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  1. I've only played a few times(3?), and think I made at least three of those each time and led to me getting whupped. Thanks for posting this it'll be really helpful, just got to drum it into my head now! *prints list and begins revision*
  2. I will share the wealth dude, I'll teach other players, probably give away the spares to help guys who are interested, loan out decks and cards. I'm a nice guy. It'll be better for my corner of England to have me being super into it than me having one core-set and trying to build something from there in my opinion. You don't have to agree with me, or FFG for that matter & I think you've made that abundantly clear but it's what I'm doing. Also regardless of 'if you have the money' it is still cheaper than keeping up with standard in MTG, if you don't have the money you will be unable to keep up with either, that's not a nice position to be in I know but a sad fact of life. I never said anybody else had to follow suit either. Just to add that I'm competitive, I like to play that way and so when I do something I like to do it in that way, also I'm a collector and somehow feel 'incomplete' if my collections are.
  3. I suddenly really want to revisit Gorka-Morka!
  4. As the card pool expands I suspect these will see less play as we're bound to get more efficient cards that have command icons and 'planet presence'. I'm not sure how much I rate either these or the mine to be honest, but I'm quite an aggro player so I don't know anything other than 'turn guys sideways'!
  5. I'm thinking Marines, based solely on my love of their background.
  6. Do it! Best background in sci-fi (my opinion don't hate me it'll make me cry) Really good production values Awesome art Cool game Makes friends on your behalf Unpronounceable Character names Do it!
  7. I think 15 twelves is actually $180? Only a slight difference but ti pushes the yearly cost to possibly $240. It's not just cheaper than keeping up with the war game, it's a miles cheaper model than most of the CCGs, even if you only buy singles that you require to 'keep up'. It's a bit like finally getting shot of the brown stuff & moving onto methadone, you finally know what your actually getting for your money & you know exactly how much you're paying!
  8. I'm going to do binders (the wife will probably beat me and then make me keep them in some hard to get at location ) but I think that it'll make my life easier that way! Really love those custom gadgets though...
  9. About how some games (Catan etc) intuitively point you in the right direction by forcing your actions to some degree whilst in this (and most other card games in my experience) force you to work out where you went wrong which is not always easy. The big why did I loose that, and what should I do differently. Personally I think that's why I play games like this, because they push us to find out what & why, but it's an important point to be made in my opinion as some people like to be (or even need to be) led by the hand. Probably sounds dense to most people on here (who seem to be LCG fans) but things like efficiency, card advantage & how we garner those are important, nay vital, to victory but often times these points are lost as we get caught up in the huge effects and combos we might do if only this can happen first... Given the site on which Wytefang is doing this review is open to all kinds of gamers I think it was well worth pointing out!
  10. Just finished, and it's very thorough. Personally I haven't read the rules (I'm saving myself for the big night ) and it was interesting to have them summarised. I like that you were pretty frank in your statement about what you felt was it's worst point although in my experience of card games they mostly suffer from the same thing to a certain degree.
  11. Good advice, thanks very much!
  12. I know this has probably been asked a million times before, so apologies if I'm boring you but as a new-comer to LCGs (I've always been put off by initial outlay because I get interested two years in!) I would like to ask how you guys store cards for these games? I play CCGs but since the majority of my collections for those are jank they're just sorted into boxes. I wondered if it would be best to get a binder/folders and if so what kind is recommended?
  13. I'll order a third then! (Better hide the boxes from Mrs Mark though!) I guess it depends where you're from gaming background wise. For 40K fans it's a tough sell admittedly but for those like myself from a TCG/CCG background this is actually cheaper than taking up a new deck in one of those games. It is a pain but FFG have to make money from us somehow!
  14. So it's deffo worth buying a third set then? (Pre-ordered two already) I think that's not too bad really to get the cards to play something 'properly' the outlay would be enormous for any of the big CCGs!
  15. Hey, it went really well, pretty sure I'll get a few expansions next, the deluxe ones probably. Just one question we had was what are you entitled to do 'in response'? We took a vote and said that only tactics & card actions could be added to the stack, but being magic players there could have been some shenanigans with that? Also can you add actions as the stack resolves?
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