dbmeboy

    What Were the Words!?

    I'm perhaps unreasonably excited about seeing what the "defective" deck names are next week.
  4. dbmeboy

    DO shields reset at the beginning of your turn?

    Yep, that's how it works.
  5. dbmeboy

    Clan Choices at Winter Court 2018

    Champion named Erik picks the character whose art looks exactly like former FFG employee and L5R Designer Erik (who is also a Crane player from old5R). I like it.
  6. dbmeboy

    Worlds coverage?

    I’d assume Imperial Advisor will be covering things on their website: imperialadvisor.com
  7. dbmeboy

    No rulebook in the starter set.

    FFG shifted to this for their other card games recently (see L5R or Destiny, for example). Allows them to maintain a "living document" style rules reference online, which can be updated much more quickly without needing to worry about making changes in the next print run of the physical product. M:tG "starter" decks similarly don't include full rules. Doesn't really bother me, as long as the quick-start rules are good enough to get playing.
  8. dbmeboy

    Offer Testimony

    I mean, you only get punished for it if you choose to play a card with entirely predictable results in that situation. Your opponent did not reveal a card, so they cannot possibly have revealed a card with the lowest cost. Analogy: My friend and I have a basket of apples. My friend eats and apple and I do not. The question is asked: who ate the smallest apple? The fact that I didn't eat any apples does not qualify me as having eaten the smallest apple.
  9. dbmeboy

    Offer Testimony

    Also, non-existent does not inherently have a numerical value of zero. There's a difference between having a value of zero and not having a value at all.* *This would change if a rule was added to the RRG to have the game treat this situation as revealing a card with value of 0, but I don't expect that to happen.
  10. dbmeboy

    Going for time

    Bring on the 10+ hour tournaments! But more seriously, I understand that just because I wouldn't mind too much doesn't mean even longer tournaments would be a good thing.
  11. Have to disagree there. Might as well say apple has more in common with 0 than it does with 6.
  12. I mean, the rules reference question is easy enough: RRG itself says it goes into effect Oct 9. That's before worlds, so the RRG is in effect (unless you're speculating that a new one will be released between now and then).
  13. Wait, what? I just went and double checked and my dials don't have a 0 on them. So they didn't put it on the dial with no purpose...