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  1. I play it as the quest is done. If the heroes didn't search, they miss out. Part of the encounter strategy is being able to decide when to search and when to fight.
  2. In the rule book(pg 19), it mentions The Shadow Rune Campaign as being "described in detail" in the quest guide. I'm having trouble finding the details(I see the map on the back), but where are the details for running the quests? -Do we run all the quests in the guide? -Are rewards and xp handed out at the end of every quest or at the end of every 2nd encounter? -Do the heroes choose the quests for the SR campaign? It does mention the SR campaign on pg 2 of the quest guide, but it's quite vague. We're going to play tonight so any help on this would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  3. I don't have an issue with the mail except when it comes the US to Canada system. It usually takes up to 3 weeks for ground shipping. Apparently, my game shop's hands were tied when it came down to having another game shipped or dealing with the missing guide.(I let it go due to great customer relations with them). I was hoping to get a few starter quests to learn the game while I waited for the whole guide to arrive. *Update…. I have received the first 17 pages of the guide from someone at FFG in pdf form(Thanks a lot for that!) which will allow my group to start playing the game. Thanks for the responses and discussion!
  4. Any tips for me to start as I've never painted a mini. Is a primer needed and what type of paints are used?
  5. I did find downloadable content here although the Descent section only features Descent 1st edition. The fan made quests was what I was hoping might be available for 2nd edition. I'll read up on the game rules while I await the quest guide in the mail… Thanks for the responses:)
  6. well, I did pay $85 bucks for the game so technically it's not "free", but I was hoping for user made quests to help us get started since staring at the box right now is all we can do…
  7. Hi, I haven't been able to play yet as the box was minus the quest book so I was wondering if there's any way to download the manuel(new one is in the mail) or at least so other starter quests to play until the book arrives? I think the manual should be here in 3-4 weeks as we're up in sunny Canada and it takes forever to get mail from the States… Thanks in advance.
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