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  1. I tried searching for this but was unable to find anything. Which characters have bonus packs, and where can they be found? I've found an Eva pack in the Hoss sheet and a McNeal pack in the Hoax sheet?
  2. I just got the revised rules version, and I was wondering if there is still a rule about minimum spaces away for heavy weapons. As I remember in the first edition, there was a rule you had to be x number of spaces away to use heavy weapons, pistols, etc. or whatever on another character. Is this rule still in effect? I didn't see it in the new rules, but it seemed like a good thing in the original game.
  3. Hi, relatively new player here (probably played four or five games, all deathmatch). I tried searching the forums for this but could come up with my exact issue. Basically, I'm wondering how you bridge the mental gap between the union and the reich. Is there any way to field a union team with boosted mental abilities in order to combat the mental wiles of Herzinger? Right now, I just have the core game, novgorod, and Asteros (I know he's a gamebreaker, but I found a good deal for him). I would like to get 2-3 more pieces right away, but I'd like to avoid purchasing anything from the Shogunate (yet) or Ramirez because my friend already has access to these. What are the best strategies to fight mental attacks? What are the best character setups?
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