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  1. I would suggest to use a "special" Dictator as the Hammerfall. Pls download my design for your Mighty Hammerfall It is a little retro-fitted, but I think it is completely OK. (https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_V-TFfDtG06RUk4NEFSZTJJQzQ/edit?usp=sharing ) This ship is a little bit modified: it has 2 bays on the Port side, and 2 plasma macro on the Starboard side (I would avoid the use of real broadsides BC NPCs don't really have the overall BS the fully utilise its potencial.). It has heavily boosted manouverability for better utility. So, the tactic is the following: The Mighty Hammerfall opens w/ torpedos from Silent Run (Empyrean Mantle)! You can safely launch 2 stack of torpedos before you have to start positioning. The Mighty Hammerfall should be positioned as its Starboard faces the enemy ship (your PC's ship ), and use its good manouverability to keep the macros on the enemy. Use the superior range of these macros to keep the PC's ship under fire, and reducing the distance bw the two ships. When the M.Hammerfall is in small-craft range, just send the crafts to finish the job. (If your PC group have a Teleportarium on their ship, they wanted to be within 5 VU anyway to use it, so surprise them w a good bunch of bombers.) Torpedo tube is interchangeable w/ any Prow-compatible weapon. It can be a good trade BC of the coverable fire arcs. 3 guns are always better than 2. I would suggest the use of Stygies-Pattern Bombardment Cannons BC of its superior Crit Rating. Other design would be the Hammerfall, the Silent Deathbringer. Use a full Disruption Macrocannons fit for Prow and 2xStarboard. Use Silent Run to blast the PCs ship w 3 Disr. Macro all at once. Release your mighty bombers and "negotiate" the hell out of your PCs. I think there is no higher motivation for a RT than revenge, if they had to surrender and were humiliated by an other RT. Seeds of hatred planted
  2. There is an Android game: Star Trader, which is a actually a Rogue Trader simulator I think. You can be merchant with a huge warship, bounty hunter, an artifact hunter, and there are several factions, and the (nearly) endless space for adventure. Oh, and there are some RPG elements: your ship can be upgraded and your captain can acquire XP and upgrade your skills. I love this game!
  3. I just want to point out that not the gravity is nullified at the L points - there is gravity force at that points -, only the gravity of stellar masses and the centrifugal force mutually nullify each other's effect. The gravity is an interpretable force connected to Warp travel - the centrifugal force is only interpretable within the stellar system of stellar masses. All in all: I think to use the L points of a system you should take 2 things in consideration. 1. You should enter into real-space in a L point of the stellar system and 2. You should enter into the system with a certain speed and direction. Thereby you can translate into the stellar system without the risk of deflection. To translate this into game mechanics I think we should use the Core rulebook as a strong point: to enter into realspace at the precise coordinates the N should make a Navigation (Warp) check with -20. It is an additional -10 to find the L points of the system - which can be negated by a -30 Common lore (Koronus Expanse) or a -20 Navigation (Stellar) check - and another -10 to find the right direction and speed to enter. - which can be negated by a -30/-40 Pilot (Spacecraft) check. In sum the N should do a -20-10-10 = -40 Navigation (Warp) test to safely enter into a system's L point. The Rogue Trader is the game of awesomeness and badassness - thereby it is not a problem to let the PCs do thing that any other (normal) imperial citizen wouldn't even think about It was an epic moment of our Rak-Gol campaing when the Pride of the Emperor - in response to the desperate astropathic cry for help - immediately jumped near the upper atmosphere of Damaris to save the colony from the Rak-Gol bombardment and to deflect the firepower of Rak-Gol ships. It was an unfortunate case that half of augur arrays were melted away from the heat of friction when the ship was deflected off from the atmosphere.( Consequence of a barely botched Navigation (Warp) test to enter into real-space.)
  4. Is it possible to make a micro pgrade on an exotic weapon? If yes, which weapon is reasonable, ot what are the key points of an exotic weapon possible make the micro upgrade? (ex: Needle rifle? Eldar deathspinner? )
  5. In BFK p. 123. Chapter 4 - Ground wars part states in the description of Heavy Aeronautica unit that the Fury interceptor is an example. The rules of this chapter say you can ACQ one Heavy (-20) Aeronautica (-30) Modern (-10) unit - like the Fury - with a -60 modifier with Volunteer (+/-0, 30 Skill rating) quality crew. In ItS p. 181. there is the Calixis-Pattern Fury Interceptor with an availability of Extr. Rare (-30). And that's it! ??? -30 VS -60 ???? Tell me the truth, Farseer!
  6. In BFK p. 123. Chapter 4 - Ground wars part states in the description of Heavy Aeronautica unit that the Fury interceptor is an example. The rules of this chapter say you can ACQ one Heavy (-20) Aeronautica (-30) Modern (-10) unit - like the Fury - with a -60 modifier with Volunteer (+/-0, 30 Skill rating) quality crew. In ItS p. 181. there is the Calixis-Pattern Fury Interceptor with an availability of Extr. Rare (-30). And that's it! ??? -30 VS -60 ???? Tell me the truth, Farseer!
  7. Hi, First: After some fluff and stuff my character, the RT is the only (known) survival of an epic battle againts Nostromo and the Monarch of Wispers. The heretik navigator sold the RT to the dark eldar, and now the RT is an apprentice of Magos Domos (Soul Reaver set). The RT has the FL - Archeotech and the Tech-Use skills, and just learning the Trade - Armourer skill. The question is: Will he commit tech-heresy if he desing/bulid a sofisticated weapon or a PowerArmor in the future? He is not a priest of Mars, so has he the right to design and build - or impove - "sacred" technology? Second: I just read the Battlefleet Koronus, the Rules of War section, but I don't completely understand the rules of acquisitioning a unit. What is the modifier for acquiring 10, 1000 or 100 000 person in a unit? It is necessary for defining the strengt of a unit… Thanks!
  8. This stuff is AMAZING!!!! Excellent work! If I have a wish then it would be a detailed (random) ship generator - like auer suggested.
  9. You're right, I used the Univers for scaling. I think this ship is not a warship - as you can see in the notes -, and this ships (ca. 2-3 in the Calixis) are unique ones! You don't start with it, but in the late game you can get one, and it is a perfect choice if you use the SoI system generator. For the ship graveyard for example…. You must work for the defense of the ship while it process the wreckage, and the transportation of the goods, but in the end there is a LOT of AchiPoint and sweet PF The "Plasma nova canon" is a completly independent idea from the origina nova cannon - I just want modeling a "weapon" wath can struck a little moon into half. But I'm open to other suggestions for the weapon
  10. As a RT, what would you do to have this one? Habrak Q-201 “Moonminer” Hull: Transport Class: Juggernaut-class astro-miner Dimensions: 13 km long, 1.4 km abeam at fins approx. Mass: 54 megatonnes approx. Crew: 77 000 crew, approx. Accel: 0.5 gravities max sustainable acceleration The Juggernaut-class Astro-Miner is a piece of incredibly old technology, rooted in the Dark Age of Technology. During the Angevin crusade it was used as a weapon of terror due to its massively armoured prow and fearsome prow armament, which was originally designed to crack moonlets and shatter them to processible fragments. Ultimately, however, the ship proved to be a weak link in the fleet, as it was otherwise defenceless and sluggish, lightly plated at all sections but the prow. As compensation, the ship was escorted by two Lunar-class cruisers until it was prepared to unleash the fury of its Moonstriker battery upon the greatest vessels of the Yu’Vath. These ships are often regarded as relics by the Adeptus Mechanicus, as their bellies are occupied by ancient manufactorum systems , ore-processors and archeo-servitors. The agents of the Machine God thus exercised pressure against completely retrofitting Juggernaut-class ships for combat purposes – no Tech-Priest would willingly tear out the delicately integrated industrial systems of such miraculous, ancient ship. Speed: 2 Manoeuvrability: -25 Detection: +25 Hull Integrity: 60 Armour: 25 prow, 12 all Turret Rating: 1 Weapon Capacity: Prow 1, Dorsal 1 Void shield: 1 Crew Rating: Crack (40) Morale: 100 Crew Population: 100 Essential Components Jovian Pattern Class 4 Drive, Strelov 2 Warp Engine ,Geller Field, Single Void Shield Array, Mark 1.r Life Sustainer, Voidsmen Quarters, M–100 Auger Array Supplemental Components Main Cargo Hold x 6, Prow Moonstriker Plasmabattery (Macrobattery; Core Architecture; Strength: Spec.; Damage 2d10+3; Crit Rating 5; Range 10;) Dorsal Thunderstrike Macrocannons ((Macrobattery; Strength: 4; Damage 1d10+2; Crit Rating 5; Range 5;) Oversized Monstrosity: This vessel's conventional Speed may not be increased by any component. If it would be, simply ignore the effect. Cargo Hauler: Vessel designed for transporting and store goods. Hull comes pre-equipped with 6 Main Cargo Hold Component(s). Moonstriker Plasmabattery: Macrobattery; Core Architecture; Strength: The Strength of the weapon is 3 at first, then, with every consecutive attack against the same target (as long as these attacks hit every consecutive turn) rises by 1 to a maximum of 6. Every hit causes 2d10+3 damage. Archeofactorum: The integrated auto-grapnels and harvester-macrodendrites running along the sides of the hull automatically collect nearby debris (both rock fragments and wreckage) which is sorted by ancient and inscrutable cogitator-arrays and processed into a reusable form, mostly beams and plates of solid metal, food, semiconductor blocks and polymer-pellets. After a large enough harvesting run the system fills the holds of the ships, resulting in +1 PF above that granted by Achievement Points.
  11. How about th Telecinetic shiled technique? My question is: - Is it cummulative all kind of armors? (ex: Hexagrammatic) - How does it effected by Penetration? A book said it can give AP against warp weapons, but does it negates the penetration of the weapon? (Normal weapons? Warp weapons? ) - When I calculate the penetration, sould I deal wtih is as a SUM, or should I handle it separately?
  12. What about the Ironclad Heavy PA (ItS 129.p.) and the Lathe-wrought? The armor has a -20 Agility penalty, because it is extremely cumbersome. But if the armor is made from Lathe material, how does it effect the Agility penalty? RAW or racional mind? Waht do you think about the function of Sprint talent in a PA?
  13. Wow, thanks for all of you!
  14. Hi everybody, I am the RT in our game, and my PF met with a PA in lucky circumstances, so I have a Powerarmor. The question is: - Can I have the "Lathe-wrought" upg. to the armor? Or is this UPG possible only if I acq a new armor? Only when it was made? The description confused me a little… - How many max. UPG. should an armor have? 2? 3? - Wich faction (adeptus who? ) can make me a Hexagrammatic ward for the armor?
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