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  1. Actually, yes, this would probably be the better way to do it. Avoids having to cram 7 factions / colors into the core set as singletons and lets players opt into buying their favorite faction / color deck. Probably lowers the barrier to entry
  2. A second edition, without the white border, would be fantastic. They could also buff or nerf cards as needed. I never played CoC: LCG, but I did pick up a Core Set recently at the FLGS garage sale event. Haven't played it yet but would like to. I like the art and the designs are interesting. I love Arkham Horror LCG and while this is very different structurally, I would still be up for buying a new and improved CoC.
  3. Huh? What LCG are you referring to? LotR? Haven't played it because I looked at the player cards and thought most of the designs were weak or unexciting. However, NetRunner and Arkham Horror have mostly amazing card designs and, especially with AH, the vast majority of the cards are playable. One thing I think they should do: have Core [Adventure/Data/Battle/Scenario] Packs. Like, instead of buying x3 Core Sets do get the necessary copies, we could get all the necessary Uniques, components, and flavor-specific cards in the Core Set, and then a Core [X] Pack gives us the essential neutral / generic cards. Think: Rather than x3 Sure Gamble from NetRunner (or 3x Banzai! from L5R) being in the Core Set, it would be in the Core Pack.
  4. Would definitely start with Arkham Horror LCG. Brilliant game, wonderful art, amazing systems. There are only about a dozen cards I would make errata too (some buffs, some nerfs) because the designers have done an excellent job.
  5. Holy necro, Batman! I don't know if it's been mentioned, but the Highlander CCG had an interesting combat (dueling) system. The CCG had a lot of poor graphic design and weird card design IMO, but the core combat system idea was neat. Shame the IP is basically dead and forgotten.
  6. Could be interesting, but that IP is very old now. The original is over a decade old, the newer Avatar: Legend of Korra had a mixed reception and it's 3rd and 4th seasons were pulled from the air and only begrudgingly continued online, and the M. Night Shyamalan live-action movie bombed at the box office and was critically panned. Extremely unlikely to see a Avatar LCG, IMO.
  7. They passed on the license, and they don't need it. They can do with VTM what they did with Dune: make their own kick-*** universe (a la Twilight Imperium).
  8. I'm still asking and hoping for a multi-player focused LCG with political maneuvering, deal breaking, bluffing, and hidden information. Ideally, a vampire-themed LCG.
  9. I don't want VTES though. I've played the game and it's got some good points, but the game has problems. I think FFG could do a better job developing their own IP and they could avoid all the problems by making an different, NEW game. And whether its V5, V20, or Dark Ages or any other edition, the VTM setting has some appeal, but also is past it's prime and has a lot of conceptual problems and has a bunch of lore that's contradictory. I made comparisons to VTES because that's really the only card-game about vampires that exists that's 1) more than a party game; 2) has the depth of your standard CCG/TCG. I'm suggesting FFG do what they did with the Dune-Twilight Imperium situation. They couldn't get the rights / license for Dune, so they developed their own IP - Twilight Imperium - that became one of their staple board games.
  10. I guess there is no desire for such a game. Which is sad because there are so few good vampire-themed games (video or board) out there. 💀
  11. I'm not asking for a VTES re-do. There are things that could be learned from VTES, certainly, but I don't want a VTES reboot (comparable to the L5R or ANR reboots.) When I said "inspired by VTES and VTM" I meant it in the same way the Android universe is "inspired by" all the cyberpunk settings that came before it. Thus I'm asking wether a LCG based around multiplayer politics with vampires as the theme would be a worthwhile venture, because I think it would. I would like to see FFG develop Blood Bound as a vampiric IP (although as mentioned, I'm not a fan of the name) because I think there is a market out there. Vampires are cool, vampires as a theme is kinda rare (certainly not as common as generic swords-and-elves fantasy), and think there is space in FFGs roster for a multiplayer LCG, and the political aspect is something FFG has only really explored in Twilight Imperium as far as I know. Much like FFGs co-op LCGs, you could have one major buyer purchase the core and expansions, and then play the game with a group of people (4 to 7 people in this case.) The political aspect, I think, would appeal to players who aren't into number-crunching dueling card-games. There could be elements of hidden role (like Blood Bound), hidden information (like ANR), and other cool stuff, IDK. But I think the entire World of Darkness setting is too troublesome and narrow and only serves as baggage to those who are not already fans of the setting or game. White Wolf and everything associated with them is on shaky ground, the company has gone under multiple times, the IP is decades old, ossified and torpid, and the setting posses a lot of conceptual problems. Maybe those are reasons FFG passed on VTES at the time, maybe not, but either way I think FFG should at least consider it (developing / creating their own vampiric IP.)
  12. Unfortunately, I don't see anyone playing LCGs at my FLGS. I keep asking around about people playing L5R, and I keep hearing that "there's a group here who plays on this day" but I never see them. So I have unplayed L5R cards, no one in circle really seems interested in playing it, despite comments on how beautiful it looks. I did however get to teach ANR to a young lady present at the time (using a store demo copy of the core set), and the next week I walk in and she's teaching her friend how to play it. ANR is an exceptional game though. I did manage to get the same girls to play Arkham Horror with me, and they seem to like it. Only problem there is that I can only really have 3 player games with the cards I have - 4 player games are stretching it. Magic is ubiquitous though. It's a shame really. People regularly spending 200-300$ on a single MTG deck that will lose 80% of its value in a year or two, when they could spend the equivalent amount and get one of the best games of all time (ANR). FLGS had a 'garage sale' where people put up their used games for sale at the store in exchange for store credit. Saw a copy of Call of Cthulhu LCG that had 3x copies of core set cards for 30$. Saw someone trying to sell their entire Star Wars LCG collection for 240$ which was basically retail price. No one bought it. Saw Doomtown:Reloaded for 40$ containing three expansions and scooped it up. The cards were all unopened. I know DTR isn't FFG, but it was following a LCG-like model but apparently it didn't work out.
  13. Hello All, I was wondering if there is any interest in a Blood Bound-inspired (vampire-themed) LCG? Rumors had it that FFG tried to acquire the World of Darkness license (Vampire: The Masquerade) but [somethingsomething] was ultimately unable. IDK about you guys, but I think vampires are cool and despite White Wolf and Paradox Interactive trying to get Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition RPG going, I have a lot of reservations about that IP and setting. I think (wonder) if it would be viable (profitable) to make a game inspired by Vampire: The Eternal Struggle (VTES) using FFG's Blood Bound IP. (Obviously, this would require developing the Blood Bound IP... and maybe even changing the name?) Some of you may know that Richard Garfield, the man behind original NetRunner and Magic: The Gathering, also created VTES. Now, I've played VTES but the card designs are a far cry from the ingenuity of FFG's LCG designers, and the game that is touted as being the best multiplayer political game by its fans has basically left the political aspect of the game by the wayside. In other words, in the average 5-player game, you might have one player playing a 'political' deck, while the other four are playing weenie rush or stealth-bleed (both decks trying to oust players as quickly as possible). Maybe one brave soul is trying to play a tool-box style deck. Of course, as in most multiplayer game there will be table-talk as people try to weasel their way out of a situation by offering favors and promising not to do such and such, but the actual political mechanics are rarely present or used. Furthermore, VTES, as far as I can tell, has not innovated much or course-corrected from Garfield's problematic / questionable design decisions. Now, I'm not ragging on ol' Richie G, he's a great designer, but it's safe to say that A:NR was improved by FFG's designers. Likewise, MTG's modern designers (such as Mark Rosewater) have improved on Richard's original vision, cutting some iffy rules, simplifying some things, adding bits here and there for clarity, etc. To make matters worse, VTES is essentially blood bound (hehe) to the VTM setting and lore... which as great as it is also has a lot of conceptual problems that I won't get into unless pressed. That said, I do think the rules of VTES are too cool for the setting; NetRunner was improved by adding the Android universe to it, I think rules like those of VTES could be improved by a setting other than Vampire: The Masquerade's. So could / should / would FFG look at VTES' rules and VTMs setting, and learn from it, and develop their own vampiric IP as a future multiplayer-oriented politicking LCG? I would love one. Pros: Specifically Multiplayer: While FFG does have a few competitive LCGs and two co-op LCGs, they have yet to produce a specifically multiplayer LCG (intended for 4-7 players, lets say.) Political Maneuvering: Most LCGs and CCGs are dudes fighting dudes. ANR was radically different. Maybe this Vampire LCG with its emphasis on multiplayer politics could be super innovative too. Vampire Themed: White Wolf and Paradox Interactive don't own the concept of vampires, nor different types of vampires, or vampire powers, or even the idea that vampires rule modern society behind the scenes from the shadows (interestingly, that concept is not what they call The Masquerade, which is just the idea that "monsters live among us in the modern world"...). Vampires in the modern (or even the future era - Android Vampire, anyone?) is significantly different from 1920s America, Rokugan, or A Galaxy Far Far Away. Different Psychographics: I do not think the overlap between the people who like LotR, ANR, Arkham Horror LCG, or L5R would be greater than 50% if that much. I don't want FFG to cannibalize it's player-base. I do think that vampires are thematically different enough to appeal to a different core audience. Multiplayer (non-dueling) competitive gameplay pushes this further. Likewise, efforts taken to appeal to female gamers would be interesting. The market is overwhelming male-dominated but vampires, historically, have appealed greatly to female audiences. It would be interesting to see if that holds true. Lore Deposits: There is so much inspiration to draw from with vampires stories going back centuries, and, best of all, FFG would not be weighed down by a twenty-year-old "metaplot". Cons: New Art Assets: FFG probably couldn't recycle a lot of art, unlike with their Arkham Horror property. Maybe not a big deal, considering FFGs art is generally amazing. VTES's art is mostly mediocre, I'm sad to say. Competition: There is now a company called Black Chantry founded by veteran VTES players trying to keep their game alive. BC is beholden to WW which is beholden to Paradox Interactive. All three would probably be peeved at someone else trying to move into the vampire scene. Viability: Is it financially viable? I'm not sure. I do think it would be cool though. Anyways, comment and tell me below, like, share, subscribe, etc, etc.
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