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  1. This posting is for those of you that have played a fair amount of both WarhammerQuest:ACG and Heroes of Terrinoth. I have played WQ:ACG. I like it. I have not purchased or played HoT yet, but I did pore over the rules. Granted, both games are very similar. But not exactly. There are some minor differences. Do those differences make one game more favorable than the other? Or are they both basically the same game? If you have played both games, which one do you like better? And why?
  2. And it begins... 😄 A new RTL campaign is great news for Descent fans, especially for the solo players. What an unexpected surprise!
  3. A solo game based in the Terrinoth universe - Perfect! ? I've had to play solo games since my group has totally broken up. Getting other players and the time to get together is pretty much impossible these days. ? Descent with The App allowed the dungeon crawl to continue for solo play. It's definitely hardcore with all those pieces and tokens all over the table, but still a lot of fun. WHQ:ACG did fill a void for solo play. Too bad it died so abruptly because of the license issue. I expect a plethora of expansions for this new game. I'm really looking forward to the release of it. And basing it in Terrinoth gives it a nice familiarity - I already know these guys. The solo playing aspect is what really excites me. How many others are also considering it for its solo aspect?
  4. You know the old saying - You can never be too good looking, have too much money, or have enough clues in play. Clues are almost like gold in this game. Rerolling dice and solving mysteries takes a lot of clues. I don't have a problem collecting them. I have more of a problem getting them onto the board sometimes. Anyone have any advice or tips on how to get more clues onto the board? Who? Where do they have to be? Which decks need to be tapped? I only have the base game and Foresaken Lore expansion. Thanks in advance.
  5. Hello all. I know XCOM has been out for quite a while. Lately I've been interested in this game. Can anyone list the requirements for the Windows version of the App? I've already downloaded it but have not installed it yet. My PC is not the newest. I'd like to know if it has even a chance or running. I've looked but could not find any requirements listed in the downloaded ZIP files, the forums, or even on BGG. Or if I missed them, please point me in the right direction. Thanks.
  6. That's a good explanation. Thanks. I always find it interesting how not being familiar with a certain term can lead to various interpretations. Does that mean they will be distributed only by FFG and not other retailers, like Amazon?
  7. I have seen the news and postings about the new heroes. I have also seen some references to PoD, which I assume means Print On Demand (yes/no?) I'm admitting my confusion and am looking for some help. So..... are the new hero expansions actual cards that are packaged in a little box? Or do you get some kind of reference code and a link to print your own cards? I'm hoping the former and not the latter. (It's also possible that I really don't understand PoD) Does anyone actually have the new exp in their hands? What is the format? Cards or Codes? And if someone could explain PoD that would be great. Thanks.
  8. I have played both editions and have used both LOS systems. I have found that newer corner-to-corner line of sight gives the ranged attacker more flexibility over the older center-to-center line of sight concept. The attacker is able to spot the target from a larger selection of squares, which allows ranged attacks to occur more often. It also allows more ranged attackers to spot the same target at the same time. And in our group, ranged attacks are always preferred over melee attacks, for both the Heroes and the Overlord. Try this experiment: Set up some figures such as shown in the Rules LOS example. Count the number of squares where the attacker can be so he can still spot the target using both systems. You should find that the newer system will give more positions to attack from than the older system. And as Zaltyre said, the newer system is quicker and easier to use. It also reduces the number of in-game "discussions". Under the older system, if I had a nickel for every "You don't have LOS - Yes I do!" discussion...
  9. The Dwarf's (basic) Attack action gives him the option to "Engage up to 2 enemies" before he attacks. Engaging an enemy is basically moving the enemy from the Shadow Zone to your Engagement Zone. Right? My question is: Can you engage (move) an enemy from another hero's engagement zone to your own engagement zone? Or can you only engage (move) an enemy from the shadows? I had a situation where I wanted to pull a monster away from another hero because my Dwarf had a much better chance of defeating it than the other hero. The Rules don't really specify this, or did I miss something? If I see a mixture of opinions here, I will gladly send a query to FFG and then post their reply for all to view.
  10. Here's a ruling I received from FFG on the subject..... The enemy card is flipped faceup at the very start of the “Apply Results” step of an action, when the success results are resolved. Thus, resilience still applies and reduces the amount of wounds the enemy suffers, so in your case the enemy suffers 1 wound. On the other hand, if the same attack rolled zero successes, no wounds are applied and thus the enemy is not flipped face up. Finally, and probably the strangest of the situations, if there was one success, it is applied to the enemy, which flips face up, but then doesn’t actually suffer the wound because resilience reduces it. Thanks, Justin Kemppainen Board Game Manager Fantasy Flight Games
  11. Thanks for your interest but it all went to a good home. I've sent you a PM.
  12. I'll agree with that. In the rulebook - 11 Market Cards (1 Ally, 10 Items). In my possession - 1 Ally card and 10 Item cards. And here are their names: Rune Enchantress (ally), Cloak of Frozen Peaks, Quicksilver Blade, Shield of Glyphs, Elven Cloak, Dragon Scale Armor, Cursed Scarab, Scorpion Helmet, Sunplate, Bone Sword, Winged Blade. If you're short a card, at least you'll know which one
  13. Here are two quotes from the Rulebook, Shadow Zone section... Facedown enemies can be engaged, targeted by effects, or attacked. If the enemy suffers [wounds], is engaged, or activates, that enemy is revealed and its card is flipped faceup. While an enemy is facedown, any effects on its card do not apply. I am a little confused. Here's the scenario. Suppose a Hero makes a ranged attack against a face down enemy and rolls 2 successes. Are the 2 wounds applied before or after the enemy card is flipped face up? If the face down enemy is flipped up and it has a resilience of 1, does the attack ignore resilience and cause 2 wounds? Or does resilience come into play and only 1 wound is inflicted? Any help would be appreciated.
  14. Notice that the four Heroes don't have names? I don't know about you but I don't consider Bright Wizard and Warrior Priest to be a name. Those seem to be the Hero's title or profession. Anyone got any good ideas of names for our four Heroes?
  15. Hello to all. I am very interested in this game. I have not purchased it yet, due to availability issues, but that is a different topic. But I have printed the (on-line) rules and read them, and re-read them, which is what you got to do to most FFG games anyways, right? . I understand that there is a limit of three monsters allowed in your engagement area. Is there a limit to the number of monsters allowed in the shadow zone (face-up or face-down)?
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