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  1. Basically I wear the tessen cause i think it's cool (the item and the flavour). My point is it's a defensive option. Looking the items game stats and taking drawing techniques into account, a duelist would prefer to draw his wakizashi for better results. So i couldn't understand why my GM bars the tessen. Let's put it straight, it's not a Tetsubo to double-tap my daimyo... Besides my own high Honor should be enough to prove I'm not gonna hurt my master, but on the contrary, i would give my life for. And i think this is enough not to accept the Honor punishment in my very "deep down" as @Magnus Grendel said. If that was the case (abruptly attacking somebody) merely a pair of chopsticks should be enough, or a dinner tray. Even i could asphyxiate a guest with my own obi between chambers, or a big rock in a dark corner of the garden. As i always say it's not a weapon what makes you dangerous, but the sheer desire of killing. What pisses me is that if I accept the Honor punishment in this case, it sets precedent forever. So my character quits carrying the tessen at court chambers, and the item becomes useless (and that's what we don't want to happen, cause it's simply another rpg tool). * In the end i didn't bring the tessen just not to break the game flow and to finish the argument, but still think it's unfair... Thanks for your replies to all.
  2. In this case, my tessen is my 7 rarity gift option. It's supposed to be a gift from the Fox Clan (art decoration and motives included) to a Kakita Duelist in exchange of a personal favor. My character is very proud of displaying it in public (even a little bit pretentious). And the character profile was made 2 adventures prior, so no Soshuro-engineery forwarded. As a Duelist, he fears being killed out of duel (1 of the 20 Questions) bare-handed and acts paranoid accordingly. On the other hand, he fears not to be capable of protecting his Tsume master (actual Daimyo) at the dinner. You never know... or you always... I think it's totally not Out-of-Character atittude.
  3. I wish to know what's your opinion in this situation. "No Weapons Allowed" in a pre-wedding dinner party (at Shiro Kyoten). Should a character (69 Honor) be allowed to openly bring a tessen (Core Rulebook page 235)? Would it be a Breach of Etiquette? As for the description, I consider it not to, my G.M. says yes. He argues that as it comes in the Weapons Section, it is so. 🙄 Should be Honor/Glory punished for it? Tessen: Carried by courtiers and military leaders alike, tessen are fans specially built for fighting. However, they are not commonly viewed as weapons, and can be openly carried even into formal court chambers or negotiations. Usually made of wood with steel tines, they generally serve as defensive weapons, but wielders can also use them to deliver clubbing blows or to reinforce a punch.
  4. Butaman551 said: FFG started this thread to collect questions people wanted to submit to their upcoming FAQ. I don't think this is the appropriate place for us to be discussing our personal opinions on the rules…especially considering half of the time the result of that discussion is that we need an FAQ on said rules. Also, I really don't think we need to feel compelled to try answering other people's questions with our own opinions. FFG requested questions and people are posting them. If they really wanted us to help them with their questions, they would have posted a thread on it. So how about we stop clogging up and artificially inflating this thread so FFG can have an easier time sorting out the questions we all want them to get into an FAQ as soon as possible? Which was your question exactly?
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