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  1. I'm not sure an imaginative player couldn't find a way to do that. Armourer and Artisan specialisations with Manipulate Force Power open a lot of possibilities for such kind of players.
  2. It's a luxury any GM has, his / her own view of how the game works. FFG writes the rules every and each GMs interpret these their own way. What's your point exactly ?
  3. There a part of me that find hard to see a Jedi character without a lightsaber. But another part of me understand the arguments against it. I don't run any SW FFG game with Jedi. In the F&D campaign I run the character are Force users but started without any knowledge of the Force and Jedi. It's only after five scenarii they learned how to make a lightsaber after they reunited the three holocrons in the Jedi Temple in the F&D beginners kit's adventure follow-up. They hope to learn the way of the Jedi too, but The Force has other plans for them.
  4. Isn't building his / her own lightsabre the test an apprentice / youngling must pass to become a Padawan ? In this case any Jedi career's specialisation should award a basic lightsabre, imo.
  5. Knights wore a mail hauberk and a padded armour below the plate armour parts. That's enough to soften the impact of non-penetrating blows. What I find the most interesting isn't that a steel breastplate is impervious to arrow shot from a welsh longbow, but that the first arrow that hit just below the breastplate penetrated deeply the mail and padded armour. The whole arrowhead is inside the belly. That means if there was a real human inside the armour, he would be dying. Belly wounds were often fatal in this time.
  6. I don't acknowledge rules I don't use. I don't use the Mentor Benefit rule in any current SW FFG game. But I maintain that characters taught in the Jedi Academy (or the Sith Academy) how to use the Force should have the Mentor discount when buying Force Powers. If it isn't in the rules it's stupid. And I would probably house rule it like that if I run a game set during the SWtOR era or the Clone War.
  7. Yes a triumph means the character is entangled so much he / she can't access his / her light saber. I was speaking about when there isn't any triumph, the Force User'll be free at the end of his / her next turn. I've read the meaning of concussive because I wasn't sure. It's a KO like when a boxer is stil standing and moving but unable to defend against blows. I can see the Force User drawing his / her light saber but doing nothing with it except waving it poorly. With a despair he / she could even hurt him / herself if the GM is in a sadistic mood.
  8. Yes, that. For me if the clones were trained by Mandalorians, they received the Mandalorian culture as part of this training. IRl I was trained as commando and the commando culture was a big part of it. We had to make it our own to receive our green beret at the end of the course. actually those who were unable to do so were dismissed well before the end. Another reason is I've read somewhere that after during the years after the Empire replaced the Republic, clones were removed from its armed forces. It was logical for me that Mandalorian clans would welcome those willing to join. I think it's obvious by what I said that I don't like very much the current cannon for the Mandalorians. At my table it my Star Wars not Lucas or any other authors Star Was. I feel free to accept or reject anything canon.
  9. That rule for the Mentor benefit is right for a F&D game with character being Force Users not having attended the Jedi Academy. But for a game set before Order 66 the Mentor benefit should apply to any Force User with a proper Jedi training at the Jedi academy. The same for any Force User from the Sith Academy during the KotOR / SWtOR times. Do you consider the 10 XP bonus at character creation part of the starting allotment of XPs from his / her specie ? Imo, it's no and the player can spend them on two Force Powers that cost 5 Xp each with Mentor savings. If it's yes, then the Force Powers are bought with the first earned XPs after the first playing session. It doesn't make a big difference. I'm not that much RAW bound for character creation. If a player needs 5 or 10 XPs more than he / she has for raising a characteristic, I let her / him has them and give that much as bonus to the other player. And the players'll receive 5 or 10 less XPs after their first play session. I prefer to have players who play the character they want; And 5 or 10 XPs isn't really abusing the rules.
  10. In my Star Wars the Fett is a mandolorian clan and both Jango and Boba are mandalorian. It's the pacificist mandolorian that aren't true ones. And many clones who survived the clones war were accepted in mandalorian clans because they are mandalorian. You only two things to be a mandalorian : to make yours the mandalorian code and to be accepted in a mandalorian clan. Being born on a mandalorian planet and / or inside a mandalorian clan isn't enough to automatically become a mandalorian. You must prove it. And once you're a mandalorian you'll stay a mandalorian forever, even if you disallowed by your clan.
  11. If these Force Powers are part of the Jedi Temple basic curriculum, characters get the mentor discount for buying them. It's 5 XP less cost, so a total of 15XP for the three powers.
  12. If the dog is a Pitbull or a golden retriever, it might be only sil 0, it'll work well for Menace. I mean dogs have been used for war since the ancient Rome (and perhaps even before that) to the point that breed specially designed to be weapons were made. And any dog is a lot easier to train than any rancor, tauntaun or dianoga.
  13. How long will the force user stay entangled once he / she draws his /her laser sabre ?
  14. Using a weapon in its main hand and another weapon in its off hand in a fight only needs some training to coordinate both weapons. For an already trained fighter it's intuitive to use their off hand. But using a weapon to fight while casting spells at the same time is something completely different. It isn't just a matter of coordinating your hand, but it's a matter of making your mind able to practice magic and focus on the fight. That's why it must be a T5 talent. Only a seasoned character should have access to such a powerful talent. Because it's potentially a lot more powerful than auto fire. Many spells deliver a lot more damage than any weapon could do. Even if for the mechanical part of the talent it could work like auto fire or like two weapons fight. The point isn't how the mechanic works but how ithe talent impacts on the game balance. It really has a great potential to seriously unbalance the game if it's a too lower tier talent. With the pyramidal talent system in Genesys, making it a T5 talent means it'll cost 25 + 40 + 45 + 40 +25 (5*5 + 4*10 + 3*15 + 2*20 + 1*25) = 175 XPs. That's enough to make it rare and valuable talent.
  15. No an aimed attack is the complete opposite of an all out attack. Aiming your brawl / melee attack means you focus on precision to raise your chance of hitting your opponent. That's exactly the same meaning than for a ranged attack. Why is it so difficult to understand such a simple thing ?
  16. The Force Power Heal / Arm is the closest for what you want. Once you get enough Force Rating you'll be able to buy the Force Power Protect / Unleash that allow to cast lightnings for darkside Force Users. When creating your character, take the +10XP bonus for Morality and use all those initial 110 XPs to increase your stats. Zabraaks start with Presence 1, to low for the Mystic career's mains characteristic. You'll need to rise it to 3 for 50XPs spent. With the 60 XPs left you can rise 2 other characteristics from 2 to 3. Which ones depend on your character's concept. Personally for someone who isn't a melee fighter I think Brawn is useless. Agility is useful for any kind of character because of the wide range skills under it. Intellect is for bookworm and Cunning is for smartass. 😀 Look at which skills are career's skills and increase the 2 characteristics that are the most used by theses skills. With Presence 3 and two other at 3 and since Willpower is at 3 too, you'll have 4 characteristics at 3. That means you'll throw 3 dices for most of your skill checks. Don't listen to those who'll tell you to rise a characteristic to 4. They're absolutely wrong. Character creation is the only time a characteristic could be raised with XPs. After that only the T5 talent Dedication can raise a characteristic and there is only one Dedication for each Talent Tree; Except the 3 Talent Tree, Seer, Hermit and Sage, with 2 +1FR talent and 0 Dedication. Skills and Talent and Force Power can all be bought after character creation with the XPs earned. Not spending inital Xps on skills allow you to see which ones are the most useful for your character in game. That way you don't waste your initial XPs. For Talents read carefully the full text in the core / splatbook for each Talent, not just the abridged text in the tree. Then decide which one you want first. As a Force User aiming for the +1FR Talent is never a bad choices. You'll be more comfortable with 2 Force Dices than with only 1.
  17. Nice but it lacks some strain cost and it seems to me too powerful for a T3 talent. Ama, such a powerful ability should be T5 with 1 or 2 strain more than the amount spent for casting normally a spell. For a character who wants to be a melee fighting mage, it's the ultimate talent to possess. The one that combines both melee and magic in a single action.
  18. Perhaps you could explain your players that the main advantage of a ranged weapon is its range, it can hit a target from short to extreme range. While a melee / brawl weapon can only hit a target from engaged range. That means the guy with the gun can inflict wounds to the guy with the sword while the guy with the sword is trying to get close enough the guy with the gun. There's a scene in one of the Indiana Jones movie that illustrates it very well. In Cairo a guy with a big scimitar swirls it to show how badass he is. Then Indy pulls out his gun and shoot him dead. The Badass never had a chance to hit Indy. As for aiming in melee / brawl it does make sense. It's just focusing on precision, exactly like aiming with a ranged weapon is.
  19. If players wants their own dice, they buy them. Otherwise they use the common dice.
  20. Seriously calling that "a lot of distortion" is not serious. That's barely pixelized and perfectly readable, even for me with very bad eyes.
  21. GURPS World War II allows players to play characters from any belligerent countries, including nazi Germany, fascist Italy, red fascist USSR, military fascist Japan. If somebody was outraged by that it didn't make any noise. Is it because GURPS is unknown outside the world of p&p RPG ? Or is it because the 80's is well past and nobody gives a **** about RPG's content now ? Personally I doubt LucasFilm will ever allow an Empire SourceBook because Star Wars is about fighting against the Empire, not fighting for the Empire. In all the official canon published so far, is there any that show a story about characters on the Empire side ? I never saw one but I don't know everything about SW canon, so I might be wrong. If I'm right we'll never see an Empire Sourcebook published by FFG. If I'm wrong there's a very tiny hope to see one someday in the future. The same reasoning could be applied for the possibility for a KotOR era sourcebook to be published. Would it be genuine without Sith careers, imperial troopers careers, imperial Intelligence careers, and an extensive description of the Sith Empire ?
  22. It's possible to buy blank or personalized polyhedral dices on the net. But I'm not sure if it's possible to have them personalized with SW FFG / Genesys symbols. But with the SW FFG Dice Sticker sheet and blank dices it's possible to do it yourself.
  23. Run your campaign as a TV show with each episode being a one shot, sometimes one or two can follow the same story arc. That's what work best with teenagers who aren't much experiment in pen & papers RPG, in my experience. If you include recurring elements like a villain / protagonist / npc who cross the PCs's path regularly and / or bad or good things that happens to them as a sequel from some decision they take awhile earlier, your players will love it.
  24. Could it be The Rise of Skywalker means Kylo becomes the new Emperor, turn Rey so she can reign at his Darkside when they both overcome that joke of the New Republic ?😁 And of course we discover that Rey is in fact a Skywalker too.
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