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  1. Ah, they don't ship to Australia
  2. Thanks very much for that. I knew the people would deliver!
  3. I'm hoping the collective power of the internet will be able to help me here. A couple of months ago I saw a product for people using 6x4 mats. The product was simple and something easily doable from getting some MDF cut or similar but the lazy person inside my head just wants to buy the product and not put in any effort. The product came with two barriers that you put on both long edges of your mat to basically take up that extra 1 foot turning your 6x4 mat into a 6 x 3 mat. Does anyone know the product I'm talking about or was I having a fever dream when I saw this? I can't find anything like it using google.
  4. There doesn't seem to be any suppliers in Australia who have them at the moment either!
  5. Ah! I knew there must be a reason, thanks.
  6. So I think we ended up losing but the following scenario came up last night in our game. The final mission was available and troops assigned to it. During the resolution phase the global and orbital defence went poorly with more than 2 continents falling into panic (a loss condition). However, the app does not ask for the continents status until you complete the mission phase of the resolution turn. During the mission phase we completed the final mission (win condition). The next phase of the resolution turn asks for the continents panic levels. I input the levels and we lost. Did we win or lose? Clearly the app says we lost but why does it force you to play the mission step if you already know before that if you have lost or not?
  7. I find the bookdepository.com is a pretty good place to order from living in Aus. They do free shipping and are cheaper than local retail. They don't do preorders though.
  8. The preview says there is some kind of two player squad building skirmish mode as well? Doesn't sound like it will all be Descent style campaign play.
  9. Seblys

    Gaming mats

    Does anyone know when the GF9 asteroids are going to be released?
  10. Now I'm worried, I only ordered mine the other week, didn't know they had a bad rep.
  11. But if you say own 3 tie fighter expansions, is it ok to use all the upgrade cards of them? Or are you not allowed to use double up's? I know you can't use the same named pilots more than once but I wasn't sure if that was the same for upgrade cards. I was wondering if that created an unfair advantage if you were playing against someone who only owned one of each ship.
  12. While I appreciate the amount of work and detail you put into the report, I didn't read it as it's way too long. On an a side note, how do you find your GW table? I was looking at getting one.
  13. I can't imagine we'll see a rulebook revision for some time…
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